Daon’s IdentityX Helps New Zealanders Create Digital Identities

RealMe Now, the new mobile app from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), is leveraging the IdentityX platform from Daon to enable customers to establish a verified identity online. This verified credential will make it easier for individuals to prove their identities when using government and private sector services.

Previously, RealMe credentials were available only by visiting a New Zealand PostShop and securing a facial image capture as part of the onboarding process. The new solution will allow individuals to start the process of securing credentials “anywhere and at any time” by taking a selfie photo which is captured by the RealMe Now app and compared to the user’s passport photo on file with the DIA. If the photo matches, the user is then directed to complete a facial liveness test. Once that is successfully completed, the application is sent to a human Department of Internal Affairs agent for final review before the customer is issued a RealMe verified identity.

“At Daon, we have developed and are now implementing a veritable shopping cart of face liveness with cutting-edge technology like machine learning and other mechanisms to assist our digital onboarding clients across five continents to address the evolving threat vectors,” Daon CEO Tom Grissen said. He praised the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs’ commitment to providing a safe and secure digital onboarding experience for New Zealanders. “We continue to be very impressed by the agency’s market leadership and are honored to have been chosen to be its partner,” Grissen added.

Daon demonstrated its IdentityX platform at FinovateFall 2016. IdentityX is a universal mobile biometric authentication solution that leverages face, voice, fingerprint, and other biomarkers to provide identity verification. The platform combines biometrics with other techniques including geolocation, device binding, and liveness detection to provide a low-friction, multi-factor authentication experience.

The partnership with New Zealand’s DIA is the second big headline for Daon this summer. In June, the company teamed up with Tradelink to bring biometric authentication options to the customers of Hong Kong’s Dah Sing Bank. Daon began the year with a pair of partnerships, working with Digi-Sign to implement a FIDO biometric solution for a leading Hong Kong bank in February, and forging a strategic partnership with North African technology firm, GEMADEC in January.

Founded in 2002, Daon is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

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  • Cardlytics Hooks Wells Fargo as Partner.
  • Daon Helps New Zealanders Create Digital Identities.

Around the web

  • FreeAgent earns status as an official Account Information Services Provider (AISP) from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Two-time Best of Show winner Trunomi teams up with Shyft and BurstIQ to provide an eIdentification solution for online and offline authentication.
  • Temenos partners with Luxhub to help ensure PSD2 compliance for Fortuna Banque.
  • The Australian Military Bank becomes the first FI in the country to commit to SaaS cloud banking with their deployment of Infosys’ Finacle solution.
  • Q2 releases Caliper SDK to enable customers to customize and extend the Q2 platform
  • Figure Eight launches machine learning assisted video object tracking solution to accelerate the creation of training data.
  • CWG to launch Entersekt product line into Nigerian market.

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Finovate Global: Fintech News from Around the World

As Finovate goes increasingly global, so does our coverage of financial technology. Finovate Global: Fintech News from Around the World is our weekly look at fintech innovation in developing economies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Central and Eastern Europe

  • Revolut announces recruitment initiative in Kraków, Poland to hire 100 new workers in a single day employment in its offices in Eastern Europe.
  • Forbes features Tinkoff Bank in look at Russia’s efforts to develop its digital economy.
  • Polish financial group Aforti Holdings to launch non-bank lender for SMEs and startups in Romania.


  • Banks in South Korea to introduce blockchain based identity verification for mobile and online logins. The technology is reportedly built on a private blockchain system developed by Samsung SDS.
  • Daon Partners with Tradelink to Bring Biometrics to Dah Sing Bank.
  • Bank of Thailand is developing and testing blockchain apps in its regulatory sandbox.

Middle East and Northern Africa

  • Financial technology services firm, One Global, discusses plans for expansion into Egyptian market.
  • ADGM Reglab reports record number of fintech applications for its third cohort.
  • Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange turns to Equifax for advice on development of new technologies to improve operational efficiency.


  • TransferTo, Orange Money Botswana, and EcoCash partner to support digital money transfers between Zimbabwe and Botswana.
  • IMF review of South Africa suggests “increased focus on the role fintech …” could access to credit for SMEs and promotion broader financial inclusion.
  • Nigerian startup, Piggybank.ng, raises $1.1 million to further develop its online savings platform.

Latin America

  • Diario Financiero interviews Ángel Sierra, executive director of La Asociación Fintech Chile, on digital innovation (video in Spanish).
  • TransferWise initiates service in Argentina.
  • PayU goes live in Colombia with its PayU te fía (PayU You Trust) solution that enables borrowers to extend repayment terms (in Spanish).

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Daon Partners with Tradelink to Bring Biometrics to Dah Sing Bank

Biometric authentication specialist Daon has teamed up with Tradelink to give customers of Hong Kong’s Dah Sing Bank the option of biometric authentication when accessing bank services. The bank, one of the top 10 banks in Hong Kong, will leverage Daon’s IdentityX platform to offer both fingerprint and facial authentication.

“We are pleased to partner with Tradelink on this innovative initiative for Dah Sing Bank. Our partnership with Tradelink continues to make a significant impact in the financial and banking industry throughout Hong Kong,” Daon CEO Tom Grissen said. “Daon’s technology provides a trusted digital security experience for all of our customers. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Tradelink as the demand for more secure and convenient authentication increases among mobile banking customers.”

The IdentityX platform provides FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) capabilities that enable authentication based on a wide variety of biological attributes including voice, face, behavior, and palm. Institutions can integrate their current security systems into the platform, as well as add new authentication systems as they become available. This enables institutions to extend the lives of their older or customized security systems and devices. The component approach also makes it easier for organizations like Dah Sing Bank to make more specific decisions on which cybersecurity technologies best suit their specific customer preferences.

Daon’s collaboration with Tradelink to support FIs in Hong Kong is part of an initiative the two firms have launched to provide authentication solutions for banks in the region. In February, Daon reported on the successful implementation of a FIDO biometric solution with one of Hong Kong’s largest banks. The deployment was completed in partnership with Tradelink subsidiary, Digi-Sign, and has proven to be a model for similar implementations for “multiple financial institutions in the region,” the company noted in a statement.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia and founded in 2002, Daon demonstrated its IdentityX platform at FinovateFall 2016. The company began the year partnering with North African security and document dematerialization specialist GEMADEC. Last fall, Visa announced that it would leverage IdentityX to power biometric services for its Visa ID Intelligence platform. The Visa news came during a season of partnership activity for the company, which also announced agreements with Kony in September and Nations Trust Bank of Sri Lanka in November.

Finovate Alumni News

On Finovate.com

  • Daon Partners with Tradelink to Bring Biometrics to Dah Sing Bank.
  • AI Foundry Overhauls Agile Mortgages Solution.

Around the web

  •  Klarna partners with EMaC, a U.K. automotive service plan provider, for a drive now, pay later service.
  •  Paysend triples its customer base over the last 6 months.
  • eToro announces that clients can now invest directly in shares on the platform.
  • MX appoints Ben Holzman, a former managing director of Bain Capital Ventures, as new COO.
  • TechCrunch: Coinbase opens its crypto index fund to accredited U.S. investors.
  • Langley FCU to deploy Symitar Episys core processing platform from Jack Henry & Associates.
  • Mambu announces new board member, former SAP CEO, Henning Kagermann.
  • Revolut partners with Cyprus-based telecommunications company, PrimeTel.
  • First Data and Mastercard collaborate on a digital disbursement platform for business customers.
  • Entersekt opens new office in Atlanta, Georgia to support the company’s growth in North America.
  • The Open Bank Project collaborates with Citizens Bank on innovation event.
  • First National Bank Texas ($1.8B Assets) selects Insuritas to power turnkey insurance agency.
  • Prosper resumes operations for Montana residents

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Daon Forges Strategic Partnership with North African Technology Innovator GEMADEC

A new strategic partnership agreement has been signed between biometric authentication and identity assurance innovator Daon and GEMADEC. The partnership will enable GEMADEC, a North African security and document dematerialization firm to extend its services to customers in North Africa and French-speaking African countries.

“GEMADEC is already working in the field of security and biometrics, supporting the Postal organizations as a trusted third-party in the implementation of a legally valid electronic certificate (PKI) production platform and also offers electronic signature solutions,” GEMADEC CEO Touhami Rabii explained.

Daon CEO Tom Grissen praised GEMADEC’s “long-standing experience and demonstrated success internationally,” and sees the potential for the partnership to make a “significant impact in the financial and public sectors.” Founded in 1977, GEMADEC currently operates in 22 countries and serves as a world reference in hybrid mail for postal organizations looking to modernize their operations. The company has also provided security, biometrics, and digital identity services for public institutions in North African nations such as Gabon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and in Djibouti.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia and founded in 2002, Daon demonstrated IdentityX, its universal mobile biometric authentication platform at FinovateFall 2016. Daon provides multi-channel, biometric authentication and identity management solutions that leverage technologies such as device-binding, geolocation, and liveness detection. The company’s offerings have been deployed in a number of verticals including digital banking and payments verification, border management and employee credentialing, and national ID and cloud authentication.

In October, Daon teamed up with fellow Finovate alum Kony, bringing a suite of authentication tools to Kony’s digital banking platform. The company added Eyeprint ID to its platform in June, courtesy of a partnership with another Finovate alum, EyeVerify. This spring, Daon announced an integration with Experian’s fraud and identity platform, CrossCore.

Finovate Alumni News

On Finovate.com

  • Vera Hires First Chief Financial Officer and Adds Technical Talent.
  • Akamai Appoints Former Verizon CIO as Chief Information Officer.
  • Wealthfront Rakes in $75 Million.
  • Daon Forges Strategic Partnership with North African Technology Innovator GEMADEC.
  • Ghana Government to Leverage Entrust Datacard to Issue National ID Cards.

Around the web

  • Fintech News names Flywire 1 of 8 promising fintechs in Singapore to watch.
  • IDology listed among 50 fastest growing tech companies in 2017.
  • Fiserv VP of Product Strategy for Card Services, Jon Rosner talks about the pace of digital wallet adoption.

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Stronger Together: Fintechs, Techs, and FIs Collaborating on CyberSecurity

Image Designed by Freepik

Ready for some good news on the cybersecurity front?

Most of the time cybersecurity appears in the headlines, it is a report of a breach that just occurred or a new threat to guard against in the future. Caught between the hack that caught us unaware and the certainty that it won’t be the last, we can lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of cybersecurity firms with thousands of security professionals that are working around the clock to make our lives online a lot safer. And many of these companies are Finovate alums specializing in service to the financial industry and its customers.

Ted Ross, founder and CEO of SpyCloud, demonstrating the company’s Best of Show-winning platform at FinovateFall 2017.

Importantly, not only are these companies working 24/7/365 to fight cybercrime, but also many of them are teaming up and partnering with financial institutions, retailers, and each other to test their technologies, make key improvements and enhancements, and ultimately get their fraud-fighting solutions to market.

With that in mind – and in line with our October focus on cybersecurity – here’s a look at the partnerships, agreements, and collaborations forged by our cybersecurity-related alums so far in 2017.



  • Mitek partners with handwriting-based biometric authentication service Asignio to deliver IDaaS solution.
  • Avoka extends strategic partnership with Mitek for digital identity verification solutions.
  • ThreatMetrix and ID.me partner to deliver ID verification for government and commercial digital services.
  • Ledger partners with Intel to boost blockchain app security.
  • BioCatch to power behavioral biometrics for Samsung SDS America. 
  • SecureKey collaborates with Intel to enable consumers to access its blockchain-based digital identity technology via traditional web browsers.
  • Zighra launches flagship continuous authentication product.
  • Kony to launch digital banking solution leveraging Daon biometrics. 
  • iSignthis to integrate its Paydentity UBO Service with Web Shield’s InvestiGate platform.
  • TASCET teams with Secured2 to launch Algo5 data security offering.


  • Latvian Bank Citadele secures mobile and online banking with VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Apps and CRONTO.
  • National Bank of Canada joins SecureKey’s digital identity network.


  • HooYu to provide ID confirmation for U.K.’s Cars-as-a-Service easyCar Club.

Multiple Best of Show winner EyeVerify demonstrating its Eyeprint ID technology at FinovateEurope 2017 with partner YapiKredi Bank.



  • Vera to provide data security services for GE.
  • BioCatch to power fraud prevention solutions for HoneyTek Systems.


  • DefenseStorm to bolster cybersecurity operations for Genesee Regional Bank ($551 million in assets).
  • Open Banking selects Ping Identity to provide the identity and access management to underpin the U.K.’s open banking framework.


  • Signifyd guarantees fraud protection for Magento Commerce Merchants.
  • Infosys Finacle partners with ToneTag to leverage sound wave technology to drive contactless authentications and transactions.



  • Jumio partners with Plynk to bring instant verification to Europe’s first money messaging app.
  • FIS and Equifax partner to offer new identity verification solution, OnlyID.
  • Biometric Signature ID partners with National Fingerprint to provide virtual ID proofing and verification services.
  • BioCatch partners with LexisNexis to leverage data and analytics for better risk management.


  • Samsung to power biometric authentication pilot for Bank of America.
  • Mexican payment processor chooses fraud fighting technology from Featurespace.


  • HooYu brings identity confirmation technology to BCRemit.



  • ID Analytics partners with Acxiom to strengthen risk assessment and combat fraud.
  • HackerOne Powering bug bounty program for Tor browser.


  • MoneYou integrates Mitek’s identity solutions for real-time digital onboarding.
  • DefenseStorm to serve as cybersecurity partner for Bank of Jackson Hole to enhance security.


  • International Air Transport Association chooses fraud prevention technology from Featurespace.
  • Signifyd brings its Guaranteed Fraud Protection solution to Authorize.Net’s U.S.-based e-commerce merchants.

Behavioral biometric innovator BehavioSec, shown here demonstrating BehavioSec on Demand at FinovateFall 2015, has won three Best of Show awards.



  • Daon adds EyePrint ID to IdentityX platform courtesy of new partnership with EyeVerify.
  • IdentityMind Global to offer Confirm.io’s document authentication technology to its financial services customers.
  • Jumio partners with Monzo for strong identity verification.
  • iovation to integrate its device-based authentication technology with PingFederate from Ping Identity.
  • TSYS partners with Featurespace to deliver real-time decision capabilities.


  • Leumi Card to use Feedzai’s artificial intelligence platform to fight fraud.
  • Ghana-based Premium Bank selects NetGuardians’ anti-fraud solution – FraudGuardian.



  • Cisco and IBM team up on security.
  • BehavioSec partners with Kount.
  • Trulioo partners with Mitek to add facial recognition functionality to its ID verification platform.
  • Daon to integrate IdentityX platform with Experian’s fraud and identity platform, CrossCore.


  • Australia-based forex broker Pepperstone to deploy Paydentity verification services from iSignthis.



  • Fraud prevention innovator Featurespace partners with U.K. digital family banking solution, goHenry.
  • Payment solutions provider Buckaroo chooses AML solution from Fiserv.


  • Global financial services firm chooses Mobile Verify and Mobile Fill from Mitek.


  • Braspag announces integration of e-commerce and anti-fraud technology from ACI Worldwide.

A FinDEVr favorite, HackerOne and its bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform leverage white hat hackers to find critical security gaps before criminals do.



  • Mastercard adds to authentication arsenal with acquisition of NuData Security.
  • Swiss financial sector infrastructure operator SIX partners with IBM Watson to build cyber-security hub.


  • Daon brings mobile biometric authentication to UnionBank.
  • Co-op Financial Services to leverage machine learning-based fraud fighting technology from Feedzai.
  • Pindrop to mitigate call center fraud for credit union service organization PSCU.


  • Saltrex to use Jumio’s Netverify Trusted-Identity-as-a-Service.
  • Featurespace to provide machine learning fraud and risk management solution to CashFlows.



  • BioCatch brings continuous online and mobile authentication to Nuance Communications’ Security Suite solution.
  • Icon Solutions joins forces with Featurespace to bring anti-fraud protection to instant payments.


  • Affinity CU becomes “trusted sign-in” partner in SecureKey Concierge.
  • First national private bank of Turkey, Yapi Kredi to deploy Eyeprint ID from EyeVerify for mobile logins.


  • Feedzai and Merchant Risk Council (MRC) team up to leverage AI and machine learning to fight fraud.
  • MoneyGram using Mobile Verify from Mitek to meet AML requirements.



  • Arxan Technologies partners with Cisco as to protect connected medical devices.
  • WISeKey and Stratumn partner to provide enterprise-grade process security software based on blockchain technologies.
  • FICO and Ethoca partner to improve card acceptance rates, fight CNP fraud, and reduce disputes.


  • ACI Worldwide to provide fraud protection for Kuwait’s Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (KNET).
  • NetGuardians brings real-time fraud protection to Nigeria’s Keystone Bank.


Kony to Launch Digital Banking Solution Leveraging Daon Biometrics

Enterprise application and mobility solutions company Kony unveiled a new digital banking platform and suite of apps. These Next Generation Digital Banking solutions help banks deliver a better user experience cost effectively across any channel.

The suite will be released in the Spring of 2018 and will include digital banking apps for retail banking, business banking, loans, new account onboarding, and digital wallets. In addition to the suite of apps, the company will release its Digital Banking Marketplace that hosts third party partner services to help speed the notoriously-slow app development process.

And thanks to a partnership with Daon, Kony’s Digital Banking Platform will authenticate users with facial, fingerprint, and voice recognition biometrics using the Virginia-based company’s IdentityX solution. IdentityX uses factors such as device-binding, geolocation, liveness detection, and more to offer a seamless user experience. The flexible solution allows for new technology and biometric methods to be integrated as they become available in the future.

Thomas E. Hogan, chairman and CEO, Kony said, “The new Kony Digital Banking Platform, combined with our growing portfolio of banking applications, and our strategic partnership with Diebold Nixdorf, will enable us to achieve our vision to facilitate banking anytime, anywhere, and through any channel – both physical and digital.”

Kony’s CTO, Bill Bodin and Product Marketing Manager, Antonio Sanchez, recently showcased its Digital Banking Platform at FinovateFall 2017. In August, the company unveiled the Kony AppPlatform V8 that aims to help professional developers meet demand for apps and help organizations simplify the app development and deployment processes. Founded in 2007, Kony is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Daon most recently presented its authentication technology at FinovateFall 2016. Today, the company announced that it was selected by VISA to power biometrics for the VISA ID Intelligence Platform that will offer a seamless way for consumers to shop, pay, and bank on their mobile device. Earlier this summer, the company teamed up with EyeVerify to add EyeVerify’s EyeprintID technology to its IdentityX platform. In May, Daon integrated with Experian’s fraud and identity management platform, CrossCore. Check out our profile of Daon along with an interview with the company’s President of the Americas, Conor White.

Finovate Alumni News

On Finovate.com

  • Kony to Launch Digital Banking Solution Leveraging Daon Biometrics.
  • Roostify to Preview Decision Builder Tool to Ease Loan Application Process.

Around the web

  • NCR introduces its cloud-based mobile payment solution.
  • FICO partners with GVNG to provide non-profits with AML and KYC solutions.
  • Trustly added to Flywire platform as a preferred payment option courtesy of new agreement.
  • nCino scores top spot in Aite Group report on global commercial loan origination.

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