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FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Topicus

FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Topicus

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateAsia on October 29 and 30, 2018 in Hong Kong. Register today and save your spot.

Powered by Topicus, Fyndoo makes lending more accessible, efficient, and transparent. Lenders get optimal loan processing in shorter time with less staff and full compliance.


  • Provides an accessible, efficient, and transparent lending process
  • Connectes all parties throughout all possible loan product life cycles
  • Powered by a single product definition and process workbench

Why it’s great
Fyndoo Lending provides a complete loan management solution for all involved parties, delivering fast loan processing with less staff while being fully compliant.


Michiel Schipper, Managing Director
Schipper has been active in the SME lending domain since 2004 and is driven by his enthusiasm for entrepreneurialism.


Michel Brinkhuis, Solution Architect
Brinkhuis focuses on the Fyndoo product suite. He holds a Masters degree in Business Information Technology.