Pendleton Community Bank Signs Teslar Software for Automation

West Virginia-based Pendleton Community Bank has selected 3E Software’s portfolio management system Teslar to improve efficiency and incorporate automation into its internal operations, focusing on the commercial lending process, reports Alex Hamilton of Fintech Futures, Finovate’s sister publication.

With nine bank branches across West Virginia, Pendleton Community Bank needed to support a 30% growth in asset size spawned by a recently completed merger with Bank of Mount Hope.

“We first watched a Teslar demo at an industry event, and we were immediately impressed with the platform’s sophisticated capabilities and ability to solve for common pain points,” said Bill Loving, CEO of Pendleton Community Bank.

“By partnering with Teslar, we will be able to automate document tracking, exceptions, and many other previously time consuming and inefficient aspects of the commercial lending process.”

According to Teslar, the bank’s time on “tedious manual tasks” will now be minimized, and employee resources will be free to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Joe Ehrhardt, CEO and founder of Teslar, added, “Savvy community institutions like Pendleton Community Bank are realizing that they must employ technology to enhance efficiencies if they want to scale and compete with the large national institutions.”

Teslar offers a lending and credit management SaaS solution that offers banks a holistic tool for managing credit and lending operations. At FinovateSpring 2015, Ehrhardt demoed how Teslar serves as a one-stop shop for lenders. And investors are taking notice. Earlier this year Teslar received a $2 million investment led by the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).

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  • 3E Software’s Teslar Software adds Pendleton Community Bank to list of clients.
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3E Software’s Teslar Closes $2 Million Round

3E Software’s portfolio management system Teslar closed a $2 million funding round this week. Leading the investment is the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).

“We provide the solutions necessary for community banks to operate more efficiently and effectively, while focusing on what matters most: exceptional customer service,” said Teslar CEO and Founder Joe Ehrhardt. “This investment and ICBA’s support will provide resources to grow our team and continue advancing our technology, furthering our mission to help community bankers prosper.”

The Arkansas-based company will use the funds to add to its workforce, specifically in its client support, marketing, and technology development departments. Teslar graduated from ICBA’s ThinkTECH accelerator program earlier this year where its demo won the Banker’s Choice Award for Most Impactful Solution.

Teslar offers a lending and credit management SaaS solution that offers banks a holistic tool for managing credit and lending operations. At FinovateSpring 2015, Ehrhardt demoed how Teslar serves as a one-stop shop for lenders.

A full 60% of the company’s staff are former bankers, a pedigree which offers them insight into the headaches often faced during the lending process. This group of former bankers relies on what they call the “four pillars:” empowering bankers, integrating multiple systems, streamlining processes, and making it scalable. These objectives translate into everything from a toolset to manage loan reviews, to loan portfolio management, exceptions management, and more.

Innovation in the lending space is becoming increasingly relevant as bankers are taking a second look at their loan portfolios to make sure they are recession-proof. Solutions like Teslar offer a faster way for loan officers to close deals and minimize risk.

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Finovate Debuts: 3E Software’s Teslar is a Toolbox for Credit Management


3E Software’s Teslar offers a fully integrated system to track loans. Its lending and credit management tools offer multiple services to track commercial debt.

Company facts:

  • Self-funded
  • 100% employee owned
  • Five-year annual average revenue growth rate of 150%+
  • Average customer ROI totals 200%

3E’s Teslar toolbox integrates with all of a bank’s systems to present commercial loan officers with portfolio and performance data. What is unique about Teslar’s platform, according to CEO Joe Ehrhardt, is that it aggregates multiple tools to offer a cradle-to-grave approach to assist with all phases of loan management.

Teslar’s capabilities are highly configurable and suitable for small community banks, as well as large regional banks.


Teslar’s dashboards offer a customized overview of loan-related stats and facts pertaining to specific concerns. Banks can configure dashboards at the branch level and even the user level by using filters. And managers can use it to compare various teams of loan officers.

Upon logging in, the lender sees the main dashboard (below) which outlines maturing loans, past-due loans, exceptions, and covenants. This overview highlights important factors for that day. Users simply click through graphs for details and borrower contact information.


Teslar’s Main Dashboard (above)

The Loan Portfolio Performance Dashboard (below) graphs six aspects of a loan portfolio:

  • Balance comparison
  • Yields
  • Income
  • Problem percentages
  • Exception trends
  • Past dues

Similar to the main dashboard, users can customize each graph.


Teslar’s Loan Portfolio Performance Dashboard (above)

Exception tracking

Teslar supports five different types of exceptions: collateral, credit, policy, financial, and covenant (see section below). Its reporting system minimizes the need for data entry and helps quality-control groups find irregularities faster.


Covenant tracking

Banks that service large commercial loans with complex covenants often need a system to track and monitor them. Covenant tracking is one of the more popular modules.

Teslar pulls in information for each covenant, then tracks loan documents, calculates values such as debt-service-coverage ratios, and maps the historical values over time.


Tailored Covenant Exception Summary (above)

Teslar also offers a waiver and forbearance system that helps banks handle covenants in default.

CovenantsSummarySummary of Customers with Covenants (above)


We’ve looked at just three of Teslar’s large feature set. 3E Software can also integrate with a bank’s entire lending system, including:

  • Image systems
  • Origination systems
  • Core
  • Factoring
  • Small businesses

3E Software demoed Teslar live at FinovateSpring 2015 in San Jose. It is the first company from Arkansas to take the Finovate stage.


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3E Software’s Teslar Creates Efficiencies in Lending and Credit Management

3ESoftwarelogoThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2015.

3E Software debuted Teslar, a product that fosters efficiency for financial institutions:

Teslar is a revolutionary lending and credit management Software-as-a-Service solution that empowers bankers to be more efficient and effective by giving them a cradle-to-grave platform. With its ability to help in almost all facets of lending, from pipeline and call activity to loan review, there is little that Teslar can’t do.

Teslar presenters: Joe Ehrhardt, 3E president, CEO; David Ankeny, VP software development



Product Launch: December 2008

Metrics: Self-funded and boot-strapped with $2,000 in capital; 100% employee-owned; 5-year annual average revenue growth rate over 150%
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)

HQ: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Founded: July 2008


FinovateSpring 2015 Sneak Peek: Part 3

PacketIMG1We’re two weeks into featuring all 70+ presenting companies that will demo their new technology at FinovateSpring next month in San Jose, and there’s still a lot of information to take in.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at:

On 12/13 May, we’ll host a crowd of fintech experts, banking execs, investors, and press at San Jose’s City National Civic. Pick up your ticket here to claim a ticket of your own.

If you missed them, be sure to check out the fourteen companies we featured last week:

3E Software: Ever dream of a solution where lending staff can access and interact with all the data they need from any source? That’s Teslar.


  • Data from all systems: core, credit card, factoring, etc.
  • Empowers your lending staff
  • So easy even a lender can use it

Why it’s great
One word: Empowerment. With Teslar, your lending staff can be empowered to get things done now, not when another resource can get to it.


Joe Ehrhardt, President, CEO
For 16 years, Ehrhardt has worked in or for financial institutions. With his common-sense approach and technology know-how, he is driven to change how banks of all sizes work and operate.
LinkedIn is the first cloud operating system that can implement and support any kind of algorithm and business process.


  • Rapid integration into any type of business process
  • Low-cost, flexible system
  • Faster with fewer developers

Why it’s great
While you read this text, 32,000 small corezoids have easily handled the work of huge online banks and implemented about a million logical operations.


  1. Maria Gurina, deputy head of ecommerce
  2. Egor Avetisov, creative director
  3. Kristina Chaykovskaya, head of ecommerce

MalauzaiLogoMalauzai Software is a mobile-only, virtual banking experience that makes banking fun, effortless and completely branchless. See it on Apple Watch too!

Why it’s great
A cool, mobile-only virtual banking experience that delivers effortless, branchless banking, powered by advanced technology.


Robb Gaynor, Founder, Chief Product Officer
Gaynor heads up the product development and marketing of the organization, focused on ensuring the company has solutions at the cutting-edge of mobile innovation. He has more than 25 years of experience.

MalauzaiPresenter2Danny Piangerelli, Founder, Chief Product Officer
Piangerelli leads the technology team and is responsible for all aspects of Malauzai’s technology infrastructure. He has more than 15 years of engineering and enterprise-class technology experience.



PayActivLogoPayActiv changes the status quo and gives employees a noncredit alternative to predatory short-term lending products with security, dignity and savings.


  • Bridges the timing gap between earning and spending
  • Eliminates the stress of overdraft and predatory fees
  • Provides intelligent and preemptive cash-flow management

Why it’s great
PayPresenter1PayActiv puts more money in the hands of every employee right now. They do it by making business’s payroll in real-time.


Safwan Shah, CEO, Founder
Technologist, payments expert, and entrepreneur, Shah is an innovator with a purpose.

PayActivPresenter2Kacky Fuller, Vice President Business Development
Fuller is PayActiv’s sales leader with 10 years’ experience in payroll and prepaid products.



PsychSignalLogoPsychSignal’s big-data processing-engines generate sentiment-analysis plus artificial intelligence to calculate stock-cycle shifts for Quant Funds, Hedge Funds and Traders.


  • Big-data processing detects mood shifts ahead of trade-direction shifts
  • Unusual sentiment activity triggers direct, actionable alerts
  • Fully automated system

Why it’s great
The next generation Squawk-Box is here.


James Crane-Baker, CEO
Crane-Baker is the former head trader of Broadway Trading, the pioneer of direct-access electronic trading; he is the founder and chief executive officer of PsychSignal.

PsychSignalPresenter2Bjorn Simundson, CMO
Simundson is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, angel investor, and he serves as chief marketing officer for PsychSignal.



SomeoneWithGroupLogoSomeone With Group offers a compassionate way for hospitals to reduce bad debt by providing patients a secure platform to reach out to friends and family for financial support.


  • Fraud resistant
  • Restricted spending
  • Branded for the hospital

Why it’s great
Someone With Group is taking the crowdfunding concept to the next level with a fraud-resistant platform that helps both hospitals and patients.


SWGPresenter1Paula Jagemann-Bane, CEO
Jagemann-Bane is a successful entrepreneur who thinks big, then delivers. Dynamic and engaging, she is poised to solve the hospital bad-debt problem—with compassion.

Matt Pomrink, President, COO
Pomrink is detail-oriented without losing sight of the big picture; he has shepherded the SWGPresenter2Someone With Group concept to a robust solution.



TrizicLogoTrizic offers a cloud-based software platform, Accelerator, comprised of a consumer-facing web experience and an adviser-facing console, enabling financial firms to offer investment advice digitally.


  • Automates complex portfolio management, rebalancing and reporting functions
  • Accommodates ETFs, mutual funds, equities
  • Enables firms to compete with robo-advisers and grow their business

Why it’s great
Trizic Accelerator is the most comprehensive, end-to-end institutional-class digital advice-platform for financial firms, helping them to delight clients and to grow and scale their businesses.


TrizicPresenterBrad Matthews, CEO, Founder
Matthews, the CEO and founder of Trizic, has deep investment-management expertise, honed at J.P. Morgan, Citi, Barclays and Bear Stearns.


Stay tuned for part four of our series this Thursday.