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  • Personetics Accommodates Digital-Only and Challenger Banks.
  • Diebold Nixdorf Brings its Bank-Like Kiosk to Emirates NBD Customers.
  • Munnypot Announces Strategic Partnership with Capita.
  • Switch Speeds Virtual Card Adoption with CardSavr API.

Around the web

  • aixigo wins top honors in the Outstanding Front-End Digital Solutions Provider (Vendor) category of the Private Banking Conference & Awards in Germany for its wealth management platform.
  • Trunomi announces partnership with blockchain-based digital ID solution, Shyft.
  • Mambu and Form3 team up to launch cloud-based payments processing service.
  • Fiserv collaborates with Rippleshot to provide early breach detection solution, Card Risk Office Fraud Warning.
  • Mitek adds identity document verification and biometric facial recognition technology to its platform courtesy of a new agreement with Experian.
  • Earnix introduces AcceleRate-it with Direct Deploy technology.
  • Trulioo wins Startup Canada’s Global Entrepreneurship Award.

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Finovate Alums Populate RegTech Top 100 Power List

Finovate Alums Populate RegTech Top 100 Power List


Call it them the Finovate Fifth.

Nearly 20 of the companies highlighted in Planet Compliance’s new RegTech Top 100 Power list – and five of the top ten – are Finovate and/or FinDEVr alums. To measure “power”, Planet Compliance used an algorithm that measured a company’s activity in the media, as well as online and in social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Wikipedia.

Interestingly, Planet Compliance says it has added a “secret ingredient” to the ranking system. It is also worth noting that their definition of RegTech is broad enough to include not just ID verification/authentications specialists, but biometric security innovators, as well.

So let’s take a look at how Finovate/FinDEVr alums stacked up.

(1) Temenos (FE15, FD15)

  • Founded 1993. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Market capitalization of $5.63 billion.


Pictured: Aaron Phethean, Marketplace Director for Temenos B2B Financial Services Marketplace, during his FinDEVr Silicon Valley presentation.

(3) Trulioo (FF16, FD14)

  • Founded in 2011. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Raised $23 million in funding.

(5) Qumram (FF16)

  • Founded in 2011. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Raised $4.5 million in funding.

(8) Socure (FF15)

  • Founded in 2012. Headquartered in New York, New York. Raised $18 million in funding.

(10) Feedzai (FE14)

  • Founded in 2009. Headquartered in San Mateo, California. Raised $26 million in funding.

(11) Ayasdi (FF14)

  • Founded in 2008. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Raised $106 million in funding.

(18) NetGuardians SA (FA16)

  • Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Vaud, Switzerland. Raised $5.5 million in funding.


Pictured: Mine Fornerod, Net Guardians Digital Marketing Manager, demonstrating FraudGuardian at FinovateAsia 2016.

(19) BioCatch (FF14)

  • Founded in 2011. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Raised $11.6 million in funding.

(34) Investglass (FA16)

  • Founded in 2014. Headquartered in Plan-les-ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. Raised $100,000 in funding.

(38) Mitek (FE17, FD15)

  • Founded in 1985. Headquartered in San Diego, California. Market capitalization of $218 million.


Pictured: Sarah Clark (General Manager, Identity, Mitek) demonstrating Mobile Verify at FinovateEurope 2017.

(39) nCino (FE17)

  • Founded in 2012. Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Raised $64.7 million in funding.

(45) SecureKey (FF12)

  • Founded in 2008. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Raised $89 million in funding.

(48) Rippleshot (FF14)

  • Founded in 2012. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Raised $4.6 million in funding.

(63) Trunomi (FE15)

  • Founded in 2014. Headquartered in San Jose, California. Raised $6 million in funding.

(66) BehavioSec (FF15, FD15)

  • Founded in 2007. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Raised $8.2 million in funding.


Pictured: Olov Renberg, BehavioSec COO, demonstrating BehavioSec On Demand at FinovateFall 2015.

(76) DemystData (FA12)

  • Founded in 2010. Headquartered in Singapore. Raised $12 million in funding.

(77) Fenergo (FE12)

  • Founded in 2009. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Raised $80 million in funding.

(84) Trustev (FE14)

  • Founded in 2013. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland. Acquired by TransUnion.

(96) Global Debt Registry (FF14)

  • Founded in 2005. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Raised $7 million in funding.

Stay tuned for more coverage of RegTech and other growing industries within fintech as we begin previewing the presenters of FinovateSpring 2017. Finovate returns to San Jose on April 26 and 27 for our annual spring conference. Visit our registration page today to save your spot.

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Rippleshot Racks Up $2.6 Million in Second Seed Round

Rippleshot Racks Up $2.6 Million in Second Seed Round


Chicago-based anti-fraud, transaction monitoring specialist Rippleshot has raised an additional $2.6 million in seed funding. The investment, led by the venture capital arm of CUNA Mutual Group, CMFG Ventures, takes the company’s total funding to $4.6 million. Rippleshot will use the additional capital to add technical talent, specifically developers and data scientists, and will leverage its relationship with CMFG to market its solutions to 9,000 of CMFG’s affiliated credit unions.

Rippleshot co-founder and CEO Canh Tran said that the funding comes as his company finds itself “in a unique place to help bridge the fraud detection gap between issuers and merchants.” Rippleshot’s technology enables card issuers to catch card data breaches early, track trends in compromised card activity to identify future vulnerabilities, reissue new cards to customers whose cards have been compromised, and issue real-time declines to limit losses. Rippleshot’s cloud-based technology monitors millions of credit card transactions a day and the company says it can prevent “more than half of the fraudulent spend from compromised cards.”


Pictured: Rippleshot Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Randal Cox demonstrating Rippleshot’s platform at FinovateFall 2014.

In addition to the funding from CMFG, Rippleshot announced that emerging payments specialist – and former president – Gloria Colgan will join the company’s advisory board. Tran said that Colgan’s presence on Rippleshot’s board “will be invaluable as we take the next step in growing our footprint.” Colgan was managing director for Market Platform Dynamics and an SVP at both Discover Financial Services and JP Morgan Chase.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Rippleshot demonstrated its technology at FinovateFall 2014. Last fall, the company was recognized by H2 Ventures and KPMG as one of its “50 Emerging Stars.” And last June, Rippleshot’s card-compromise detection solution, Sonar, was endorsed by the American Bankers Association. A graduate of the SixThirty accelerator program, Rippleshot was a finalist in BBVA’s Open Talent Competition.

Finovate Alumni News

On Finovate

  • Rippleshot Racks Up $2.6 Million in Second Seed Round.

Around the web

  • Wave to offer OnDeck business loans and lines of credit courtesy of new partnership.
  • Poland’s Alior Bank ($15 billion USD) to deploy FusionCapital from Misys.
  • UK-based Revolut launches new customer service chatbot, Rita – “Revolut’s Intelligent Troubleshooting Assistant.”
  • IBM leverages Hyperledger Fabric to support a trade finance-oriented blockchain project in Dubai.
  • Fiserv wins inaugural Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Fintech ADVANCE Award for its Verifast palm authentication technology.

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H2 Ventures and KPMG Unveil 2016 Fintech 100

H2 Ventures and KPMG Unveil 2016 Fintech 100


H2 Ventures and KPMG have released their Fintech 100 roster for 2016. Divided equally between 50 “industry leaders” and 50 “emerging stars,” the roster features 17 Finovate/FinDEVr alums in the first category, and 10 in the second. Calling its roster a “celebration” of the most compelling innovators in this “bold new space,” the H2 Ventures/KPMG 2016 Fintech 100 covers a variety of different shades of fintech:

  • Lending (32 companies)
  • Payments (18 companies)
  • Insurance (12 companies)
  • RegTech (9 companies)
  • Data & analytics (7 companies)
  • Wealth management (6 companies)
  • Blockchain (5 companies)
  • Digital currency (5 companies)
  • Capital markets (3 companies)
  • Crowdfunding (2 companies)
  • Accounting (1 company)

And here is a look at how Finovate/FinDEVr alums fared. Earning recognition among the companies in the Leading 50 group are:

Also noteworthy in the Leading 50 are Ant Financial, which acquired Best of Show-winning EyeVerify in September 2016, and Avant, which acquired Finovate alum ReadyForZero in the spring of 2015.

Additionally, Finovate/FinDEVr alums earning spots in the Fintech 100’s 50 Emerging Stars roster were:

The H2 Ventures/KPMG report includes a geographic breakdown of the 2016 Fintech 100, as well as a set of key takeaways such as increased geographic diversification, the return of lending, the continued ascent of Insurtech, and the appearance of RegTech. The report also notes that China now has four out of the top five companies in the report’s top 10, and eight companies in the top 50. The report says funding for fintech “continues to rise,” and its authors cite more than $14 billion in capital was raised by the Fintech 100 in the past year.

Finovate Alumni News


  • In Third Deal in Four Weeks, NYMBUS Acquires Sharp BancShares.

On FinDEVr

  • Hyperwallet Expands Offerings in Partnership with Choice Bank.

Around the web

  • Operational Risk Magazine names Clari5 from CustomerXPs Best Fraud Detection Product at the 2016 OpRisk Awards.
  • Banking CIO Outlook names Tyfone a Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Provider for second year in a row.
  • Let’s Talk Payments asks if fintech startups should be able to access bank data in the wake of Plaid’s $44 million Series B.
  • Thomson Reuters unveils compliance solution, Checkpoint State Clear Comply.
  • FIS wins Most Innovative Tech Company, Maverick of the Year, and Woman of the Year at American Business Awards.
  • The American Bankers Association endorsees Rippleshot’s Sonar card-compromise-detection tool.
  • Toshl launches Finance 2.0 app for Android.

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Rippleshot Raises $1.2 Million in Round Led by KGC Capital

Rippleshot Raises $1.2 Million in Round Led by KGC Capital


Chicago-area cybersecurity specialist Rippleshot has raised $1.2 million in new funding. The investment round was led by KGC Capital and featured participation from UMB Bank; Wintrust; and SixThirty, the fintech accelerator based out of St. Louis.

Rippleshot says the new financing will help grow its team from eight to more than 30 in 2016. Developers, account managers, and sales staff are among the kinds of talent the company is looking for.


Rippleshot Chief Scientist Randal Cox, co-founder, demonstrated the Rippleshot platform at FinovateFall 2014.

The company also announced that the co-founder of PerkStreet Financial, Jason Henrichs, will be joining the Rippleshot board of directors. Henrichs was also an early investor in anti-fraud analytics firm, Memento.

Rippleshot leverages big-data analytics and machine learning to detect and track down bankcard data-breaches. The company’s cloud-based technology focuses on the merchant side rather than the customer side, analyzing millions of daily credit card transactions for suspicious patterns. This approach provides a granular level of detail, enabling investigators to zero in on the specific stores, specific days, and even the specific POS terminals from which data has been stolen.

Founded in June 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, Rippleshot demonstrated its platform at FinovateFall 2014. In November 2015, Rippleshot joined the fall cohort of the SixThirty accelerator program; in August, was a finalist in the BBVA Open Talent Competition; and this spring, earned a finalist spot in the MRC METAwards along with fellow Finovate alum, BioCatch. Canh Tran is CEO.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Rippleshot Raises $1.2 Million in Round Led by KGC Capital”
  • SocietyOne Offering Car Loans to Uber Drivers in Australia”

Around the web

  • Xero adds two-step authentication to its accounting platform.
  • CAN Capital teams up with iPayment to help SMEs get access to working capital.
  • Let’s Talk Payments features Klarna, Holvi, BehavioSec, Trustly, Meniga, and Tink in a roundup of top Nordic fintech startups. Remember FinovateEurope 2016 comes to London on February 9 and 10.
  • Check Point Names Julie Parrish as Chief Marketing Officer”
  • MyBankTracker names Mint, SmartyPig, Lending Club, Coinbase, and Loyal3 on its list of companies every millennial should know about.
  • ayondo CEO Robert Lempka Explains Innovative Trading Solutions Live on CNBC Asia”
  • TechCrunch looks at TransferWise’s growth.
  • PaymentEye interviews Daniel Abrahams, CEO and co-founder of
  • Bankless Times talks with Encap Security CEO Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen on current trends in authentication technology.

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Rippleshot Earns Spot in SixThirty Accelerator’s Incoming Cohort

Rippleshot Earns Spot in SixThirty Accelerator’s Incoming Cohort


Chicago-based cybersecurity specialist Rippleshot will join the Fall 2015 cohort of the SixThirty accelerator program.

For its participation in the accelerator, Rippleshot will pick up a negotiated equity investment of up to $100,000, as well as training, mentoring, and networking with professionals from financial services companies from across the country. The program runs from 14 September through 11 December, and is based in downtown St. Louis. This will be Rippleshot’s second time through the SixThirty program.

SixThirty Managing Partner Atul Kamra said that they had received a record number of applications for the fall cohort. “The application pool was truly global and, of the 150-plus startups that applied, a third were from outside the U.S.”

Also participating in the fall 2015 cohort are:

  • Bandura
  • Brigade Society
  • Ensygnia
  • Fluent
  • Investment POD

Founded in June 2013, Rippleshot demonstrated its technology at FinovateFall 2014 in New York City. Canh Tran is CEO and co-founder. The company has won accolades for its technology that helps detect card-payment fraud, earning finalist spots at the BBVA Open Talent Competition in August, and the MRC METAwards in March 2015.

Finovate Alumni News


  • “Rippleshot Earns Spot in SixThirty Accelerator’s Incoming Cohort”
  • “Cloud Lending Solutions Raises $8 Million in Series A”
  • “MX Lands $4 Million from CheckFree Founder Pete Kight”

Around the web

  • iSignthis to provide KYC services to Coinify, Europe’s leading bitcoin-payment service provider.
  • Feedzai’s algorithms poised to analyze $800 million in purchases in real time each day.
  • Bitbond launches bitcoin affiliate program to allow users to earn money online simply by placing a link.
  • Matchi launches first innovation challenge for insurance company.
  • Lendio funds more than 500 small businesses in one month.
  • Xero surpasses milestone of 100,000 subscribers in the United Kingdom.
  • Algomi announces expansion, opening new office in New York.
  • Misys wins Customer Focus Award, named “National Champion for the U.K.” by the European Business Awards.
  • Let’s Talk Payments profiles PFM and account-aggregation solution provider, eWise.

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Finovate Alumni News

Around the web

  • TSYS launches new data analytics platform, Analytics Intellisuite.
  • Let’s Talk Payments interviews Rippleshot CEO Canh Tran, co-founder.
  • International Business Times previews the arrival of LoopPay-powered Samsung Pay in the U.K.
  • Business Insider looks at the growth prospects for Zopa, P2P lender.
  • New investors can now open Lending Club accounts on LendingRobot.
  • CU Mobile Apps (CUMA) chooses Cachet Financial Solutions as its preferred mobile deposit provider.
  • Holvi launches iframe to enable users to embed Holvi online store products into external websites.
  • Yodlee cites innovations from PayPal, Credit Karma, Personal Capital, and ReadyForZero in its piece 7 Habits of Highly Successful Fintech Startups. Check out Yodlee, PayPal, and Personal Capital at FinDEVr San Francisco 2015.
  • Dwolla gives account holders option to enable two-factor authentication.
  • Lend Academy: Lending Club announces open integration, third parties jump on board.
  • Kony achieves mobile competency status awarded by Amazon Partner Network.
  • Motif Investing celebrates the launch of dollar-based trading with Free Trading Day on Friday

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Finovate, FinDEVr Alums Earn Finalist Spots in BBVA Open Talent Competition

Finovate, FinDEVr Alums Earn Finalist Spots in BBVA Open Talent Competition


The BBVA Open Talent competition released the list of finalists for its 2015 competition. And five alums from both our Finovate and FinDEVr conferences will be competing for the top prizes.

The three regional finals will be held in September (schedule below). Six winners will be chosen, two from each category. Winners will receive €30,000 to develop their fintech projects in partnership with BBVA.

  • Latin America Finals: Mexico City, 9/10 September
  • USA and the Rest of the World Finals: New York, 14/15 September
  • Europe Finals: Barcelona, 21/22 September

Here’s a look at the alumni who will be competing in September:

Coinalytics_logo_FinDEVr2015_250xCoinalytics provides an end-to-end intelligence platform that helps institutions gain actionable insights from the blockchain. The company will make its FinDEVr debut at FinDEVr 2015 in San Francisco in October. Coinalytics was founded in April 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California.

DRAFT_logoDRAFT made its Finovate debut at FinovateSpring 2015 in San Jose. The company has developed a crowdsourced, mobile investment-analysis solution geared toward mass-affluent millennials. DRAFT was founded in October 2014 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Rippleshot_hi_res_FS2014Chicago-based Rippleshot builds security and anti-fraud solutions. Their cloud-based technology leverages big data to spot bank card data breaches. The company was founded in June 2013 and last demoed for Finovate as part of FinovateFall 2014 in New York.

SizeUp_logoFounded in September 2011 and based in San Francisco, SizeUp uses big data to give small businesses the kind of business intelligence and market analysis often available only to larger companies. The company demoed at FinovateSpring 2015 in San Jose.

FS2015_Token_logo_snagMaking its Finovate debut this spring at FinovateSpring 2015, Token has developed a payment platform that relies on public-key cryptography and digital signatures for faster, more secure transactions. Founded in January 2015 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Now in its seventh year, the BBVA Open Talent competition seeks fintech projects that “contribute to the industry’s evolution and transformation.” Ideal areas for innovation include big data, e-commerce, and security. The Open Talent challenge seeks to emphasize solutions from companies and entrepreneurs interested in becoming “fellow travel companions” with the bank.

Here are the rest of the finalists in the competition (alums excluded).

Latin America category

  • Aflore
  • Bitnexo
  • Bitso
  • Culqi
  • Destácame
  • Finvox
  • Moneero
  • Openpay
  • Quotanda
  • Uanbai
  • Volabit
  • Wayniloans
  • Zave App
  • Zoop

USA and Rest of the World category

  • Bitwage
  • ClearServe
  • Control
  • Koho
  • LendingFront
  • ModernLend
  • New Constructs
  • SnapCard
  • Voaztz
  • WeFinance

Europe category

  • Aplázame
  • Continuum Security
  • Cutover
  • Everledger
  • Origin Markets
  • Ormsby Street / Credit HQ
  • PayBox
  • Pich
  • Ringpay
  • Safello
  • Squirrel Financial Wellbeing
  • TheMarkets Trust Ratings
  • Vaultoro
  • Wayerz
  • Wealth-Arc
  • 50wise