Digital Experience Specialist Configo Launches Cloud Environment

Less than one year after making its debut at FinovateEurope, digital sales and engagement specialist Configo is taking its technology to the cloud. The company is making its Live Experience Platform – which gives FIs the ability to create customer-centric, personalized digital experiences – available as a SaaS solution.

Until now, Configo’s platform was installed on-premise. The new cloud environment duplicates the on-premise platform, providing the same capture, tag, and trigger, code-free interface that allows FIs to add automated, contextual, personalized messages to their mobile banking apps to boost engagement and drive sales.

“It gives you total control of the whole mobile experience,” Configo CEO and co-founder Yosi Dahan said during his Finovate demo in February. “It makes your mobile application dynamic and allows you to provide different audiences with the right content in real-time.”

Left to right: Configo co-founders Natan Abramov (CTO) and Yosi Dahan (CEO) demonstrating Configo Live Experience at FinovateEurope 2017.

Configo’s Live Experience Platform enables FIs to launch in-app campaigns without the long R&D process. Dahan explained that having to write additional code and submit apps to the app stores every time an institution wants to add a task or make an update to an app can be time-consuming and costly. In contrast, Configo leverages their unique technology that enables the user to manipulate UI images themselves, making app updates easier and faster to complete.

The company has picked up some positive feedback from early adopters of the technology, including a pilot project with an online travel booking system that used the solution to support a campaign to up-sell customers to business class. E-commerce trials like these, Dahan suggested, were especially valuable during the development process. “You cannot get the same feedback when you work with financial institutions,” he said.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Configo demonstrated its Live Mobile Experience at FinovateEurope 2017. The company introduced its Partner Program in July, and launched its Live App Editor in February. Check out our feature on Configo and find out how the company turns more than nine years of mobile app development experience into a platform that helps FIs get app changes to market faster.

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  • Digital Experience Specialist Configo Launches Cloud Environment.

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Finovate Debuts: Configo Empowers FIs to Build Customized Customer Journeys


At FinovateEurope earlier this year, Tel Aviv, Israel-based Configo demonstrated its contribution to the cause of greater customer engagement in financial services. The technology, Configo Live Mobile Experience Platform, enables banking marketing professionals and product specialists to design customer experiences that are, in the words of Configo co-founder and CEO Yosi Dahan, “personalized and contextual.”

Dahan warned that nonbanks have done a better job than most banks when it comes to meeting customer expectations of being more innovative and “human-centric.” He said that by leveraging Configo’s ability to bring targeted content to targeted audiences in real time, banks and other traditional financial institutions have the opportunity to regain that lost ground.


Pictured (left to right): Configo co-founders Natan Abramov (CTO) and Yosi Dahan (CEO) demonstrating Configo Live Mobile Experience at FinovateEurope 2017.

For the live demonstration Configo CTO Natan Abramov showed how the Configo platform scanned the screens of the banking app, and enabled the user to make changes that would appear simultaneously in the app when saved. In addition to being able to make cosmetic changes to text, color, and other features, the platform also supports pushing custom content to user-defined segments such as low-income, families, etc. Virtually any data point, from account balance to age to geolocation to app usage – can be used to define a segment for receiving certain app customizations, targeted messages, or special offers.

Configo also provides for in-app campaigns to send promotional messages to customers. Users can upload their own design or use one of Configo’s templates, then simply add text, images, and a call to action. Schedule the ad to pop-up at any one of a number of cues: a specific time or when a button on an app is pushed, and the campaign is ready to go. Configo’s platform provides for A/B testing, and works with iOS, Android, native, and hybrid systems.

app UI editor

Once the app’s screens are scanned into the Configo platform, individual content items can be tagged for management later.

“By providing contextual offers and content in real time, you are actively optimizing your customer interaction, driving better engagement and increasing mobile sales,” Dahan said. Emphasizing the ease of adopting the technology (“up and running with virtually no integration and without messing around with code in just a couple of days”), he said his company’s platform ensures that FIs gain “total control of your customer’s journey in your mobile application.”

Company Facts

  • Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Founded in 2015
  • Running more than 10 pilots with banks and credit card companies in Europe

We met with Dahan (pictured) and Abramov, co-founders of Configo, at FinovateEurope in London and followed up with a Configo_Yosi_Dahanfew questions for Dahan by e-mail. Here are his responses.

Finovate: What problem does your technology solve?

Yosi Dahan: Product and marketing managers require rapid iterations, prototyping, and optimizations of their mobile banking product to increase conversion and engagement. Working agile has its benefits, but the release and update cycles are still measured in weeks as most of the tasks go through the R&D teams.

Finovate: Who are your primary customers?

Dahan: Financial institutions.

Finovate: How does your solution solve the problem better?

Dahan: Product and marketing leaders get access to a variety of tools in our platform to simply create new customer experiences, optimizing the customer’s journey and interaction. Configo integrates with any existing mobile app using an SDK and provides a dashboard for management. Segmenting users, running A/B test experiments, launching campaigns, and personalizing the app’s user interface, can be achieved without a single line of code. Configo has managed to cut the time-to-market of app changes and business tasks by over 15%.

in-app campaign stats

The Configo platform supports in-app campaigns and provides total control over how the ads look and appear to the user.

Finovate: What in your background gave you the confidence to tackle this challenge?

Dahan: The team behind Configo has more than nine years of experience of developing mobile apps. Prior to starting Configo, we conducted research involving more than 50 financial institutions around the world in order to understand how their app release cycles look like and how we can reduce the time-to-market to meet customer expectations. Configo has managed to cut the time-to-market of app changes and business tasks by over 15%.


Customers can be segmented based on any datapoint – age, account balance, app usage – on the Configo platform.

Finovate: What are some upcoming initiatives from Configo that we can look forward to over the next few months?

Dahan: We’ll be introducing new tools for both marketing and product managers to help them better understand their customers’ journey as well as increase engagement, decrease churn rate, and provide exceptional user experience. We are also working on creating a solution for the online (web) channel.

Finovate: Where do you see Configo a year or two from now?

Dahan: Our goal is to help financial institutions around the world shape their mobile channel. We are planning on delivering a custom experience to 50 million mobile banking users by 2019.

Configo’s Yosi Dahan (CEO & Co-Founder) and Natan Abramov (CTO & Co-Founder) demonstrating Configo Live Mobile Experience at FinovateEurope 2017.

Configo Unveils Live App Editor


Just weeks after its debut at FinovateEurope, customer personalization specialist Configo has announced a new addition to its Live Mobile Experience platform. The new feature, Live App Editor, makes it easier for designers to change and modify the platform’s interface in as few as 17 seconds.

“Configo takes personalization very personal when it comes to mobile experiences,” company co-founder and CEO Yosi Dahan wrote this morning in a statement. “As the world continuously shifts to mobile, real time targeting and personalization will determine success. We enable enterprises to create a customer-centric, live mobile experience that drives sales and engagement.”


Pictured (let to right): Configo co-founders Natan Abramov (CTO) and Yosi Dahan (CEO) demonstrating Configo Live Mobile Experience at FinovateEurope 2017.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and founded in 2015, Configo demonstrated its Live Mobile Experience at FinovateEurope 2017 earlier this month. Configo’s technology helps marketing and product development teams in financial services improve and optimize their mobile apps in real-time while avoiding a lengthy R&D process. Configo’s platform enables in-app personalized campaigns, A/B app testing, and deep segmentation that allows more accurate targeting of app users by location, usage patterns, and other data. The privately-held company has more than ten pilot projects with the largest banks and credit card companies in Europe.

Configo’s live demo from FinovateEurope will be available in our video archives in a couple of weeks.

FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Configo

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.30.59 PM

FE2017-V2-wdateA look at the companies demoing live at FinovateEurope on the 7 and 8 of February 2017 in London. Pick up your tickets today and save your spot.

Configo Live Experience Platform provides mobile product and marketing leaders with a quick and efficient way to deliver rich, personalized and engaging digital banking experiences.


  • Deliver relevant digital experiences in context
  • Cut down the time-to-market, manage your apps without involving the R&D
  • Friction-less integration with any mobile or web platform

Why it’s great
By using Configo, product and marketing leaders can convert interactions to relevant engagement and achieve business goals. You need Configo – because one experience doesn’t fit all.

PresentersScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.39.42 PM

Yosi Dahan, Co-founder & CEO
Dahan has more than 8 years of experience in developing mobile-centric platforms and information security. Dahan sold his first mobile app when he was 16 and he is a certified CISO.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 12.40.10 PMNatan Abramov, Co-founder & CTO
Abramov brings more than 8 years of experience in R&D. He leads the technology team and is responsible for all aspects of Configo’s technology strategy and infrastructure.

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