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How they describe themselves: Seeking Alpha is a leading source of financial analysis from the world’s top money managers, financial experts and industry commentators. Our new Investing Applications are web-based tools to help users discover, manage, track & analyze their investments. Our research shows that investing tools for self-directed investors are hard to find and vary in the quality of their offerings. We believe that everyone should have easy and cost-effective access to the best investing tools.

The Seeking Alpha Investing Apps Beta launch includes 15+ tools that we have identified to meet the needs of a cross-section of investors. Users start with our Investing App Store to easily find and use the Applications which suit their investing style.
What they think makes them better: Our name, Seeking Alpha, underscores our core mission: to help investors make smarter investment decisions and realize alpha – higher risk-adjusted returns on their portfolio. Seeking Alpha has become widely known for finding and publishing the highest quality investment articles by the best writers in the financial blogosphere. We’ve got lots of great content and now, we apply the same high standards to research, data and analysis tools: our Investing Applications.

With the launch of our Investing App Store, is the only place for self-directed, serious investors to get access to all of the tools they need to manage their investments and research new investment ideas. It’s the only a-la-carte platform for Investing Apps, with Seeking Alpha as the sole contact for support and billing.

Developers can use the Investing App API we’ve built to get their applications in front of our highly targeted, financially savvy audience of money managers, financial professionals and high net worth self-directed investors.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Mike Rodov, Director of Business Development,, 646-209-5460
Press: Fara Hain, Director of Marketing,, +972-52-483-4304

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