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How they describe themselves: We connect real-world financial education to the $6,000 your teen spends each year.

Matchfund is a management system for young people’s money. Together, parents and teens develop a savings and spending strategy. We implement this plan in the form of daily mini-challenges that teach essential financial concepts, reward responsible behavior, and fuel progress in savings, spending and charity funds. Parents set appropriate limits on the choices and mistakes their child can make. Our prepaid card presents unplanned purchases as straightforward trade-offs to a teen’s longer-term goals.  Subtle game mechanics and a Facebook-style activity feed engage web savvy youth. All funds reside in FDIC-insured accounts with our partner financial institutions.

What they think makes them better:

  • Earning by Learning – Parents tie allowance to daily financial lessons.
  • Rewards, incentives and consequences – Children earn more when it’s put toward savings and see the impact of unplanned spending on their goals.  Emergency loans come with terms and interest rates fixed by the parent.
  • A Prepaid Card that syncs to a strategy and a plan.
  • An activity-driven format designed for today’s Facebook generation.
  • We’re integrated; allowance, spending, savings, charity, and teaching tools are carefully coordinated.
  • We’re co-managed and family-focused; parents and teens work together to define, track and reach goals.  Loved ones provide support and give the gift of savings.
  • We make it real. No virtual currency. No stale curriculum. Hands-on money skills and real-world financial literacy.
  • Our platform’s compatible with multiple bank products and financial apps.


Bus. Dev., Sales & Press: Paul Taylor, CEO, 408-216-0954

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