Building Trust: How Video is Reshaping Digital Customer Engagements in Banking

Building Trust: How Video is Reshaping Digital Customer Engagements in Banking
Video for banking

Upcoming webinar
Title: Beyond Images: How Video is Reshaping Digital Customer Engagements in Banking to Drive Agile Growth
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

Leading brands are adding real-time video to digital customer engagements as a way to improve customer service and sales effectiveness. Video can enable service and support workers to add human empathy to digital customer engagements. Forrester advises that adding video can boost loyalty and revenue.

Join the latest webinar to explore:

  • How the COVID pandemic accelerated the need for better digital customer experiences that can convey humanity and empathy
  • Review real-world success stories of enterprises that have created a video-based “guided customer experience” in their apps and websites to drive higher customer satisfaction, higher revenue, and higher customer retention
  • The difference between using a third party video meeting tool and adding video-as-a-service embedded into your existing website or app… and which strategy is right for you

Featuring Tom Martin, CEO, Glance Networks and David Penn, Research Analyst, Finovate. 

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Innovating for Success: How Insurers Can Embrace Innovation to Drive Growth

Innovating for Success: How Insurers Can Embrace Innovation to Drive Growth

Upcoming webinar
Title: Innovating for success: How insurers can embrace innovation to drive growth
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Time: 02:00 British Summer Time
Duration: 1 hour

Technology and innovation are key to driving growth and creating scalable and agile business models in a challenging environment. It is an exciting time for insurers and many are seizing this opportunity to transform by investing in innovation, accelerating the evolution to digital, and evolving in ways that appeal to customers. 

Join our latest webinar to explore:

  • Is innovation important and why?
  • Are insurers truly getting return from their investment in innovation?
  • What insurers can do so that their innovation endeavours lead to genuine growth?
  • Top tips that drive innovation – critical tasks and internal challenges?
  • How insurers can build an innovation funnel /roadmap?

Featuring Preetham Peddanagari, Digital Insurance Leader, EY EMEIA; Roy Jubraj, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, esure Group; Emmanuel Djengue, Innovation Director, RGAX Europe and Marcin Kurczab, Head of Innovation Lab, PZU Group.

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Customer Engagement Tactics to Boost Loyalty and Monetization

Customer Engagement Tactics to Boost Loyalty and Monetization

Upcoming webinar
Title: Customer Engagement Tactics to Boost Loyalty and Monetization
Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021
Time: 04:00 British Summer Time
Duration: 1 hour

Research shows brands that excel in customer engagement often exceed their revenue goals. But how well is the financial services industry really responding to customers, and delivering on promises of “customer-centricity?”

Join this upcoming webinar where our expert panel will explore the top trends in customer engagement in 2021 for financial services companies, growth levers for financial service businesses, and how customer engagement strategies can be used to drive long-term growth. Find out which steps you can implement now, and in the long term, to improve customer engagement. Hear first-hand insights from Wise, including how the company has advanced its customer engagement strategy over time.


  • Erin Bankaitis, Strategic Business Consultant, Braze
  • Andrei Dinca, CRM Lead, Wise
  • Talie Baker, Senior Analyst, Aite
  • Moderated by Greg Palmer, VP, Finovate

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Upcoming Finovate Webinar: Biometric Authentication for SCA and Beyond

Upcoming Finovate Webinar:  Biometric Authentication for SCA and Beyond
Digital fingerprint

Upcoming webinar
Title: Biometric authentication for SCA and beyond: the art of the possible
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Time: 03:00 PM Central European Time
Duration: 1 hour

The PSD2 requirement for Strong Customer Authentication, combined with Mastercard’s mandate on biometrics, has led to an increase in the deployment of biometrics as one of the 2 factors of authentication. A strong preference from consumers for its ease of use is also driving adoption.

Join this webinar, with BNPP Personal Finance, Mastercard, and Fabrick, as they share their experience of deploying ID Check Mobile (IDCM), MasterCard’s biometric authentication solution for online payments.

The expert panel will tackle the topics including how the solution can help issuers meet regulatory requirements and how biometrics can deliver additional value-added services to maximize return on investment. The speakers will take time during the discussion to answer questions from the audience – so use this time to get your queries and thoughts addressed.


  • Moderated by: Julie Muhn, Analyst, Finovate
  • Stephanie Chlala, Project Manager, Payments, BNPP Personal Finance, France
  • Jamila Hunter, Director, Identity Solutions, Mastercard
  • Andrea Gambirasio, International Business Development, Fabrick

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Upcoming Finovate Webinar: Reinventing Wealth Management for the Digital Age

Upcoming Finovate Webinar: Reinventing Wealth Management for the Digital Age
Reinventing wealth management

Going digital isn’t for the faint-hearted

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Date: Thursday, March 04, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

Traditional wealth management processes are not designed for the digital age. Firms need digital solutions that address clients’ rising expectations for digital experiences and expand service offerings while reducing operational complexity.

Going digital, however, isn’t for the faint of heart. With 85% of projects going over schedule and 70% of large-scale digital IT programs failing to even reach their stated goals, developing enterprise software can be a painfully inefficient affair. This is where Unqork’s no-code platform can be a game-changer.

Join this upcoming webinar to learn more about how the wealth and investment management industry is being disrupted, and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve. Featuring: David Penn, Research Analyst, Finovate and Matt Singleton, Client Partner, Unqork.

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The Finovate Fintech Fulltime Review

The Finovate Fintech Fulltime Review

07 – 11 December 2020 | Register now

Reviewing critical challenges and opportunities in the fintech industry across 2020. With a specialized focus on the latest in lendingtech, bankingtech and customer experience.

Join Finovate for a week of webinars, thought-leadership and video interviews, all accessed online for free.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s to come…

All Finovate Fintech Fulltime Review registrants also get access to the Fulltime Review eMagazine at the end of the week, featuring key session recordings from FinovateFall Digital and FinovateWest Digital, plus an exclusive discount to Finovate events in 2021. 

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Webinar: Technology as a business strategy in financial services

Webinar: Technology as a business strategy in financial services

Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 | Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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When development and compliance are handled separately financial services organizations often run into challenges. These challenges can be remediated with solid IT Automation practices.

Without IT Automation a lot of time and money must be used to remain up-to-date, compliant, and secure. A robust automation strategy is an answer, and 89% of FIs agree: it is one of their top priorities. But only around 18% of the industry is doing this effectively. 

Join the latest #FinovateWebinar, where we explore the focus areas that can be streamlined while deploying IT automation resulting inteams that are more productive, reduced errors, improved collaboration, and more time spent on more meaningful, thoughtful work. 

The session will look at:

  • Identifying, preempting, and overcoming internal resistance challenges like a lack of dedicated resources and a lack of executive buy-in 
  • Assessing where you are on the automation journey and how to get started 
  • Overcoming complex use cases and lack of visibility to benefits 

Featuring Jamil Mina, Chief Architect for Financial Services, Red Hat and David Penn, Finovate Research Analyst.

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Webinar: Critical Steps to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Customer Support

Webinar: Critical Steps to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Customer Support

When COVID-19 hit, the financial services sector was faced with an abrupt realization that digital transformation needed to accelerate. While moving to a digital-first approach is a massive undertaking, it can be tackled over a period of time. Financial services can see impactful digital changes implemented in hours, not years.

Most importantly, digital transformation places clients at the center of business. An exceptional customer support experience distinguishes leading financial services from the rest, helping to retain clients well beyond these unprecedented times.

Watch Zendesk’s Alex Mack, Sr. Solutions PMM, and Bank Novo’s Head of Customer Success, Brian Kale, for a live webinar. They’ll discuss quick steps financial institutions can take to digitize their customer experiences at a time when scaling support operations is crucial.

They’ll walk through digital customer support initiatives that are quick to deploy and can deliver big results. Learn how to:

  • Express empathy and build trust through personalization
  • Scale customer support with help centers and AI
  • Move customer conversations to SMS, social, and third party messaging platforms
  • Empower remote collaboration to expedite requests

See how these customer-centric initiatives can help scale your support today while strengthening your client experience for the future.

Finovate Webinar: Tech Giants in Payments and the Implications for Issuers

Finovate Webinar: Tech Giants in Payments and the Implications for Issuers
Tuesday, January 28, 2020  |   1:00 PM EST  |   Register now >>

Join us for this #FinovateWebinar, as Ondot gives an overview of what the Google Checking product is, how it compares to payment products from Apple, Facebook, and other tech giants, and what Google stands to gain.

We will be joined by Richard Crone from Crone Consulting, whose Apple Card insights have been featured in Bloomberg, Marketwatch, PaymentsSource, and The Financial Brand, to discuss what’s driving the opportunity from these tech giants and what is the opportunity or threat for banks and credit unions, as well as how financial institutions can respond.

Covered in the session:

  1. How is this different or the same from other tech company launches such as Apple Card?
  2. Why does Google see an opportunity and what’s in it for Google?
  3. Along with Apple Card and other tech giants, what are industry trends and consumer demands driving this change?
  4. What’s in it for banks and credit unions? Should financial institutions see this as an opportunity or a threat?


  • Richard K. Crone, CEO and Founder, Crone Consulting, LLC
  • Heidi Liebenguth, Managing Partner and Research Director, Crone Consulting, LLC
  • Vaduvur Bharghavan, CEO, Ondot Systems
  • Prasanna Narayan, VP of Product, Ondot Systems

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Finovate Webinar: Accelerating the Speed to “Platform Ready” for Banks

Finovate Webinar: Accelerating the Speed to “Platform Ready” for Banks

In 2020, banks will spend about $2.3 billion on core modernization just to satisfy customers and keep fintechs at bay. In the age of apps and the platform economy, do you know how to ensure your bank is ready to compete?

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore:

  • The future of cloud-first strategies
  • The future of platform-as-a-service strategies
  • How banks can accomplish these and achieve transformation goals more cost effectively

Webinar: Move Banking from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric

Webinar: Move Banking from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric


Is your bank keeping pace with escalating customer expectations shaped by their mobile experiences? How are you addressing the perception that all banks are the same? 

It’s tough when you have a product focus and outdated technology is holding you back. You know you need to modernize to win and retain demanding, empowered, and fickle customers. Customer loyalty and company revenue are at risk if you don’t.

In this webinar, featuring OutSystems and guest speaker Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst at Forrester, you’ll learn how leading firms like Amazon, Nordstrom, USAA, and Zappos have made the shift to customer-centricity and are delivering world-class customer experiences.

These insights will help your bank follow suit.

Webinar: Revolutionizing Credit Cards

Webinar: Revolutionizing Credit Cards

Thursday, October 17, 2019 | 2pm EDT | Register now

Technology advancements and the proliferation of consumer apps have created a new customer experience paradigm that is changing how people are using credit cards. Customers expect brand interactions to feel like a dialogue, one that is relevant, timely and personal to them; regardless of whether that’s online or offline.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • The customer experience paradigm shift, from episodes to journeys
  • How to leverage the power of contextual marketing to enhance the cardholder lifecycle
  • How to optimize your cardholder lifecycle management 

Featuring Jason Davies, VP, Enterprise Innovation, FlyBits and Rebecca Engelberg, Marketing Intelligence Manager, FlyBits.