FinovateFall 2010 / BillFloat

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How they describe themselves: BillFloat is the first solution to allow consumers to conveniently obtain ‘more time to pay’ recurring bills.

Consumers use BillFloat to get up to 30 days more to pay any one of over 3,000 billers. When clicking the ‘Extend My Bill’ button on or on their biller’s payments portal, the consumer is invited to complete a simple online form. Applying a proprietary multi-tiered decisioning engine, BillFloat accepts or declines the consumer’s request in real time.

Once accepted and verified, BillFloat pays the consumer’s bill, and later debits the amount due, plus BillFloat’s service fee, from the consumer’s bank account.

What they think makes them better: BillFloat is the first micro-credit solution for consumers who are seeking a convenient and cost-effective way to get ‘more time to pay’ recurring bills.

Cash-strapped consumers use BillFloat to avoid late fees, overdraft charges, service termination, and exorbitant payday loans. Billers accelerate their cash flow with BillFloat’s simple to implement, compliant and secure system.

BillFloat provides a unique level of convenience to consumers and billers through its flexible payments platform. Billers, banks, and financial services providers can offer BillFloat to their customers via any web-connected channel. BillFloat’s field-tested API also provides multiple integration options with existing biller payment systems.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Robin O’Connell, VP Business Development,, 415-265-5128
Press: Peter Mansfield, VP Corporate Communications,, 310-245-9600

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