Currencycloud Partners with Integrated AP/AR Platform Nook

Currencycloud Partners with Integrated AP/AR Platform Nook
  • Accounts payable and receivable platform Nook has partnered with Currencycloud.
  • Nook will leverage Currencycloud’s APIs to help its customers manage payments with international suppliers.
  • Currencycloud has been a Finovate alum since 2015. Visa acquired the company in 2021.

Accounts payable platform Nook announced a new partnership with Currencycloud. Nook will leverage Currencycloud’s APIs to enable its customers to manage the full-life cycle of supplier payments. This will help Nook better serve companies who must make multiple transactions and manage other inefficiencies when working with international suppliers.

“The seamless integration with Currencycloud has strengthened our value proposition as an end-to-end accounts payable solution, and has helped us to expand our addressable market to include businesses that need to pay suppliers in multiple currencies,” Nook co-founder and CEO Joe Lines explained.

Nook offers an integrated accounts payable and accounts receivable platform that enables businesses to process, approve, and pay invoices without having to login to their bank or accounting program. The platform features auditable integrated approval workflows, and payments are integrated with both the company’s bank and ledger. The company noted that its platform has enabled users to complete their accounts payable 50% faster than before using the technology.

Currencycloud Chief Revenue Officer Nick Cheetham said that the partnership with Nook was a “perfect example” of how companies can leverage innovation to thrive in the payments space. Calling the support of companies like Nook a part of Currencycloud’s identity from the beginning, Cheetham added “We are eager to see how the platform can expand their customer base and further disrupt the market by integrating our seamless cross-border payment capabilities.”

Currencycloud demoed its technology on the Finovate stage for the first time at FinovateSpring 2015. In the eight years since, the company has grown into a financial infrastructure and enterprise-class solution provider for any business that needs to move money across borders. With nearly 600 employees, Currencycloud maintains offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Cardiff, and London. The company has processed more than $75 billion in payments and transferred payments to more than 180 countries around the world.

Last month, Currencycloud announced that it was working with Australian multi-asset broker ACY Securities. Currencycloud began the year with a pair of new partnerships: teaming up with Hong Kong-based remittance company Windsor First and venture capital platform Vauban in January. Visa acquired Currencycloud in 2021 for $912 million (£700 million). Mike Laven is CEO.

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Currencycloud and Future FinTech Labs Team Up to Launch Remittance App Tempo

Currencycloud and Future FinTech Labs Team Up to Launch Remittance App Tempo
  • Currencycloud teamed up with Future FinTech Labs (FTFT Labs) to help the New York City-based fintech launch its Tempo app.
  • Tempo is designed to make it easier, more secure and more effective for U.S. immigrants to send money overseas.
  • Acquired by Visa in 2021, Currencycloud has processed more than $100 billion in cross-border money transfers since inception in 2012.

Global payments solutions and infrastructure company Currencycloud has partnered with Future FinTech Labs (FTFT Labs) to help the NYC-based fintech launch a new remittance solution for U.S.-based immigrants. The new offering, an app called Tempo, will help immigrants living in the U.S. send money securely to North America, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and the Philippines.

Tempo will gives FTFT Labs customers access to a multi-currency wallet that makes sending money internationally easier and more cost-effective compared to other high-fee remittance services. Tempo app users will be able to leverage both FTFT Labs’ Conversion Tool to buy and trade currencies and use FTFT Labs’ Funds feature to top off their digital wallet.

“Tempo represents an easy, fast, and secure way to transfer money cross-border,” FTFT Labs CEO Sean Liu said. “Working with Currencycloud and using the breadth of services it allows us to offer our customers a seamless process from start to finish. We are confident we will be able to continue to make remittance a seamless process for our end users.”

Tempo users pay a fee of $2.99 pre-transaction – although the company is currently offering customers fee-free transactions when they sign up. Transfers via Tempo take place instantly rather than over the three business days typical of other money transfer apps, and users can send as little as $20 or as much as $1,500. Tempo sees its transfer amount limit as an advantage compared to other money transfer apps that do not have a limit, seeing the limit as a way to help ensure “a high level of security, by design, for users.” The Tempo app is available for both Android and iOs devices.

Making its Finovate debut in 2012, Currencycloud most recently demonstrated its technology at FinovateSpring 2018. The London-based company serves banks, fintechs, and foreign exchange brokerages, helping them and their customers make seamless and secure cross-border transactions in multiple currencies. Since inception, Currencycloud has processed more than $100 billion transferred between more than 180 countries. Acquired by Visa in 2021, the company includes fellow Finovate alums Dwolla and Mambu among its partners. Currencycloud maintains offices in New York, Amsterdam, Cardiff, and Singapore.

“Migrants in the U.S. should be able to send money cross-border without friction and without prohibitive costs,” Currencycloud VP of Sales Lewis Nurcombe said. “A fintech like Future FinTech Labs understands the needs of working people wanting to send money to family and friends, and as such is successfully reimagining how money flows for this huge market.”

Future FinTech Labs is a subsidiary and research and development center for FTFT Group. FTFT Labs is dedicated to designing, developing, and providing operational support for FTFT’s digital banking and payment services offerings.

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Superapp Bano Taps Currencycloud for FX Converter

Superapp Bano Taps Currencycloud for FX Converter
  • Australian superapp Bano has selected Currencycloud to facilitate low FX rates.
  • Integrating Currencycloud’s API offers Bano users access to Currencycloud’s low FX rates, which makes investing in the U.S. stock market more accessible for Bano users.
  • “Bano is committed to simplifying financial management for Australia’s GenZ and Millennials,” said Bano Head of Financial Markets and Treasury Randall Maccan.

Visa-owned Currencycloud announced this week it has been selected by Australia-based superapp Bano. Bano will leverage Currencycloud’s FX Converter to facilitate remittances for its Millennial and Gen Z users.

Bano is a digital banking app regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC. The startup, which is is accessible in over 180 countries, offers physical and virtual Visa debit cards with features such as bill-splitting, fund requests, FX conversions, cashback, rewards, and multi-currency accounts.

Integrating Currencycloud’s API offers Bano users access to Currencycloud’s low FX rates and low AUD to USD conversion rates. This low conversion rate will make investing in the U.S. stock market more accessible for Bano users.

“Bano is committed to simplifying financial management for Australia’s GenZ and Millennials,” said Bano Head of Financial Markets and Treasury Randall Maccan. “Enlarging the breadth of our superapp services with products like the FX Converter is a key part of this mission. Our partnership with Currencycloud has meant we can create a product that will provide a much-needed service for our customers, especially international students in Australia.”

Founded in 2012, Currencycloud facilitates cross-border, multi-currency transactions. The London-based company has processed more than $100 billion to over 180 countries for bank and fintech clients including Starling Bank, Revolut, Penta, and Lunar. 

In July of last year, Visa snapped up Currencycloud in a deal that valued the company at $963 million. Last October, the company partnered with Plaid, embedding Plaid’s Payment Initiation Services into its own solution to allow customers to fund their accounts without ever leaving the platform.

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Currencycloud Debuts Weekend FX Trading

Currencycloud Debuts Weekend FX Trading
  • Currencycloud launched a new tool called WeekendFX.
  • The new tool enables clients to offer competitive FX rates on weekends when markets are closed.
  • Currencycloud is launching WeekendFX in partnership with Visa, which acquired Currencycloud last July.

Visa’s Currencycloud launched a new tool this week called WeekendFX. The new offering will do just as it sounds– enable clients to offer competitive FX rates around the clock, even on weekends.

In the new digital economy, businesses are always on, operating after business hours and on weekends. However, businesses face increased risks and cost when they arrange cross-border payments on weekends because of the fluctuations subject to occur between when the trading desks close on Friday afternoon and when they open for the week on Monday morning.

Currencycloud is launching WeekendFX in partnership with its parent company Visa to help remove the risk, complexity, and cost to support cross-border payments outside of traditional operating hours. WeekendFX enables Currencycloud clients to offer a competitive fixed FX rate over the weekend and will settle at the same rate on Monday morning when the market opens.

“This is a massive step in overcoming business issues of operating 24/7,” said Partners & Enterprise Co-Founder and VP Steve Lemon. “Together with Visa we now enable our clients to execute FX transactions over the weekend in exactly the same way, using a standardized API and workflow as they would during the week. Therefore, their customers can continue to operate their businesses and execute FX conversions in exactly the same way too.”

Money transfer and payments firm Swinto and aviation business connectivity startup Tuvoli piloted the new trading tool, and ANNA Money will go live with the technology shortly.

Founded in 2012, Currencycloud facilitates cross-border, multi-currency transactions. The London-based company has processed more than $100 billion to over 180 countries for bank and fintech clients including Starling Bank, Revolut, Penta, and Lunar. 

In July of last year, Visa snapped up Currencycloud in a deal that valued the company at $963 million. Last October, the company partnered with Plaid, embedding Plaid’s Payment Initiation Services into its own solution to allow customers to fund their accounts without ever leaving the platform.

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Currencycloud Taps Plaid to Streamline Account Funding

Currencycloud Taps Plaid to Streamline Account Funding

Global payments platform Currencycloud has teamed up with open finance network Plaid this week. Through the collaboration, the two will offer a joint solution to make it easy for U.K. banks and fintechs to operate in multiple currencies.

The overall objective of the partnership is to reduce friction for Currencycloud customers. Currencycloud will embed Plaid’s Payment Initiation Services (PIS) into its app, allowing customers to pull money directly into their account from any bank without ever leaving the app.

The rollout will begin with customers using the Currencycloud Direct white-label solution, and will later roll out to the entire Currencycloud platform.

“The internet has made business more borderless than ever before, but it is incredibly difficult to move money across countries. Accepting, settling, and converting payments is complicated, expensive, and can take time,” said Plaid Head of European Partnerships Farid Sedjelmaci. “Combining Plaid’s Payment Initiation Services with Currencycloud’s all-inclusive platform for foreign exchange provides a smooth payment experience that obscures all of the complications with online global money movement.”

Prior to the partnership, the only way customers using Currencycloud Direct could top up their account was to leave the app, log into their bank app, and submit the payment. Embedding Plaid’s PIS reduces this friction, streamlining the account funding process.

Currencycloud was founded in 2012 and has since processed more than $100 billion to over 180 countries. The U.K.-based company works with FIs and fintechs including Visa, Dwolla, and Mambu to help them provide cross-border infrastructure solutions to their clients.

Plaid helps 11,000+ FIs offer their customers access to third party financial services via a suite of APIs to connect consumers, financial institutions, and developers. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Currencycloud Valued at $963 Million On News of Visa Acquisition

Currencycloud Valued at $963 Million On News of Visa Acquisition

Global payments platform Currencycloud is the latest fintech to catch the eye of Visa, which announced this week that it has agreed to acquire the London-based fintech in a deal that values the company at $963 million (GBP 700 million). The acquisition announcement noted that the pact builds on a partnership that extends back to 2019 and bolsters Visa’s foreign exchange capabilities, enabling them to better serve FIs, fintechs, and other partners, as well as help them explore new use cases and payment flows.

“At Currencycloud, we’ve always strived to deliver a better tomorrow for all, from the smallest start-up to the global multi-nationals,” Currencycloud CEO Mike Laven said. “Re-imagining how money flows around the global economy just got more exciting as we join Visa.” Laven added that bringing Currencycloud’s expertise in fintech to Visa’s network will “enable us to deliver greater customer value to the businesses moving money across borders.”

Currencycloud will continue to operate out of its London, U.K. headquarters and its current management team will remain intact.

The acquisition news comes just a few weeks after the Currencycloud announced a partnership with Global Processing Services (GPS) to expand access to cross-border payments. The collaboration will give fintechs the ability to enhance their current product offerings with products like multi-currency digital wallets and services like point-of-sale foreign exchange.

“For Fintechs, building a multi-currency solution requires a huge effort across multiple functional and regulatory domains,” Currencycloud co-founder and VP of Partnerships & Enterprise Stephen Lemon explained when the collaboration was announced in June. “By working with Currencycloud and GPS, fintechs can reduce the complexity involved and get to market much more quickly for a fraction of the cost of self-building, while vastly reducing ongoing operational risk and overhead.”

A Finovate alum for more than six years, Currencycloud most recently demonstrated its technology on the Finovate stage in 2018, where the company presented its Global Collections product. Since then, Currencycloud has grown into a platform whose APIs have enabled processing of more than $100 billion in transactions for companies ranging from neobanks to financial services corporations. Currencycloud currently supports nearly 500 bank and fintech customers, reaching more than 180 countries.

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Europe’s Robinhood Brings in the Bucks with $80 Million Investment

Europe’s Robinhood Brings in the Bucks with $80 Million Investment

In a round led by Prosus Ventures and Tencent, Amsterdam-based fintech BUX has secured $80 million in funding that will fuel both international expansion and new product development. The investment also featured a change in the leadership ranks at the company, with founder Nick Bortot handing over the CEO reins to COO Yorick Naeff.

“With this new funding round, BUX will continue to spearhead innovation by implementing advanced features to further shape the future of how Europeans invest,” Naeff said. We are extremely grateful to have top tier investors like Prosus Ventures and Tencent onboard to support us in our mission.”

With half a million customers in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, and Germany, BUX enables investors to buy and sell shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), without having to pay commissions. Dubbed the “Robinhood of Europe”, BUX is a response to what Naeff said is a growing awareness of the importance of investing by younger Europeans. Naeff underscored financial uncertainty as a major concern among the younger generation and credited them for realizing that investing is “one of the few viable ways left” to manage that uncertainty. The self-directed nature of investing on BUX’s platform – for shares and ETFs, as well as cryptocurrencies on its BUX Crypto app, and CFDs on its BUX X solution – is another appealing aspect, Naeff said.

“Traditional financial market investing comes with a lot of friction and we firmly believe in the democratization of access to financial services for the next generation of investors,” Head of Europe Investments for Prosus Ventures Sandeep Bakshi said. “The existing solutions are expensive, complex and not designed for younger generations.” Alex Leung, Assistant GM at Tencent, Strategic Development, noted that Bux’s business model does not depend on some of the revenue-raising strategies that have been criticized at rivals like Robinhood. “BUX is the only neo-broker in Europe that offers zero commission investing without being dependent on kickbacks or payments for order flow,” Leung said. “This ensures that its interests are fully aligned with its customers.”

No valuation information was provided as part of the funding announcement. The company noted that its signature BUX Zero solution “has more than doubled its assets under management” in the past three months.

Here is our weekly look at fintech around the world.

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nCino Soars on IPO; MaxMyInterest Teams Up with Morningstar

nCino Soars on IPO; MaxMyInterest Teams Up with Morningstar

nCino’s Record-Setting IPO – We previewed the initial public offering from cloud banking innovator and Finovate alum nCino a few weeks ago. Yesterday, the Wilmington, North Carolina-based company made its debut on the Nasdaq, climbing more than 150% on its first day of trading.

The one-day gain for nCino, which trades under the ticker “NCNO,” was the biggest for a U.S. tech company IPO since the days. The “exponentially oversubscribed” offering was priced at $31 on Monday, above two previous, lower price ranges, and nCino sold just over eight million shares to raise $250 million. The pricing gave the company a diluted market capitalization of $3 billion.

MaxMyInterest Integrates with Morningstar – A new partnership between cash management solution provider MaxMyInterest and Morningstar will give financial advisors a broader range of options when it comes to delivering higher yields for their clients’ cash. Head of Morningstar ByAllAccounts David Johnson said the integration would help “solve the problem of zero-interest rates on cash or cash-like balances for investors.”

The initial integration between MaxMyInterest and Morningstar ByAllAcounts data aggregation service will feature the ability to deliver client balance data into 40 platforms used by financial advisors for client reporting. Morningstar ByAllAccounts leverages AI technology to collect, consolidate, and enhance financial data and, regardless of platform, deliver that information to clients for a unified view of their investment holdings.

Currencycloud Readies for EU ExpansionCurrencycloud has been one of our busier alums in recent weeks. The company partnered with fellow alums Ripple and Mambu in June, accessing the former’s RippleNet to better serve SMEs in underserved regions, and teaming up with the latter in an integration that will enable financial services companies to deploy virtual accounts, payments and FX services faster.

This week we learn that the U.K.-based, B2B cross-border technology company has formed a new partnership – this time with Canadian payments and FX platform Shift Connect. The company is seeking Currencycloud’s help as it expands into the U.S., Europe, and the U.K.

Currencycloud also reported this week that it has been granted an e-money license from the Dutch Central Bank. The license, only one of seven the central bank issues to non-banks, will enable the company to store money, operate e-wallets, process payments, and collections. Currencycloud will also be able to “passport” its e-money license to other countries in the E.U., ensuring its ability to continue its expansion throughout Europe. This will remain the case for the company – headquartered in London – after the Brexit transition period is over, according to Currencycloud CEO Mike Laven.

“The Netherlands possess the perfect blend of factors to support our expansion in the E.U.,” Laven said. “It has a strong fintech sector, access to top talent and a safe regulatory environment, which allows us to keep driving forward our services and product.”

Here is the latest news from our Finovate alums.

  • Sezzle announces $60 million fundraising on Australian Stock Exchange, consisting of an institutional placement and a non-underwritten share purchase plan.
  • Backbase expands in the Asia-Pacific, opening offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
  • D1 Capital Partners invests $200 million for a 4% stake in TransferWise, sending the company’s valuation to $5 billion.
  • United Federal Credit Union to deploy core banking technology from Fiserv.
  • iProov teams up with IDV Pacific to support identity verification in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Nordigen featured in Silicon Canals’ look at top tech startups from Latvia.
  • NYMBUS teams up with Payrailz to enable financial institutions to access enhanced digital payment solutions.
  • Marqeta to power new digital wallet from Swiss fintech YAPEAL.
  • U.S. Secret Service to use blockchain analytics technology from Coinbase.
  • Bankjoy inks a pair of credit union partnerships.
  • ACI Worldwide announces that its Proactive Risk Manager and Model Generator solutions can now be deployed in a private or public cloud environment.
  • Courtesy of a partnership with Paxos, Revolut had enabled cryptocurrency trading for its customers in the U.S.
  • Swiss fintech Numbrs partners with TrueLayer to give its U.K. users access to open banking services.
  • Onfido announces a trio of new identity verification partnerships, teaming up with European alternative lenders Bondora, Voima Gold, and EstateGuru.
  • UAE-based Al Ain Finance to deploy Temenos Infinity and Transact solutions as part of an end-to-end digital transformation.
  • International credit agency CRIF signs strategic partnership with SIA to offer open banking services in Italy and across Europe.
  • Fintech Futures profiles Ukrainian bank, Privatbank.

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Currencycloud and Carta Worldwide Power Real-Time FX at the Point of Sale

Currencycloud and Carta Worldwide Power Real-Time FX at the Point of Sale
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B2B cross-border solutions provider Currencycloud is teaming up with Canadian transaction processor Carta Worldwide to bring transparency, accuracy, and cost-competitiveness to international transactions.

“This is an exciting partnership and the first of its kind, combining our respective skills sets to drive innovation and give customers further transparency on their international card payments,” Currencycloud co-founder and Head of Strategic Partnerships Steve Lemon said. He noted that the partnership would put customers “at the center of the offer” and enable issuers to offer real-time foreign exchange rates at the point of sale to fintechs and challenger banks.

The two companies said in a statement that they are presently in the development phase of the collaboration. Their first joint offering is expected in the second half of 2020.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” Carta Worldwide Managing Director EMEA Richard Wray added. “Carta’s innovative processing capabilities collaborating with one of the most reputable platforms in the industry will enable us to deliver some real change to customers across the world.”

Named one of Canada’s top fintechs by the Digital Finance Institute, Carta Worldwide specializes in processing mobile and prepaid transactions. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and London, U.K., the company includes Vodafone, Westpac NZ, and Novum Bank among its customers.

Offering 85 APIs across four modules – Collect, Convert, Pay, and Manage – that support the full, B2B cross border payments workflow, Currencycloud provides enterprise-grade payments solutions to partners such as Visa and Starling Bank. Headquartered in London and founded in 2012, Currencycloud is regulated in the U.K., the E.U., the U.S., and Canada. The company began the year with an $80 million Series E fundraising round that featured participation of new backers such as Siam Commercial Bank, SBI Group, and Visa – whose SVP and Treasurer Colleen Ostrowski joined Currencycloud’s board of directors.

More recently, Currencycloud announced a partnership with Derivative Path to enable community and regional banks to offer more FX and interest rate derivative trading options to customers. The company has been a Finovate alum since 2012, and demonstrated its Global Collections solution at our west coast conference in 2018.

Currencycloud and Derivative Path to Bring FX to Community Banks

Currencycloud and Derivative Path to Bring FX to Community Banks

A new strategic partnership between Currencycloud and cloud-based FX trading platform Derivative Path will make it easier for community and regional banks to offer a variety of FX and interest rate derivative trading options to their customers.

Derivative Path will embed Currencycloud’s FX technology into its DerivativeEDGE platform, an end-to-end solution for interest rate derivative, FX, and hedge accounting. Together the offering will provide banks with a solution that enables counterparty/order management, electronic spot FX with integrated Request for Quote execution, third party international payments and receipts, and derivatives valuation, as well as compliance reporting.

Derivative Path co-founder and co-CEO Pradeep Bhatia said, “This joint effort will help us leverage our technology capabilities, global infrastructure, and subject matter expertise, to offer banks a platform to manage their FX and payments, a growing need in an underserved space.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Derivative Path partners with financial institutions, buy-side, and commercial end-users to provide over-the-counter, interest rate derivative and FX trading execution and management solutions. Founded in 2013, the company has more than 100 clients and has facilitated thousands of trades with its interest rate, FX, and hedge accounting technology.

Long-time Finovate alum Currencycloud offers 85 APIs over four modules – collect, convert, manage, and pay – that represent the complete B2B cross-border payment workflow. The company has processed $50+ billion to more than 180 countries around the world.

Most recently demonstrating its technology at FinovateSpring 2018, Currencycloud has raised more than $160 million in funding. The company picked up nearly half that sum in a Series E round at the beginning of the year. In February, Currencycloud announced a partnership with U.K. travel money card, Currensea. Mike Laven is CEO.

Helping Secure Digital Identities; Managing Financial Crime Risk

Helping Secure Digital Identities; Managing Financial Crime Risk

Two of the biggest themes in fintech – digital identity and the rise of fintech in Central and Eastern Europe – meet in the latest announcement from biometric authentication specialist and Finovate Best of Show winner iProov. The company’s facial recognition technology now makes it easier for users of SK ID Solutions’ Smart-ID Service in countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to renew their accounts without having to visit a physical bank branch.

“This is a major development for all digital identity providers,” iProov CEO Andrew Bud said. “Estonia has proved, for the first time, that a remote, automated, biometric ID verification service can deliver the highest possible levels of security.”

Recognized as equal to a handwritten signature throughout Europe, Smart-IDs enable users to authenticate themselves and provide permissions online using a smartphone app. iProov’s facial recognition technology adds a three-second scan to compare the image of the user to the image on their presented ID document to help defend against fraud and identity theft.

Smart-ID also leverages NFC-based ReadID document verification technology from InnoValor.

Financial crime risk management innovator Featurespace will be helping Enfuce combat fraud and money laundering courtesy of a newly announced partnership. Enfuce, a financial services firm based in Finland, will use Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub to enhance its ability to protect its customers from fraud and financial crime.

“Our clients deserve industry-leading services that allow them to freely and fully concentrate on the success of their core business, without worrying about ever-evolving fraud,” Enfuce co-founder and chair Monika Liikamaa said.

ARIC Risk Hub offers real-time transaction monitoring for fraud and financial crime, enabling institutions to identify and act against anomalous and potentially dangerous behavior as it occurs. The technology also reduces the number of false positives by as much as 70%, keeping anti-fraud processes efficient. Featurespace introduced its fraud-fighting technology to Finovate audiences at FinovateEurope 2016.

Here is a round up of recent news from our Finovate alumni.

  • Sezzle unveils new logo along with its first annual report.
  • Flybits expands its executive team in New York, Toronto, the U.K., and Dubai.
  • ID R&D updates voice biometric solution IDVoice.
  • M1 Finance surpasses $1 billion in assets on its platform.
  • Armor Bank selects Teslar Software’s automated workflow and portfolio management tools.
  • Mastercard partners with myPOS to boost adoption of card payment solutions among European SMEs.
  • Black Hills FCU selects nCino’s Bank Operating System.
  • Bazaarvoice launches partnership program with Yotpo as the piloting partner.
  • Keysafe inks partnership with Salt Edge to access tenants’ bank data without the need to acquire its own PSD2 license.
  • Lending Club appoints Annie Armstrong as Chief Risk Officer.
  • Assaray Trade and Investment Bank selects Temenos Infinity and Transact to power its digital transformation.
  • Long John Silver’s chooses Blackhawk Network for gift card program.
  • Trustly and Fly Norwegian team up to let travelers pay directly from their bank accounts.
  • Pindrop launches Deep Voice 3, the new version of its voice recognition technology.
  • Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga steps down, replaced by Chief Product Officer Michael Miebach.
  • Venmo to launch debit card for teens.
  • Almost 600 banks select Fiserv’s Turnkey Service for Zelle.
  • Finastra to offer ClickSWITCH’s account switching technolkogy to its clients.
  • Simmons Bank partners with Jack Henry to leverage its Banno platform to build a digital presence.
  • Currencycloud and Currensea team up.
  • Yseop and Automation Anywhere join forces to scale intelligent automation.
  • Lighter Capital appoints Kevin Fink at CTO and Patricia Elliott as CSO.
  • InComm launches Roblox gift cards in France and Germany.

Finovate Alum Features and Profiles

Revolut’s $500 Million Round Boosts Valuation to $5.5 Billion – Global financial platform Revolut has secured its place as the U.K.’s most valuable fintech.

Dealing with Deepfakes in Fintech – The fintech industry is ripe with security firms, such as iProov, that use AI to combat both video and audio deepfakes with anti-spoofing technologies.

Envestnet | Yodlee Acquires Indian Data Aggregator – Envestnet | Yodlee has acquired another asset in its strategy to further grow and develop its data aggregation and analytics business.

Meet Sonect: Cash Network Builder, Finovate Newcomer, Best of Show Winner – What’s better than having a large pizza with all your favorite toppings delivered to your front door? How about a side order of cash, saving you a trip to the ATM or bank branch?

Azimo Taps Ripple for Cross-Border Payments to the Philippines – Fueling these payment transfers is Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution that uses XRP to source liquidity and complete money transfers within three seconds.

Lendio Lands $55 Million to Match Small Businesses with Lenders – The investment more than doubles the company’s previous funding, bringing its total to $108.5 million.

SheerID Expands Identity Marketing Platform – The move enables brands to identify and acquire new customers across the globe.

Currencycloud Raises $80 Million in New Funding

Currencycloud Raises $80 Million in New Funding
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

B2B cross border payments innovator Currencycloud has locked in $80 million in new funding.

Visa, the International Finance Corporation, BNP Paribas, SBI Group, and Siam Commercial Bank participated in the Series E. Existing investors Sapphire Ventures, Notion Capital, GV, Accomplice, and Anthemis were also involved in the round.

“Currencycloud is re-imagining how money flows around the global economy and embedding it into (the) platforms of the future,” company CEO Mike Laven said. “Transfer of value is fast becoming the newest layer in the modern technology stack, and Currencycloud is positioned to provide the infrastructure to make this happen.” He added that the funding makes Currencycloud “the go-to provider for the next wave of fintech innovation.”

This week’s investment takes Currencycloud’s total capital to more than $140 million. In its statement, the company said that it plans to use the new funds to grow its portfolio of payment methods and further develop its partner ecosystem.”

A global payments platform, Currencycloud offers 85 different APIs across four modules – collect, convert, manage, and pay – that support the entire B2B cross-border payments workflow. The London-based company, founded in 2012, demonstrated its Global Collections offering at FinovateSpring in 2018. Global Collections makes it easier for firms to collect payments from overseas customers by setting up local, virtual bank accounts in their names. This helps keep payment costs low and ensures that payments arrive promptly and in-full with as little, cross-border hassle as possible.

Earlier this month, Currencycloud announced a partnership with TransferGo that will help it launch in 14 new markets in the first quarter of this year. Named to the 2020 Fintech Power 50 in December, Currencycloud previewed its multi-currency accounts solution, Currencycloud Spark, last fall. The technology enables firms to offer their business customers multi-currency accounts that allow them to collect, store, convert, and make payments in 35+ currencies.

Currencycloud has processed more than $50 billion in cross-border payments processed since its inception. The company includes fellow Finovate alums Revolut, Klarna, and Dwolla among its partners.