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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: BlueRush

FinovateFall Sneak Peek: BlueRush

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateFall on September 23 through 25, 2019 in New York City. Register today and save your spot.

IndiVideo is BlueRush’s interactive personalized video platform. IndiVideo improves marketing and sales performance across the buyer journey from acquisition to engaging statements and customer care.


  • Seamless CX, improved conversions and ROI
  • Higher customer engagement and satisfaction for increased up/cross-sell
  • Data-driven customer insights for improved sales and marketing performance

Why it’s great
Predictive analytics and customer data flow through IndiVideo for intelligent video production. Customer interactions with each video are captured for data analysis and deeper customer understanding.


Ted Mercer
From chartered accountant to sales consultant, Mercer leads the sales team at BlueRush, searching for new ways to drive value for leading financial institutions using interactive, personalized video.