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How they describe themselves: Silver Tail Systems provides next generation fraud prevention to protect against business logic abuse – a rising threat costing financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Silver Tail Systems’ products use real-time behavior analysis to detect and alert on known threats and new behaviors like Man in the Browser, Zeus, and attacks by organized crime, then enable the business to disrupt these attacks in real-time. Founded by fraud prevention experts from eBay and PayPal, Silver Tail Systems significantly reduces online fraud losses, protects your institution, and increases customer trust.

What they think makes them better: Currently, when an online criminal finds a new type of attack, the criminal can get amazing return on investment for the attack. If the criminal uses the attack against Bank A, it may take Bank A days or weeks to find and stop the attack. Once Bank A has found and stopped the attack, it’s no problem for the criminal to repurpose the attack on Bank B, and so on. This gives attacks an almost infinite lifespan.

Silver Tail Systems’ Federation service shares data and rules and allows each customer to tune the rules to their needs. This is substantially different than other offerings that give banks a blacklist, but the only alternative is to use the entire blacklist “as is” or not at all.

Silver Tail Systems’ Federation service goes far beyond this. It gives customers rules they can customize to accommodate traffic levels and page flows of their site. In addition, Silver Tail System’s customers can customize the way they use the “bad lists” (IP addresses, email addresses, etc.) to control the false positive rates for their fraud detection.


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