Finovate Alumni News


  • Best of Show Winner Bambu Raises $3 Million in Series A.
  • Launches International Business Payments.

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  • Onfido to provide identity verification for HBUS, the strategic partner of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi.
  • Jack Henry migrates 66 FIs to its JHA Card Processing Solutions.
  • Avaloq to help U.K.-based financial services firm Smith & Williamson deliver investment management services to clients.
  • looks at Emailage and its expansion into the Canadian market.
  • Jumio and Backbase partner to improve customer onboarding with online identity verification technology.

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Finovate Favorites: A Baker’s Dozen of Best of Show Winners

Which fintech companies have continued to impress Finovate audiences over the years? The return of Kasasa to FinovateSpring last month, winning its fourth Best of Show award in the process, got a few of us thinking that it was a good time to take a look at which companies have been selected as fan favorites most frequently after demoing their latest technologies live on stage.

We’ve highlighted companies that have been especially popular at certain conferences, such as FinovateAsia and FinovateSpring before. Here is our compendium of the top Best of Show vote-getters to date for all shows combined (minimum of three wins).

The Big Three

The three companies that have won the most Best of Show awards from Finovate audiences reflect three different themes in fintech over the years: the allure of social investing (eToro), the rise of data analytics in banking (MX, formerly Money Desktop), and the persistence of the payment card (Dynamics). What is especially impressive about all three companies in our Best of Show Big Three is their ability to innovate over time. Each alum won their first Best of Show award between 2010 and 2012 and won their most recent Best of Show award between 2016 and 2018.

Dynamics (8) Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jeff Mullen is CEO.

MX / Money Desktop (6) Founded in 2010. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Ryan Caldwell is CEO.

eToro (6) Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and London, U.K. Yoni Assia is CEO.

The Super Six

Of our Super Six – the six companies to have won Best of Show awards four times – what is most interesting is also the way many of them have been proven innovators over a time of major change in fintech. Companies like Kasasa (formerly BancVue) and Yodlee (now Envestnet | Yodlee) made their big splash back in the earliest days of Finovate and, with recent Best of Show wins in 2018 and 2017, respectively, shown that they are still among fintech’s most inspiring solution providers.

Backbase – 4

Kasasa / BancVue – 4

Meniga – 4

oFlows – 4

SaleMove – 4

Yodlee (including Envestnet | Yodlee) – 4

The Fantastic Four

Two of the companies in our Fantastic Four companies that have won Best of Show awards three times have since been acquired. LearnVest, a three-time Best of Show winner from 2011-2013, was acquired by Northwestern Mutual for more than $250 million in 2015. EyeVerify, which won Best of Show awards on three different continents, was acquired by Ant Financial in 2016. The company now operates as ZOLOZ, and is focused on providing digital identity solutions for the underbanked in Asia.

BehavioSec – 3

EyeVerify (now “ZOLOZ”) – 3

LearnVest – 3

mBank – 3

Note: FA: FinovateAsia, FE: FinovateEurope, FF: FinovateFall, FS: FinovateSpring. Audience favorite awards from FinDEVr not included.

Finovate Alumni News


  • SecuredTouch Receives $8 Million Strategic Investment from Arvato Financial Solutions.
  • Unison Sees 1,000% YoY Growth in Originations.

Around the web

  • IdentityMind Global partners with Etherparty Smart Contracts to provide KYC and AML compliance support. See IdentityMind Global at FinovateSpring next month.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Suisse to deploy Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solution from Avaloq.
  • Finastra goes live with its blockchain-based syndicated lending market solution, Fusion LenderComm.
  • Forbes interviews Andrea Gellert, CMO of OnDeck.
  • Ebay And PayPal finalize new payments agreement.
  • Listrak and Persado announce strategic integration.
  • Q2 and StoneCastle partner with MoneyLion to offer deposit accounts and debit cards.
  • EverTrust Bank hires Insuritas to launch digitally powered insurance agency.
  • Backbase powering SSF Bank’s new mobile banking application.

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FinovateEurope 2018 Best of Show Winners Announced

If there is one theme that unites all of our FinovateEurope Best of Show winners this year, that theme may be summed up in one word: data. As Finovate senior research analyst Julie Muhn pointed out during a recent conversation, the ability to leverage data to create more meaningful, more personalized, more secure experiences for consumers of financial services underlies much of the innovation that we see not just on the Finovate stage, but across fintech writ large, as well.

In this way, financial technology is turning the old adage – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know – on its head. The connections between us and the things we do, the places we go, the transactions we make, are in many ways the Holy Grail for companies that are constantly seeking out better ways to serve us. And for those companies that do win our trust and gain access to what we know and do, the rewards could not be greater.

With this in mind, we present to you a small sample of those companies that may be best positioned to take advantage of this Golden Age of Data: the Best of Show winners of FinovateEurope 2018.

Backbase for its Customer OS, the next generation of the Backbase Digital Banking Platform, which is laser-focused on providing customer-first journeys. Video.


Be-IQ for its holistic and gamified approach to risk profiling and financial well-being that accounts for the very contradictions that make us human: our behaviors. Video.


CREALOGIX for its customer banking platform, Gravity, which is breaking new ground with its intuitive and user-friendly, self-service insights application. Video.


iProov for its liveness-protected, facial biometric authentication technology which is fully-automated for fast, easy and ultra-secure mobile and PC on-boarding. Video.



Meniga for its digital banking solution that helps banks around the world use data to personalize digital channels and drive customer engagement. Video.


Microblink for BlinkReceipt, its SDK for real-time extraction of all purchase data from retail receipts and OCR technology which eliminates typing from mobile apps. Video.



W.UP for its digital banking sales and engagement solution that uses pre-built customer insights to build relevant, personalized, and timely interactions with clients. Video.


Please join us in thanking our sponsors and partners who help us make FinovateEurope a huge success year in and year out. And be sure to stay tuned for coverage of our new extended format on Thursday and Friday as we take deep dives into some of the most pressing issues and fascinating trends in fintech today. For more information about the keynote addresses, panel discussions, and fireside chats coming up on Days Three and Four, our full agenda is available on our FinovateEurope 2018 page.

Notes on methodology:
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”
4. The seven companies appearing on the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named “Best of Show.”
5. Go here for a list of previous Best of Show winners through 2014. Best of Show winners from our 2015 through 2018 conferences are below:
FinovateEurope 2015
FinovateSpring 2015
FinovateFall 2015
FinovateEurope 2016
FinovateSpring 2016
FinovateFall 2016
FinovateAsia 2016
FinovateEurope 2017
FinovateSpring 2017
FinovateFall 2017
FinovateAsia 2017
FinovateMiddleEast 2018

Backbase Partners with SGBL to Support Digital Transformation

Days away from Finovate’s first conference in the Middle East, we learn that one of our most popular alums (as judged by Best of Show awards) is supporting digitization and modernization for one of the leading banks in Lebanon and the Levant: Backbase has partnered with Société Générale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) to help the banking group replace their legacy technology with Backbase’s omni-channel digital banking platform.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by SGBL and to play a role in the transformation of their digital banking landscape,” Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter said. “This expansive, customer-focused transformation brings SGBL into the same playing field as the fintechs, or even beyond.” Highlighting the ability of the platform to serve both its retail and corporate clients, Antoun Sehnaoui, Chairman and CEO of SGBL said the partnership would help the firm maintain its commitment to providing its customers with financial technology that is innovative and secure “to help keep them moving forward with confidence.”

The new platform from Backbase features easy-to-use environments, real time transactions, an enhanced user experience, faster time to market, increased security with multi-factor authentication, online client origination, and 24/7 banking services across branches and channels. The technology has already begun its rollout in Lebanon, with internet and mobile banking features going live in December. A broader regional rollout to Jordan, Cyprus, and the UAE is planned.

SGBL’s decision to deploy Backbase’s technology is timely. The company released version 6 of its digital banking platform late last year, bringing customers what VP of Product Management Jelmer de Jong referred to as “an API architecture ready for the Open Banking and PSD2 future.” The Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company and multiple-time Best of Show winner went live with French, mobile-only bank Orange Bank last fall, and was named Growth Partner of the Year by Capgemini. Most recently demonstrating its technology at FinovateEurope 2017 last February, Backbase was founded in 2003.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Backbase Partners with SGBL to Support Digital Transformation.
  • Munnypot to Power Jyske Bank’s Robo Advisor Tools. Come see Munnypot’s demo of its newest technology at FinovateMiddleEast next week.
  • Temenos Agrees to $1.96 Billion Takeover of Fidessa Group.

Around the web

  • Entrust Datacard receives the Blue Shield Technology Innovation Award for Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology.
  • ACI Worldwide recognized as fraud innovation firm of the year by Finance Monthly.
  • Ping Identity wins gold in the Identity Management category by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.
  • NICE Actimize introduces its next generation Suspicious Activity Monitoring solution.

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Backbase 6 Features New Digital Banking Backend, Open Banking and PSD2 Readiness

Just in time for the holidays, Backbase has released version 6 of its next generation digital banking platform. The enhancements include a cloud native architecture, digital banking accelerators, a new digital banking backend, a new entitlements product line, and what Backbase VP of Product Management Jelmer de Jong called “an API architecture ready for the Open Banking and PSD2 future.”

“Backbase continues to lead the digital banking revolution, driving modernization and innovation to accelerate digital transformation in all key banking segments,” he said. The company made the announcement at its annual customer conference, Backbase Connect last month.

Above: Backbase Global Head of Solutions Engineering Tim Rutten (left) and CEO and founder Jouk Pleiter (right) demonstrating Your Everyday Bank at FinovateEurope 2017.

The release of Backbase 6 is the result of two years of collaboration and beta testing with the company and its customers and partners. Among the major new features of Backbase 6 are:

  • Ready-to-go Banking
  • Digital Banking Services
  • Backbase Entitlements
  • Dynamics Forms / Dynamic Case Management
  • Experience Manager
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • PSD2 and Open Banking-Ready APIs
  • Comprehensive SDKs

During his Backbase Connect presentation, de Jong highlighted a number of Backbase 6 features, including retargeting, which enables FIs to use offline resources in a customer database to engage clients with more targeted offers and services. “These capabilities enable banks and credit unions across the globe to reach their full digital potential anytime, anywhere, on any device,” de Jong said. The platform has been available to Backbase customers since late November, and customers can determine when and how to adopt and upgrade their systems on their own schedule.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Backbase demonstrated its Everyday Bank concept, in which banks and other FIs can remove friction from low-value interactions and transactions and “amplify” higher-value ones. A multiple-time Best of Show winner, Backbase announced last month that France’s mobile-only Orange Bank had gone live with Backbase’s Omnichannel Banking platform. Earlier this year, the company partnered with fellow Finovate alum eWise, bringing account aggregation to Backbase clients via its Open Banking Marketplace.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Backbase 6 Features New Digital Banking Backend, Open Banking and PSD2 Readiness
  • DoubleNet Pay to Power Cash Flow Management Tool for T. Rowe Price
  • SBDA Group Closes Series A Investment Round
  • Reaches 5 Million Users, Appoints C-Level Execs
  • BLUERUSH Introduces New CEO and Director Steve Taylor

Around the web

  • Filene interviews Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman on the company’s recent VISA partnership.
  • PR Savings Bank in APAC signs with Temenos.
  • Ripple completes XRP Lockup to create certainty of XRP supply at any given time.
  • ACI Worldwide receives SWIFT gpi certification for itsUniversal Payments (UP) Real-Time Payments solution.
  • Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus joins Coinbase board.

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Finovate Alumni News


  • HooYu to Provide Verification Services for U.K. Challenger Bank Countingup.
  • Following J.P. Morgan Chase Acquisition, WePay to Power Payments for Volusion.

Around the web

  • Temenos named a leader in global retail core banking by Gartner for eighth year in a row.
  • Bloomberg looks at the blockchain-based digital identity solutions from SecureKey.
  • CBInsight features Expensify among its 4 Mobile Apps Every Executive Should Download Now.
  • CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 recognizes Wipro as one of India’s most innovative companies.
  • Zinnov Zones 2017 features Persistent Systems in the “leadership zone” for enterprise software and consumer software for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Blackhawk’s CashStar wins a 2017 Emerging Payments Award.
  • Capgemini names Backbase Growth Partner of the Year.
  • Neustar moves its website from to Home.Neustar.
  • Lendio opens new Lendio franchise in Nashville, Tennessee

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Backbase Omnichannel Banking Powers France’s Mobile-Only Orange Bank

France’s latest mobile-only bank, Orange Bank, has gone live on Backbase’s Omnichannel Banking Platform, reports Antony Peyton of Banking Technology (Finovate’s sister publication).

Backbase said Orange is the only French bank to offer for free a service that provides real-time balances, mobile payments, and a virtual adviser that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Orange Bank was finally launched on 2 November after considerable delays.

Backbase CEO Jouk Pleiter demonstrating Your Everyday Bank at FinovateEurope 2017.

As Banking Technology reported in January 2016, Orange outlined its plans for a new bank. In April 2016, Orange made a significant stride in its mobile banking ambitions by acquiring a majority stake in financial services firm Groupama. At present, Orange owns 65% of the capital of Orange Bank and Groupama 35%.

However, there was a hitch in June, when Orange put the brakes on its plans after finding the proposition didn’t quite meet the standards.

In October, the drama appeared to be over as a spokesman for Orange said “the commercial launch will take place on 2 November,” confirming an earlier report by French newspaper La Tribune. They weren’t lying as it went live on that date.

In terms of the new bank, customers can subscribe directly from the mobile application, online, or in one of Orange’s 140 certified stores.

Naturally, Orange is looking to attract its 30 million customers in France to its new bank. In fact, it is present in 29 countries, and according to the group has a customer base of 263 million customers worldwide as of 31 December 2016, including 202 million mobile customers and 18 million fixed broadband customers.

Earlier this month, Orange Bank said it was getting its mobile payment and banking services underpinned by Wirecard.

The paytech vendor said it is providing “all the technical components integrated into the Orange Bank platform to manage their mobile payments”.

Backbase was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company won a Best of Show award for its demo of Your Everyday Bank at FinovateEurope 2017, which showed how banks can leverage big data and artificial intelligence to create “next-generation customer journeys”. Earlier this year, Backbase partnered with fellow Finovate alum eWise, combining Backbase’s Open Banking Marketplace with eWise’s account aggregation technology.

Named to the European Fintech 100 and noted as a leader in digital banking solutions by Forrester, Backbase announced a partnership with Norway’s SSF Bank in June and a deal to power digital banking for Zensar Technologies in May. Jouk Pleiter is co-founder and CEO.