FinovateFall 2010 / Bundle

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How they describe themselves: Bundle is socially informed money management, using data and community to provide real comparisons and answers about how other people spend and save money. With Bundle, users can see how a person in their specific situation (age, income, household status, location) spends money, they can track their daily financial activity across multiple financial institutions, and they can set realistic budgets and goals for the future. Using one of the most extensive collections of free consumer spending data on the web, Bundle aims to add unprecedented context to daily financial decision-making.

What they think makes them better: Bundle’s strengths start in the data and the community. Users get access to contextual data that matches their behavior based on age, household status, income level and location, down to the zip code in many major cities. This data creates intelligent recommendations and sets benchmarks offering context that has never been available in such depth. Users then set real budgets and make decisions using the data-driven benchmarks that apply to their lives. Additionally, Bundle’s community of users, editors and contributors offer real-life and actionable advice that can help people make better choices about how to spend, save and get organized.

Finally, Bundle’s thoughtful design and simple UI make for a web application that is remarkably clear and easy to use.


Bus. Dev.: Mark Armstrong, Director of Content,

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