Neobanks in South America; Swedish Payments Firm Trustly Eyes $11 Billion IPO

Neobanks in South America; Swedish Payments Firm Trustly Eyes $11 Billion IPO

Earlier this week we reported on the $400 million Series G closed by Brazilian neobank – and Finovate alum – Nubank. The firm, founded in 2013 and based in Sao Paulo, serves more than 34 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, and offers a digital savings account, a no-fee credit card, as well as personal loans. This week’s investment boosts the company’s total capital to $1.2 billion and gives the Brazilian digital bank a valuation of $25 billion.

We also suggested that Nubank’s news was a good opportunity for fintech fans to “brush up” on fintech in general when it comes to Latin America – and the region’s challenger banking industry in specific. To this end, for this week’s Finovate Global Reports, we are sharing this look at neobanks in South America, courtesy of Fintechnews Switzerland.

“South America has seen an exceptionally dynamic evolution of its neobanking landscape,” the authors wrote, “with now more than 30 live neobanks and digital banks that serve over 50 million customers out of the region’s 430 million+ population (+11%), data from Dutch fintech consultancy firm Fincog shows.”

An Overview of South America’s Booming Neobanking Sector is a great way to get to know how and why challenger banks are finding fertile ground in countries ranging from Brazil and Colombia to Peru and Argentina.

Swedish payments company Trustly, which made its Finovate debut back in 2013 at FinovateEurope in London, is betting that even after a year that featured a record number of initial public offerings, the investing public is hungry for more.

Reuters reported earlier this week that Trustly is planning an initial public offering in Q2 of this year that could earn the company a valuation of $11 billion (EUR 9 billion). Nordic Capital, which acquired Trustly in 2018, is said to be working with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Carnegie, with additional banks to be brought onboard as well. According to Reuters, the company is targeting “late April or early May” for an IPO. Both Trustly and Nordic Capital have not commented on the IPO rumor.

Headquartered in Stockholm and founded in 2008, Trustly specializes in enabling payments directly from customer online bank accounts. Trustly processes more than four million payments a month and reported revenues of EUR 130 million in 2019. The company estimates 2020 revenues of EUR 200 million. Trustly has more than 7,600 bank partners and 600 million consumers in Europe and North America who rely on its account-to-account network to bypass the card networks simply and securely.

In 2019, Trustly merged with PayWithMyBank, a U.S.-based company, to provide what Trustly CEO Oscar Berglund called “the first and only online banking payments network with transatlantic coverage.” Berglund added that the union of the two firms was “transformative” and said it would “accelerate” Trustly’s goal of reaching global coverage.

“Together we’re thrilled to be able to offer merchants and billers a unique alternative to card payments, allowing them to accept payments from 600 million consumers across Europe and the U.S.,” he said.

Earlier this month, Trustly announced the appointment of new Group Chief Financial Officer Mats Backman. Backman comes to Trustly after a tenure as CFO at publicly-traded automotive technology company Veoneer. Last fall, the Swedish payments innovator added a number of executives to its ranks, including Karim Ahmad as its new Global Chief Technology and Product Officer. Ahmad was formerly the Chief Product and Transformation Officer at Paysafe Group.

Here is our look at fintech innovation around the world.

Latin America and the Caribbean


  • EyeVerify, which twice won Finovate Best of Show awards for its biometric authentication technology, may be on the market after being acquired by Ant Financial in 2016 for $100 million.
  • Malaysian-based supply chain finance and P2P financing platform CapBay raises $20 million in Series A.
  • Robowealth, a fintech based in Thailand, secures Series A funding from Beacon Venture Capital, Kasikornbank’s corporate VC arm.

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Mobile banking startup Spot Money launches in South Africa, billing itself as the country’s first open banking platform.
  • Kenya-based Safaraicom goes live with its M-Pesa bill management service.
  • Synthesis launches Halo, the first of its kind tap-on-phone contactless payment solution for the African market.

Central and Eastern Europe

Middle East and Northern Africa

Central and Southern Asia

Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels

Finovate Favorites: A Baker’s Dozen of Best of Show Winners

Finovate Favorites: A Baker’s Dozen of Best of Show Winners

Which fintech companies have continued to impress Finovate audiences over the years? The return of Kasasa to FinovateSpring last month, winning its fourth Best of Show award in the process, got a few of us thinking that it was a good time to take a look at which companies have been selected as fan favorites most frequently after demoing their latest technologies live on stage.

We’ve highlighted companies that have been especially popular at certain conferences, such as FinovateAsia and FinovateSpring before. Here is our compendium of the top Best of Show vote-getters to date for all shows combined (minimum of three wins).

The Big Three

The three companies that have won the most Best of Show awards from Finovate audiences reflect three different themes in fintech over the years: the allure of social investing (eToro), the rise of data analytics in banking (MX, formerly Money Desktop), and the persistence of the payment card (Dynamics). What is especially impressive about all three companies in our Best of Show Big Three is their ability to innovate over time. Each alum won their first Best of Show award between 2010 and 2012 and won their most recent Best of Show award between 2016 and 2018.

Dynamics (8) Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jeff Mullen is CEO.

MX / Money Desktop (6) Founded in 2010. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Ryan Caldwell is CEO.

eToro (6) Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and London, U.K. Yoni Assia is CEO.

The Super Six

Of our Super Six – the six companies to have won Best of Show awards four times – what is most interesting is also the way many of them have been proven innovators over a time of major change in fintech. Companies like Kasasa (formerly BancVue) and Yodlee (now Envestnet | Yodlee) made their big splash back in the earliest days of Finovate and, with recent Best of Show wins in 2018 and 2017, respectively, shown that they are still among fintech’s most inspiring solution providers.

Backbase – 4

Kasasa / BancVue – 4

Meniga – 4

oFlows – 4

SaleMove – 4

Yodlee (including Envestnet | Yodlee) – 4

The Fantastic Four

Two of the companies in our Fantastic Four companies that have won Best of Show awards three times have since been acquired. LearnVest, a three-time Best of Show winner from 2011-2013, was acquired by Northwestern Mutual for more than $250 million in 2015. EyeVerify, which won Best of Show awards on three different continents, was acquired by Ant Financial in 2016. The company now operates as ZOLOZ, and is focused on providing digital identity solutions for the underbanked in Asia.

BehavioSec – 3

EyeVerify (now “ZOLOZ”) – 3

LearnVest – 3

mBank – 3

Note: FA: FinovateAsia, FE: FinovateEurope, FF: FinovateFall, FS: FinovateSpring. Audience favorite awards from FinDEVr not included.

The Faves of FinovateAsia: A Brief History of Best of Show Winners

The Faves of FinovateAsia: A Brief History of Best of Show Winners

With FinovateAsia less than one week away, it’s worth noting that the history of our Asian conference is a short, but illustrative one. Consider this: of the twelve companies awarded Best of Show from our three FinovateAsia conferences in 2012, 2013, and 2016, more than half are multiple-time Best of Show winners, having impressed audiences in London, Silicon Valley, and New York City, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. And three of the companies have also been the targets of major acquisitions: IND Group by MisysEyeVerify by Ant Financial, and Yodlee by Envestnet.

So, other than winning multiple Best of Show awards and being acquired by major players in finance and technology, what have the Best of Show winners of FinovateAsia from last year been up to in the time since? See for yourself below.

FinovateAsia 2016Best of Show

Alpha Payments Cloud (demo)

The biggest news for Alpha Payments Cloud since winning Best of Show at FinovateAsia 2016 is likely the company’s comprehensive rebranding as Alpha Fintech in September. The move was designed to affirm the company’s status as “fintech’s first end-to-end middleware,” using a single API and UI to connect merchants and vendor suppliers across “the entire payments, risk, and commerce spectrum.”

Oliver Rajic, Alpha Fintech CEO added “Now with Alpha, (acquirers and gateways) can evolve to enable the right vendor combination for each unique requirement … thereby extending and enhancing their core solution subset.” Alpha Fintech has already made its first agreement under the new rebrand, teaming up with Payture, a major payment gateway in the CIS region. “Among the early adopters of the Alpha Fintech /Payture integration are businesses in Russia’s e-travel consumer market, which the company says is one of the largest segments of Russia’s e-commerce market.

Dynamics (demo)

Multiple-time Best of Show winner Dynamics announced a partnership with LG Electronics earlier this year. The agreement would put Dynamic’s Wireless Magnetic Communication (WMC) technology in LG Pay. The integration will enable LG mobile phones to transmit traditional magnetic stripe information wirelessly to traditional magnetic stripe readers.

“Dynamics has been building wireless magnetic communication solutions for nearly a decade and is widely considered the founder of the programmable magnetic stripe industry,” Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen said. “Dynamics’ best-in-breed technology will help LG Pay reach hundreds of millions of new payment environments.”

EyeVerify (demo)

Acquired by Ant Financial Services Group just months before making its Best of Show-winning demonstration at FinovateAsia 2016, EyeVerify has hardly rested on its laurels. This summer, for example, the company partnered with fellow Finovate alum Daon, adding Eyeprint ID to Daon’s IdentityX platform. But the biggest headlines from this multiple Best of Show winning company have to do with their rebrand as ZOLOZ back in August.

“When I announced almost a year ago that Ant Financial acquired EyeVerify, I said we want to do more,” company founder and CEO Toby Rush wrote at the company blog. “Today we publicly commit to providing a hosted identity platform that helps people manage their digital lives.” Rush described an initiative to bring identity services to the underserved and underbanked consumers of Asia, with plans to ultimately bring hosted identity solutions to markets in North America and Europe. (demo)

With two Best of Show awards in two Finovate appearances, intelligent banking assistant developer must be doing something right. earned a spot in Payment Canada’s pitch competition, Dragon’s Den, and was recognized over the summer by Capegemini’s global InnovatorsRace and at the VivaTech conference in Paris, France. Finn. ai also announced a few days ago that ATB Financial would use’s technology to offer its 700,000 customers the first, fully-featured, AI-powered virtual banking assistant on Facebook Messenger.

But in addition to making friends and influencing people, is raising capital, as well. The company raked in $3 million in new funding in October, and plans to use the financing to help add technical talent to its team, as well as support the company’s expansion in the U.S. and around the world. Banking industry veteran, Carrie Russell, who will join as Strategic Executive Adviser, noted the importance in helping banks “move beyond transactional banking to build deeper, more personal relationships with customers.” Russell added “I believe is the right partner to do this, acting as a proactive virtual assistant to help customers understand, plan and take action to improve their financial lives.”

The rest of our FinovateAsia Best of Show winners are listed below:

FinovateAsia 2013Best of Show

FinovateAsia 2012Best of Show

Stronger Together: Fintechs, Techs, and FIs Collaborating on CyberSecurity

Stronger Together: Fintechs, Techs, and FIs Collaborating on CyberSecurity

Image Designed by Freepik

Ready for some good news on the cybersecurity front?

Most of the time cybersecurity appears in the headlines, it is a report of a breach that just occurred or a new threat to guard against in the future. Caught between the hack that caught us unaware and the certainty that it won’t be the last, we can lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of cybersecurity firms with thousands of security professionals that are working around the clock to make our lives online a lot safer. And many of these companies are Finovate alums specializing in service to the financial industry and its customers.

Ted Ross, founder and CEO of SpyCloud, demonstrating the company’s Best of Show-winning platform at FinovateFall 2017.

Importantly, not only are these companies working 24/7/365 to fight cybercrime, but also many of them are teaming up and partnering with financial institutions, retailers, and each other to test their technologies, make key improvements and enhancements, and ultimately get their fraud-fighting solutions to market.

With that in mind – and in line with our October focus on cybersecurity – here’s a look at the partnerships, agreements, and collaborations forged by our cybersecurity-related alums so far in 2017.



  • Mitek partners with handwriting-based biometric authentication service Asignio to deliver IDaaS solution.
  • Avoka extends strategic partnership with Mitek for digital identity verification solutions.
  • ThreatMetrix and partner to deliver ID verification for government and commercial digital services.
  • Ledger partners with Intel to boost blockchain app security.
  • BioCatch to power behavioral biometrics for Samsung SDS America. 
  • SecureKey collaborates with Intel to enable consumers to access its blockchain-based digital identity technology via traditional web browsers.
  • Zighra launches flagship continuous authentication product.
  • Kony to launch digital banking solution leveraging Daon biometrics. 
  • iSignthis to integrate its Paydentity UBO Service with Web Shield’s InvestiGate platform.
  • TASCET teams with Secured2 to launch Algo5 data security offering.


  • Latvian Bank Citadele secures mobile and online banking with VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Apps and CRONTO.
  • National Bank of Canada joins SecureKey’s digital identity network.


  • HooYu to provide ID confirmation for U.K.’s Cars-as-a-Service easyCar Club.

Multiple Best of Show winner EyeVerify demonstrating its Eyeprint ID technology at FinovateEurope 2017 with partner YapiKredi Bank.



  • Vera to provide data security services for GE.
  • BioCatch to power fraud prevention solutions for HoneyTek Systems.


  • DefenseStorm to bolster cybersecurity operations for Genesee Regional Bank ($551 million in assets).
  • Open Banking selects Ping Identity to provide the identity and access management to underpin the U.K.’s open banking framework.


  • Signifyd guarantees fraud protection for Magento Commerce Merchants.
  • Infosys Finacle partners with ToneTag to leverage sound wave technology to drive contactless authentications and transactions.



  • Jumio partners with Plynk to bring instant verification to Europe’s first money messaging app.
  • FIS and Equifax partner to offer new identity verification solution, OnlyID.
  • Biometric Signature ID partners with National Fingerprint to provide virtual ID proofing and verification services.
  • BioCatch partners with LexisNexis to leverage data and analytics for better risk management.


  • Samsung to power biometric authentication pilot for Bank of America.
  • Mexican payment processor chooses fraud fighting technology from Featurespace.


  • HooYu brings identity confirmation technology to BCRemit.



  • ID Analytics partners with Acxiom to strengthen risk assessment and combat fraud.
  • HackerOne Powering bug bounty program for Tor browser.


  • MoneYou integrates Mitek’s identity solutions for real-time digital onboarding.
  • DefenseStorm to serve as cybersecurity partner for Bank of Jackson Hole to enhance security.


  • International Air Transport Association chooses fraud prevention technology from Featurespace.
  • Signifyd brings its Guaranteed Fraud Protection solution to Authorize.Net’s U.S.-based e-commerce merchants.

Behavioral biometric innovator BehavioSec, shown here demonstrating BehavioSec on Demand at FinovateFall 2015, has won three Best of Show awards.



  • Daon adds EyePrint ID to IdentityX platform courtesy of new partnership with EyeVerify.
  • IdentityMind Global to offer’s document authentication technology to its financial services customers.
  • Jumio partners with Monzo for strong identity verification.
  • iovation to integrate its device-based authentication technology with PingFederate from Ping Identity.
  • TSYS partners with Featurespace to deliver real-time decision capabilities.


  • Leumi Card to use Feedzai’s artificial intelligence platform to fight fraud.
  • Ghana-based Premium Bank selects NetGuardians’ anti-fraud solution – FraudGuardian.



  • Cisco and IBM team up on security.
  • BehavioSec partners with Kount.
  • Trulioo partners with Mitek to add facial recognition functionality to its ID verification platform.
  • Daon to integrate IdentityX platform with Experian’s fraud and identity platform, CrossCore.


  • Australia-based forex broker Pepperstone to deploy Paydentity verification services from iSignthis.



  • Fraud prevention innovator Featurespace partners with U.K. digital family banking solution, goHenry.
  • Payment solutions provider Buckaroo chooses AML solution from Fiserv.


  • Global financial services firm chooses Mobile Verify and Mobile Fill from Mitek.


  • Braspag announces integration of e-commerce and anti-fraud technology from ACI Worldwide.

A FinDEVr favorite, HackerOne and its bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform leverage white hat hackers to find critical security gaps before criminals do.



  • Mastercard adds to authentication arsenal with acquisition of NuData Security.
  • Swiss financial sector infrastructure operator SIX partners with IBM Watson to build cyber-security hub.


  • Daon brings mobile biometric authentication to UnionBank.
  • Co-op Financial Services to leverage machine learning-based fraud fighting technology from Feedzai.
  • Pindrop to mitigate call center fraud for credit union service organization PSCU.


  • Saltrex to use Jumio’s Netverify Trusted-Identity-as-a-Service.
  • Featurespace to provide machine learning fraud and risk management solution to CashFlows.



  • BioCatch brings continuous online and mobile authentication to Nuance Communications’ Security Suite solution.
  • Icon Solutions joins forces with Featurespace to bring anti-fraud protection to instant payments.


  • Affinity CU becomes “trusted sign-in” partner in SecureKey Concierge.
  • First national private bank of Turkey, Yapi Kredi to deploy Eyeprint ID from EyeVerify for mobile logins.


  • Feedzai and Merchant Risk Council (MRC) team up to leverage AI and machine learning to fight fraud.
  • MoneyGram using Mobile Verify from Mitek to meet AML requirements.



  • Arxan Technologies partners with Cisco as to protect connected medical devices.
  • WISeKey and Stratumn partner to provide enterprise-grade process security software based on blockchain technologies.
  • FICO and Ethoca partner to improve card acceptance rates, fight CNP fraud, and reduce disputes.


  • ACI Worldwide to provide fraud protection for Kuwait’s Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (KNET).
  • NetGuardians brings real-time fraud protection to Nigeria’s Keystone Bank.


Safe Spaces: The Best of the Authenticators, Verifiers, and Fraud Fighters

Safe Spaces: The Best of the Authenticators, Verifiers, and Fraud Fighters

Left to right: A representative from Alipay joins Tinna Hung, Director of Marketing for EyeVerify during a demonstration of Eyeprint ID at FinovateAsia 2016.

This month we’re highlighting the issue of security in fintech. Our first installment was our interview with ENVEIL CEO Ellison Anne Williams.

Today we use the lens of our Best of Show awards to take a look at companies innovating in the security space for financial services companies and institutions. Three security companies have won Best of Show awards in more than one conference. Biometric specialists EyeVerify and BehavioSec have both earned Best of Show trophies on three separate occasions. Interestingly, both companies won one of their Best of Show awards at FinovateAsia; BehavioSec in Singapore, EyeVerify in Hong Kong. (Speaking of FinovateAsia, remember that Finovate returns to the Far East November 7 & 8.)

Earning two Best of Show awards was Silver Tail Systems (now a part of RSA, the security division of EMC, which acquired the company in 2012). Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Menlo Park, company was a pioneer in leveraging real-time behavior analysis to spot and stop business logic abuse on financial institution websites.

BehavioSec CEO Neil Costigan demonstrating BehavioWeb and BehavioMobile at FinovateEurope 2014.

EyeVerify, which was acquired by Ant Financial last fall, announced in August that it was rebranding as Zoloz. In a blog post at the company’s website, CEO Toby Rush said the new company would be focused on providing a hosted identity platform geared toward the Asian market. “Underserved and underbanked consumers in this region are moving to mobile so quickly that they have leapfrogged biometrics adoption and identity services in other geographies,” Rush wrote. “The platform is centered around the idea that I am me, my phone should just know me, and my apps and services should know me – automatically, conveniently, and securely,” he explained.

Zoloz is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and was founded in 2012. The company most recently demonstrated its technology at FinovateEurope 2017.

BehavioSec, the behavioral biometric innovator, forged a partnership with Gemalto earlier this summer, to provide end-user verification and identity solutions as FIs increasingly embrace digital technologies. “Removing bottlenecks to achieve full digitization of a business goes hand-in-hand with conquering online fraud, through a layered an collaborative approach,” Costigan said. In May, BehavioSec teamed up with fellow Finovate alum Kount, integrating its behavioral biometric technology with Kount’s fraud management platform. A partnership with Appdome this spring produced AppFusion for BehavioSec, a solution that makes it easier for app developers to add behavior-based biometric authentication to their mobile apps.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, BehavioSec was founded in 2009. The three-time Best of Show winner most recently demonstrated its technology at FinovateFall 2015.

Making it on the Finovate stage as a security solutions provider is one challenge. Taking home a Best of Show trophy as a company dedicated to helping stop fraudulent transactions, prevent unauthorized access, and create truly “safe spaces” in a connected world is quite another. Here is the full list of security companies that have won Best of Show awards at Finovate conferences.

FinovateFall 2017

FinovateSpring 2017

FinovateAsia 2016

FinovateFall 2016

FinovateEurope 2016

FinovateEurope 2015

FinovateFall 2014

FinovateSpring 2014

FinovateEurope 2014

FinovateAsia 2013

FinovateFall 2012

FinovateSpring 2012

FinovateFall 2011

FinovateFall 2010

Finovate 2009

FinovateStartup 2009

  • Silver Tail Systems (demo)

Daon Adds Eyeprint ID to IdentityX Platform Courtesy of New Partnership with EyeVerify

Daon Adds Eyeprint ID to IdentityX Platform Courtesy of New Partnership with EyeVerify

Call them two great biometric authentication innovators that innovate great together.

In a newly-announced partnership, Finovate alums EyeVerify and Daon will work together to integrate EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID into Daon’s IdentityX authentication platform. The integration marks the first time eye recognition-based biometric technology has been available on Daon’s flagship solution. “Daon has a long history of meeting the multi-model authentication needs for companies and their customers across the world,” EyeVerify VP of Financial Solutions, Paige Bailey said. She added that EyeVerify, a multiple Finovate Best of Show winner was “thrilled” to have its technology available to a wider number of FIs via Daon’s IdentityX platform.

EyeVerify published a study last month that showed people who use biometrics (i.e., Touch ID users) want to see more biometric technology available for banking and payments. The study further noted that those who use fingerprint authentication at least once a day or more were twice as likely to want more biometric options and to see biometrics as a more secure alternative to other authentication regimes.

“Most people use some form of biometrics every day, but they want more opportunities to use it to make their lives easier and more secure,” EyeVerify CEO Toby Keith explained when the company’s Retail Banking Biometrics Confidence Report was published in May. “Banks and payment providers have a huge opportunity right now to build brand trust by giving customers the user experience they want,” he said.

Calling the partnership with EyeVerify an opportunity to offer “real advantage to our customers,” Daon CEO Tom Grissen counted EyeVerify’s EyeprintID among the “best-of-breed authentication technologies.” He said that teaming up with companies like EyeVerify was a “win-win,” adding, “our partners win through fast access to our large global customer base, our customers win by having rapid access to innovative technologies, and we win as the IdentityX platform grows as a thriving and innovative ecosystem.”

The partnership announcement was made at the Money 20/20 Europe event in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founded in 2012, EyeVerify specializes in biometric authentication based on a technology called an “eyeprint,” and uses the front-facing camera of the average smartphone to capture the unique pattern of veins and other “micro-features” in the human eye. Believed to be every bit as unique as an individual’s fingerprints, eyeprint technology offers a “99.99% accurate and extremely scalable” alternative or addition to passwords when it comes to providing authentication. The technology has been deployed by three of the largest Android OEMs in the world, and dozens of financial institutions. EyeVerify was acquired by Ant Financial, the online and mobile financial services provider behind Alipay, in the fall of 2016. The company, which made its most recent Finovate appearance at FinovateEurope 2017,  is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

Daon made its Finovate debut at FinovateFall 2016, demonstrating its IdentityX platform. The company’s mobile biometric authentication platform provides a variety of biometric options including fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition. IdentityX can also combine biometrics with other measures like device binding and geolocation to provide an even more rigorous authentication solution. The company announced in May that it was integrating its technology with fellow Finovate alum Experian’s fraud and identity platform, CrossCore. In March, Philippines-based UnionBank announced that it would leverage IdentityX to bring fingerprint and facial recognition authentication to its new digital banking platform, EON. Read more about the company in our Finovate Debut profile from December.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Daon Adds EyePrint ID to IdentityX Platform Courtesy of New Partnership with EyeVerify.
  • Advisor Software Launches Myers-Briggs-Like Investment Risk Assessment Tool.

Around the web

  • American Banker covers Lending Club’s first securitization
  • InComm honored with two Best in Category awards at the 2017 Pay Awards.
  • Bankless Times features Arroweye’s targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Actiance announces Compliance Integration for Cisco Spark.
  • Currencycloud and Hyundai Card partner to launch Korea’s first mobile remittance service provided by a credit company.
  • Bazaarvoice adds 170 new jobs.
  • nCino expands Credit Analysis Capabilities to Give Financial Institutions’ Underwriting a Boost.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Women on the Finovate Stage

Women on the Finovate Stage


There are plenty of things about fintech worth celebrating, but today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re giving three cheers to the women in fintech!

We’re taking a special look at our most recent show, FinovateEurope, where 23% of the presenting companies were represented by a woman on stage. That’s a 50% increase from 2015, where 15% of the companies had female speakers, and a huge leap from our first event in 2007 with zero (see note 1).

So here’s to progress. And here’s to the women of FinovateEurope:




Hali Khan, Director, Business Development

FinovateEurope 2017 demo



Paulina Powązka, Sr. Business Solutions Consultant

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Eszter Vass, Sr. Product Strategy & Presales Consultant

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Reanta Stein, Business Development Director

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Diana Winstanley, Business Developer

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Tinna Hung, Director, Marketing

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Angelique Mohring, CEO & Founder

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Janice Diner, CEO, Founding Partner

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Mariona Campmany, CMO

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Patricia Soares, Business Developer

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Sarah Clark, General Manager, Identity

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Trisha Price, EVP, Product Development & Engineering

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Iveta Brūvele, CEO, and Elīna Rasmane, COO

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Märta Viberg, Head of Product & Consumer Risk

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Michelle Pearce, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Vanessa Gatihi, Global Head, Customer Success

FinovateEurope 2017 demo




Editor’s Note: While sadly it’s true that no women were on stage during the 20 demos of the first Finovate. One company, iPay Technologies, was founded by Dana Bowers, but she chose not to speak that day. And Finovate might not even exist if it wasn’t for Melanie Flanagan, then Marketing Manager at Yodlee (also co-founded by a woman), who was the first person to agree to demo. Finally, Susan Hawkins, then SVP at Metavante, was instrumental in getting both her company and Monitise on stage. So there you have it, woman called the shots for at least 20% of Finovate v1.0’s content, even if they ended up delegating the on-stage pitching to men. Thanks Melanie, Dana and Susan! — Jim Bruene, Founder

Finovate Alumni News


  • Practicing Perfection Before FinovateEurope 2017.

Around the web

  • BAI’s Banking Strategies takes a look at Wells Fargo’s deployment of eyeprintID from EyeVerify. Catch EyeVerify at FinovateEurope this week.
  • Entersekt CIO Gerhard Oosthuizen shares advice on passwords and protecting personal data in Moneyweb.
  • HotDocs teams up with Irish enterprise scale applications and infrastructure provider, Codec-dss. See HotDocs at FinovateEurope in London this week.
  • Klarna acquires German online payment provider BillPay from Wonga.
  • Icon Solutions joins forces with Featurespace to bring anti-fraud protection to instant payments. Meet Icon Solutions at FinovateEurope this week in London.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Finovate Alumni News



  • Braintree Hires John MacIlwaine as New CTO.

Around the web

  • First national private bank of Turkey, Yapi Kredi to deploy Eyeprint ID from EyeVerify for mobile logins. Join EyeVerify in London for FinovateEurope.
  • Envestnet | Yodlee partners with mobile-only banking startup, Varo Money.
  • Bloomberg Technology talks with Misys CEO Nadeem Syed on IPO plans, AI, and P2P lending. See Misys at FinovateEurope in London next week.
  • OutsideIQ’s Founder and CEO featured in InfoWorld.
  • Xero partners with Sasfin Bank to offer next generation financial management to small businesses.
  • Prosper Appoints Usama Ashraf Chief Financial Officer.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

All News is Good News from 2016 FinovateEurope Best of Show Winners

All News is Good News from 2016 FinovateEurope Best of Show Winners


At FinovateEurope 2016, six companies took home Best of Show trophies after an audience vote favored their seven minute demos on the Finovate stage in London. FinovateEurope returns to London in less than two weeks, on February 7 and 8, where we’ll see 55 companies debut their newest technology and vie for a chance to win the audience’s vote for Best of Show. Tickets are still available. Register to save your spot today.

Today, we’re taking a look at the successes from the six Best of Show-winning companies from last year.
Offers natural language trade automation for automatically managed investment portfolios
Demo video

What’s new:

  • Recognized by as representing fintech innovation in Israel
  • Cited as a top B2B wealth tech player
  • Listed by The Next Web as 1 of 6 fintech startups to help you make the most of your money

Enables real-time fractional share investing and trading in U.S. equities for mass retail investors
Demo video

What’s new:

  • Brought Roboadvisory to Latin America in new partnership with Alkanza
  • Added a new real-time margin feature
  • Expanded APIs for wealth managers
  • Brought robo advisory to China in new partnership with CreditEase
  • Inked new partnership with Stoxs

Offers a scalable biometric authentication solution
Demo video

What’s new:

  • Acquired by Ant Financial
  • Partnered with Bioconnect to boost payment security
  • Selected by Wells Fargo for its biometric authentication technology

24905480290_e037cec5e7_kIDScan Biometrics
Offers a digital onboarding suite with facial recognition technology
Demo video

What’s new:

  • Acquired by GBG Group
  • Included in Mercator Advisory Group’s biometric authentication report


Offers a mobile, social trading 25082834042_60b88fc576_kapp that enables users to copy single trades of other users
Demo video

What’s new:

  • Won Digital Top 50 Award
  • Won Wolves Summit 2016
  • Launched WebTrader to expand beyond mobile
  • Launched Live Trading on its app

The sixth Best of Show winner, Valuto, shut down in August of 2016. Its parent company Currency One cited “an unsatisfactory pace of development” as the reason for the closure.

Finovate Alumni News


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  • First Oklahoma FCU to deploy core account processing technology from Fiserv.
  • Yoyo unveils marketing automation platform, Yoyo Engage, at Davos.
  • Misys adds crowdlending module to FusionBanking platform.
  • United Nations FCU chooses digital banking platform from Jwaala.
  • OnDeck and payment solutions provider WEX team up to provide small business financing.
  • ABA Banking Journal column on biometric authentication features Daon and EyeVerify.

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