FinovateAfrica Sneak Peek: Topicus.Finance

FinovateAfrica Sneak Peek: Topicus.Finance

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateAfrica on November 27 and 28, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. Register today and save your spot.

Fyndoo, powered by Topicus, unlocks financing for the agricultural sector with automated lending processes combined with satellites providing real-time insight into crop development.


  • Lending processes are accessible, efficient, and transparent
  • Investment progress can be monitored in real-time
  • Automated loan management varies with progress and quality of the crops

Why it’s great
Fyndoo bridges the financing gap for entrepreneurs as well as farmers in developing countries by combining state-of-the-art business lending technology with the ability to monitor crop progress real-time.


Jamie Burink, Head of Business Lending
Burink is head of business lending at fintech company Topicus.Finance. He has roots in business administration and a strong passion for making banking simple, social, and transparent.

Johan Stokking, Tech Lead and Co-Founder
Stokking is tech lead and co-founder of The Things Network: an open, crowdsourced, and decentralized internet of things data network. He also serves as CTO of The Things Industries.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Check out a sneak peek of Topicus.Finance’s upcoming demo at FinovateAfrica.
  • Launchfire Launches StepDemo to Enhance Employee Training.
  • Poland’s Braintri Merges with iCompass.

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  • Xero teams up with Absa Bank to improve access to financing for South African SMEs.
  • TransferWise opens its API.
  • Fenergo introduces new Client Lifecycle Management: Front to Middle Office Transformation app on Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Mortgage Cadence adds to its Enterprise Lending Center loan origination platform courtesy of a partnership with MGIC.
  • Tinkoff Bank enables its iOS-using customers to buy concert and theatre tickets via its mobile app.
  • ThetaRay CEO Mark Gazit appointed to the International Technology Advisory Panel of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • Klarna forges partnership with weighted blanket developer, Gravity Blanket.
  • Temenos announces Technology Partner Agreement with distributed SQL database provider, NuoDB.
  • Aqubix, Behaviosec, CustomerXPS, ElectronicID, GreenKey, IdentityMind, Jumio, NICE, Onfido, Payfone, SecuredTouch, Sedicii, Trulioo, and Trunomi honored on RegTech 100 list.

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FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Topicus

FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Topicus

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateAsia on October 29 and 30, 2018 in Hong Kong. Register today and save your spot.

Powered by Topicus, Fyndoo makes lending more accessible, efficient, and transparent. Lenders get optimal loan processing in shorter time with less staff and full compliance.


  • Provides an accessible, efficient, and transparent lending process
  • Connectes all parties throughout all possible loan product life cycles
  • Powered by a single product definition and process workbench

Why it’s great
Fyndoo Lending provides a complete loan management solution for all involved parties, delivering fast loan processing with less staff while being fully compliant.


Michiel Schipper, Managing Director
Schipper has been active in the SME lending domain since 2004 and is driven by his enthusiasm for entrepreneurialism.


Michel Brinkhuis, Solution Architect
Brinkhuis focuses on the Fyndoo product suite. He holds a Masters degree in Business Information Technology.

Finovate Alumni News


  • OnDeck Launches Subsidiary to Help Banks with Small Business Lending.

Around the web

  • Daon partners with Akbank, making the Turkish bank the first in the country to deploy facial recognition technology for mobile banking authentication.
  • YellowDog shortlisted for Tech Company of the Year honors at the 2018 U.K. Business Tech Awards.
  • Bluefin teams up with data security tokenization vendor, TokenEx, to boost payment security.
  • Finicity selected as third-party service provider for Freddie Mac’s automated income and asset assessment solution, Loan Product Advisor.
  • Zenmonics earns a spot in the 2018 IDC FinTech Rankings.
  • FinTech Global recognizes Insuritas as a 2018 InsurTech100 Company.
  • Lendio announces facilitating $1 billion in financing to more than 51,000 U.S. SMEs since inception in 2011.
  • Indonesia’s biggest telecommunications company, Telkomsel, picks Kinetica to support its accelerated analytics, location-based visualization and AI.
  • Blockchain innovator identitii to list on the Australian Securities Exchange this week with anticipated market capitalization of $41 million.
  • Atlanta Business Chronicle interviews Kabbage’s Kathryn Petralia, highlighting her as a 2018 Women Who Mean Business honoree.
  • Sara Berg appointed Chief Operating Officer of Trustly.
  • Expensify launches training and certification program for accountants.
  • Ping Identity launches new Quickstart Private Sandbox for Open Banking and PSD2
  • Openfinance signs data partnership with Refinitiv.
  • Trustly partners with Ingenico for online banking payments.
  • Moneynetint partners with Ripple to leverage instant payment rails.
  • Coinbase expands with new Dublin office.
  • Native American Bank selects Jack Henry’s SilverLake system.

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Finovate Alumni News


  • CUneXus Raises $1 Million, Signs Partnership with”

Around the web

  • Tradeshift brings its procure-to-pay solution to Zurich Insurance Group.
  • Suffolk Country National Bank to deploy Fiserv technology to improve customer experience.
  • FIS joins the CardLinx Alliance.
  • Signifyd adds Bill McKiernan, founder of CyberSource, to its board.
  • Shoeboxed earns a spot on NerdWallet’s list of must-have apps for entrepreneurs.
  • Trade IT named runner-up in Wealth Management category of the Fin Track Awards for its Trading Ticket solution.
  • Nostrum Group CEO Richard Carter featured on the cover of the Yorkshire Business Insider.
  • Topicus Finance mentioned in column on the rise of crowdfunding in the Netherlands.
  • Simon Cadbury of Intelligent Environments writes about digital-only banks for TechWeek Europe.
  • “European Breakout List for 2016” features several Finovate alums.

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Redesigning the Value Chain: Q&A with Michiel Schipper of Topicus

Redesigning the Value Chain: Q&A with Michiel Schipper of Topicus


Topicus demonstrated its Force Business Lending solution in February at FinovateEurope 2015. The technology is a straight-through business process platform for loan origination for SMEs and corporate businesses.

The idea was to help companies not able to take advantage of more sophisticated BPM solutions such as the self-serve loan origination technology that Topicus demonstrated in its Finovate debut the previous year.

“Our internal processes are not really ready for self-service, yet,” Topicus Managing Director Michiel Schipper said, quoting from queries about his company’s technology. “What’s your solution for that?”

The solution, Force Business Lending, is a financial business process engine built specifically for the needs of lending institutions. The platform “knows” financial products, their structures and pricing, and provides fully automated ratings, dynamic pricing, and the ability to customize policy rules and other lending criteria.

We exchanged e-mails with Schipper earlier this year to find out what Topicus has been working on since its FinovateEurope appearance. We also wanted to know what to expect from the Netherlands-based, cloud-banking software specialist in the second half of 2015.

Finovate: You mentioned at FinovateEurope 2015 that your second appearance at Finovate was largely influenced by comments you received at your first appearance. What was that feedback and how did you take it to heart?

MichielSchipper_TopicusMichiel Schipper: During our first appearance, we showcased a solution where medium-sized enterprises could build their own financing solution from the bank’s assortment. Visitors to our booth told us that they’d love to be able to provide that service, but their mid-office ICT systems and processes would not cope. Therefore, we decided to take a step back and showcase our mid-office solution for loan origination and review that was servicing last year’s portal.

Finovate: Your company’s mission is described as “redesigning the business lending value chain.” Can you tell us a little more about that? What is the problem with business lending right now as you see it?

Schipper: It’s a very in-transparent marketplace for SMEs and mid-corps to be in right now. The traditional role of the banker taking time to challenge the business plans and financial health of his clients is disappearing. And the bank is no longer a one-stop shop for finance. Who is going to help the client find the right solutions for financing growth? Who is monitoring his financial health and acting as a true stakeholder?

New intermediaries, innovative accountants, and smart ICT will need to fill this gap. We believe that the crowd could play a role here as well.

At Topicus, we have been redesigning the value chain by equipping accountants and intermediaries with Basel-II ratings and instruments, software to play “what-if” scenarios for financing solutions, and stacked finance products.

Finovate: This year you demoed the Force Financial Business Process Management (FBPM) solution. How was the reception and how does FBPM differ from other BPM platforms?

Schipper: The most important discriminator is that traditional BPM platforms with a rule engine lack the product dimension. Our system knows about financial products, acceptance criteria, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, risk-based pricing, etc. The process will adapt itself depending on which products are part of, say, a potential credit agreement. This results in a shorter time-to-market and a roadmap that has a strong focus on the financial industry.


Pictured: Force Business Lending provides a credit risk rating based on the financial data provided, displaying the risk profile in an easy, read-at-a-glance format.

Finovate: What were some of the biggest technical challenges when it came to developing the FBPM solution?

Schipper: The sheer complexity of the business-lending domain. Our aim is to achieve a very high level of automation, or Straight Through Processing. This requires that all aspects of business lending are specified. Most banks still work with paper product sheets, a simple data-entry system for the mid-office, Word templates for the credit proposal, and manual data entry on the back-ends. Harvesting the requirements for Force Business Lending was and is more complex than the mortgage domain.

Finovate: Thinking about user interface and experience for a moment. What does the business user want that is different from what the average individual technology user wants in terms of UI/UX?

Schipper: A professional user wants a lot of information and many buttons on a single screen, because he will quickly learn where to glance to find the info he needs. This results in screens that seem ugly and hard to use at a first glance, but reduce the need to flip back and forward across pages. Casual users need more explanation, canned customer journeys, and something pretty to look at to keep them going. Therefore, casual users and professional users should never have to share screens.

Finovate: More players are getting into the market for developing financial models for SMEs. What is your edge?

Schipper: Our domain is slowly moving from traditional statistical models based on finances to big data and risk assessment. Creating a risk model based on big data and open systems is not very hard any more. The hard part is enabling banks and risk departments to take those steps, as well. Our software embraces the traditional risk models that are still leading today, and allows banks to add qualitative scorecards and external data sources into the equation. The underlying data can be used not only as input for traditional statistical analysis to create a better risk model, but also for correlation discovery methods. We enable change through evolution.


From left: Topicus Head of Business Lending Jamie Burink; Managing Director Michiel Schipper.

Finovate: What fintech innovations are people talking the most about in the Netherlands?

Schipper: That would probably be crowdfunding, with blockchain technology coming in second. We currently have around forty crowdfunding platforms, which seems too much. It is impossible to identify which platforms will survive, so it’s a real immature market.

Finovate: What are your growth goals? Is European expansion a major priority? What about the U.S. or Asia?

Schipper: We are currently working with Gartner to take our next steps in internationalization. The U.S., Middle East, and Northern Europe are the regions we are focusing on. International expansion for our mortgage and business lending propositions is a major priority within the organization. In fact, this receives higher priority than starting new verticals like software for pensions or insurances.

Finovate: What can we expect from Topicus in the second half of 2015?

Schipper: Expect a lot of highlights from Topicus this year. The two most important ones are:

  • We are launching our software for crowdfunding, which is based on our fund broker software. It will have all the Force BPM magic built in, as well, so crowdfunding platforms can scale incredibly well with products of all levels of complexity. Crowdfunding a mortgage with automatic execution of all applicable rules and directives can be done against low operational costs, even down to automated arrears processes. We are looking into combining consumer crowdfunding with business crowdfunding to create crowdfunding funds that investors of all sizes can invest in.
  • Another highlight is the launch of Force Business Lending as-a-Service, which should enable small funds to reach SMEs through a professional process. These funds now lack a go-to market option, and remain unused. This would really open up the non-banking finance market in the Netherlands and change the business-lending value-chain again.

Learn more about Topicus and its Force Business Lending platform in the company’s demo video from FinovateEurope 2015.

Finovate Alumni News


  • “Redesigning the Value Chain: Q&A with Michiel Schipper of Topicus”

Around the web

  • Trustly appoints CCO from Société Générale and director of sales from Klarna Group.
  • Swiss Re partners with Backbase to develop a new digital platform for selling and servicing life and health products online. Come see Backbase at FinDEVr on 6/7 October in San Francisco.
  • PayItSimple launches in the United Kingdom.
  • Greater Nevada, $550 million in assets, hires Insuritas to launch insurance agency.
  • Paybefore: “How the Ripple Protocol Could Change Payments”
  • PayPal’s Braintree supports Apple Pay in the U.K. with its SDK. Come see Braintree at FinDEVr this fall.
  • Billhighway adopts SnapApp platform to develop and publish interactive content that increases market engagement.
  • ReadyForZero lists Prosper and Lending Club as 2 of the top 3 debt-consolidation loan companies.
  • Betterment launches SmartDeposit feature.
  • Market Prophit licenses its platform to Nasdaq’s Market Intelligence Desk.
  • The Flying Merchant to use digital eKYC solution from iSignthis to meet AML requirements.
  • The Economic Times India features ArthaYantra, Betterment, FutureAdvisor, and Wealthfront in a review of robo-advisors.

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Topicus.Finance Presents its Force Business Lending Solution

Topicus_logo_high-res.jpgThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2015.

A provider of innovative, pay-as-you-go, cloud-based banking software, Topicus.Finance is next with its Force Business Lending solution.
The Force Financial Business Process Management (FBPM) solution is not a generic BPM platform, but one that knows about financial products, their structures, pricing, and provisions. It was developed with today’s challenges in mind and has its high-end financials analysis, rating, and pricing applications tightly integrated.
Presenters: Managing Director Michael Schipper, and Head of Business Lending Jamie Burink
Product launch: 2013
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B) through financial institutions, licensed
HQ: Deventer, Netherlands
Metrics: At the end of 2014, Topicus.Finance has an estimated turnover of 20 million euros and 220 employees. The entire Topicus group has an estimated turnover of 48 million euros and 525 employees at the end of 2014. Topicus is wholly owned and financed by its founders and current board members.
Twitter: @Topicus.Finance

FinovateEurope 2015 Sneak Peek: Part 4

Thumbnail image for FE2015Banner.jpg

Will you be joining us live for FinovateEurope 2015? Following the action via the Finovate Live Blog and Twitter feed (@Finovate)? 

However you plan on participating in the first Finovate conference of the year, our Sneak Peek series helps you get to know the presenting companies before they hit the stage next month.

We’ve already highlighted 18 out of the more than 70 companies demonstrating their latest technologies. If you missed them, you can get up to speed with Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our Sneak Peek series below.
Today we bring you another set of six presenters: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, CPB SOFTWARE, Ixaris, JSC Delta Bank, QCR, and Topicus.Finance.


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank have a long, 156-year history of innovation. Our latest innovation is redy, a mobile commerce platform.
  • A mobile commerce platform that connects shoppers, businesses, and the community for a common cause
  • Fast and secure mobile payments
  • Easy, fast, and secure donations
Why it’s great
redy is a fast and secure mobile commerce platform that improves the shopping experience and connects shoppers, businesses, and communities for a common cause.
Robert Musgrove, Executive Community Engagement
Musgrove played a pivotal role in the expansion of Community Bank. He is always on the lookout for ways to give back to his community.
Rick vanEmmerik, Mobility Manager
vanEmmerik has been with Bendigo and Adelaide Group for 7 years. He has been part of the redy team since its inception.


CPB SOFTWARE offers profound expertise, creativity, flexibility, and high quality financial software solutions including premium ASP and BPO services.
  • PROFOS is the app for bankers
  • Manage your clients anytime and anywhere
  • The best way to support your advisors and clients
Why it’s great
PROFOS – The Bank is where Clients are!


Peter Thomayer, CEO
Thomayer is founding member and since 2000 CEO of CPB Software. Areas of responsibility: strategy, human resources, marketing, and sales. Held different leading positions in some banks before.


Barbara Aigner, Consultant
Aigner is founder and CEO of emotion banking, a consultant company for banks and founder of victor, the main analysis and championship for banks in the German-speaking area.


Markus Nekham, Consultant / Advisory Board
Nekham is founder and CEO of networx business services. He is lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and a negotiation and communication consultant and coach.


Ixaris is a fintech company specializing in the delivery of next generation card programs.
  • Extend your card programs offering with apps from our App Store
  • Reduce burden on your IT through an on-the-cloud platform
  • Reduce card program management overheads with self-service tools
Why it’s great
Card programs tailored to your customer needs by your own customers
Patrick Abela, Product Director
Abela has 15 years experience specializing in leveraging technology to deliver innovative and competitive payment products and solutions.
Reno Scerri, Pre-sales and Solutioning Manager
Scerri has over 10 years’ experience in technology products, with special focus on design and delivery of solutions for the payments industry.


JSC Data Bank is a Ukranian innovative universal bank that provides a wide range of products and services for all types of clients.
  • Transfer money via Facebook
  • Transfer money using only the recipient’s mobile phone number
  • Service is available without registration for everyone
Why it’s great
Pay2You is a service that makes your communication channels available for transferring money.
Stanislav Ostrovsky, Head of R&D Department


QCR has developed RiskAware, an innovative credit risk assessment technology which can add major value to existing risk management practices at financial institutions.
  • Drastically improved corporate default predicting power
  • Deeper credit risk analysis and more accurate quantification of credit risk
  • Faster credit risk management, quicker SLA times
Why it’s great
Through faster and more accurate credit risk management, RiskAware can save millions of USD a year in credit losses for financial institutions.


Tamas Varkonyi, Founder and CEO
Varkonyi’s professional career in credit risk management spans 12 years. Before founding QCR, he managed a credit portfolio at CIT Group and underwrote loans at Barclays.

Thumbnail image for SKocso_QCR_FEU15.jpg

Sandor Kocso, CTO
Kocso is a seasoned technologist with 10 years of experience developing financial software applications at Morgan Stanley and Leonteq Securities, Switzerland.


Topicus.Finance is a flexible, process-oriented business lending platform with self-service capabilities.
With FORCE Business Lending:
  • Enable automatic loan origination
  • Achieve seamless fulfillment for all parties
  • Facilitate everything from orientation to a fully-repaid debt
Why it’s great
“Customer centric” is no longer a hollow phrase. FORCE Business Lending enables your employees to fully focus on (the business of) your customer.


Michiel Schipper, Managing Director

Thumbnail image for JBurink_Topicus_FEU15.jpg

Jamie Burink, Head of Business Lending

FinovateEurope 2015 will be held February 10 and 11 in London. Pick up your tickets today and join us for the first Finovate conference of the year.

Alumni News– January 22, 2015

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgKreditech secures $200 million credit line from Victory Park Capital.
  • GMC Software and Silanis Technology partner to integrate eSignLive with Inspire.
  • Internet Retailer features Trustev CEO Pat Phelan in discussion on consumer fraud.
  • TradeKing unveils Risk Assist to protect clients against steep market declines.
  • Braintree completes initial integration with Coinbase; opens up private beta access.
  • Financial Post business section features Digital Retail Apps in its look at digital payments in 2015.
  • Realty Mogul adds new Senior VP of Mortgage Operations, Kendra King.
  • Temenos forges strategic alliance with EFT processor, Elan Financial Services.
  • Check out our latest FinovateEurope 2015 Sneak Peek, Part 4 featuring Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, CPB Software AG, Ixaris, JSC Delta Bank, QCR, and Topicus Financial.
  • Planwise launches Connect, leveraging affordability tools to help real estate agents engage potential buyers.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

FinovateEurope: Behind the Scenes with Luxoft, Topicus Finan, and Jumio

Here’s a look at another set of companies who showed off their new technology at FinovateEurope in London last month.

If you missed the previous behind-the-scenes features, you can check them out below:


What they do

With its mobile tablet app, iStockTrack, Luxoft aims to give premium bank clients a single, powerful tool to compare stocks, monitor their wealth, do daily banking activities, keep up with industry news, and more.

    • 7,000+ employees
    • 19 offices worldwide
    • 130+ clients
    • 300+ successful projects
    • Public company NYSE: LXFT

The experience
The screenshot below, which captures the user experience on the iPad, illustrates the client view of their net worth in the Banking tab. The top of the screen details the user’s individual accounts, while the graph in the middle shows a visual representation of the user’s net worth over time and projected future net worth.

Near the bottom, the user has access to tools such as a calculator, a video chat connection to their advisor, and an ATM locator. The user can customize these to their individual preferences.


This screenshot shows the user’s Favorites section that breaks down an individual stock (in this case, Google). It includes a comprehensive view of the stock, including data, a written business summary, and the ability to compare it with other stocks.

Also noteworthy is the Analyst Consensus section in the bottom right corner, which advises the user on the option to buy, sell, or hold a stock.


The screenshot below shows stock indices along the top, along with relevant events on the bottom right, and news on the left. Written news releases are located along the left side, and are complemented with videos on the bottom help to further inform the user on their trading decisions.


Luxoft can bring iStockTrack to any banking client within 4-6 weeks.The app can be re-skinned to match the branding preferences of any financial institution. 

Luxoft has been around for 14 years and provides a host of other financial solutions.

Check out Luxoft’s live demo from FinovateEurope here.

Topicus Finan


What they do

Among Topicus Finan’s many different solutions is its self-serve small business lending product, which it demoed at FinovateEurope. This product-as-a-service provides entrepreneurs with an easy-to-understand view of their business financials along with tools such as what-if analyses to determine the financial impact of possible decisions.

Simultaneously, the lending institution is given full visibility into the business owner’s financials and decisions, and even informs them when the entrepreneur is seeking additional capital.

    • 52 full time employees and growing
    • Turnover in 2013 was €4.1 million
The experience

The below screenshot illustrates the entrepreneur’s view of their small business finances. In this case, after the client logs on via their tablet’s web browser, they see an advisory graph that shows the assessment rating that the business receives on 6 different pillars: Capital, Liquidity, Return on capital, Revenues development, Payment behavior, and Payment credit charges.


The entrepreneur can also view graphs of their solvency rate, gross profit margin, and net cash. Additionally, they have the ability to see how each of these metrics will change with different scenarios such as purchasing equipment or adjusting labor.


The financial institution is given a full view of the small business’ finances. In this case, the business owner tested a what-if scenario about financing a new piece of machinery, and realized he did not have the cash flow to make it happen.

Afterwards, the loan officer was alerted that the client needed additional capital to purchase the new piece of machinery. At this point, the loan officer can easily view the actual business metrics to help make the decision about how much capital to offer.


Topicus Finan counts ING as one of its largest customers. The Dutch bank uses Topicus Finan’s software worldwide.

Check out Topicus Finan’s live demo video from FinovateEurope here.


What they do

Jumio’s Fastfill speeds up a bank’s customer acquisition process by extracting data on a customer’s ID document. After scanning an ID such as a passport or driver’s license just once, the new client no longer needs to bother with filling out multiple fields on a form.


    • Raised $37 million, $25 of which was from Andreessen Horowitz 
    • PCI 1 Certified 
The experience

To open an account, the user is faced with the following 12-field form. In order to expedite the process and decrease friction, the user is presented with the option to scan their ID.


The user scans their ID document, just as they would a check during a remote deposit capture process. Acceptable documentation includes a drivers license, passport, or government-issued ID.


The screenshot below shows what the form looks like after it has extracted the information from the ID.


Jumio also offers two other products that use its imaging technology, Netswipe, which allows consumers to pay by taking a picture of their credit card, and Netverify, which uses facial comparison to determine if users are who they say they are.

Check out Jumio’s live demo from FinovateEurope here.

Topicus Finan Presents its Self Service Business Lending Solution

Thumbnail image for Topicus_Finan_lo_res_logo.jpg

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2014.

The team from Topicus Finan is on stage right now, ready to demo Finan Financials.

“Self service for business lending as a service extension to face-to-face advice is something that modern clients expect from a bank. We are demonstrating the impact of self-service. The entrepreneur has the option of working with what-if scenarios to assess the financial impact of his investment in real time. A key aspect is that the entrepreneur is not aware of typical banking complexities. Instead, communication is centered on concepts he understands, like the cost of a new machine and turnover growth.”
Presenting Michiel Schipper (CEO) and Jamie Burink (Senior Consultant Innovative Banking)

Product Launch: Finan Financials has been available since Q3 2012 and in use by banks and hundreds of accountants. The release of the software, announced in Q4 2013, includes a new portal for entrepreneurs with dash boarding and powerful, yet fun to use what-if scenarios.
Metrics: Estimated turnover in 2013 of Topicus Finan is €4.1 million with an average of 42 full-time employees, 52 current full time employees at the end of 2013. Estimated turnover of the entire Topicus group is €40 million with an average of 380 full time employees, 420 full time employees at Topicus in 2014. Topicus is wholly owned and financed by its founders and current board members.
Product Distribution Strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)
HQ: Zwolle, Netherlands
Founded: December 1993
Twitter: @TopicusFinan