FinovateFall 2010 / Thwakk

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How they describe themselves: Thwakk is a technology company specializing in youth customer acquisition platforms. Our customized, private-labeled, web platform integrates a strong financial education curriculum with the excitement of 3D simulation-based game play and rewards to affect positive behavioral change. Financial organizations can mitigate risk through financial education and identify knowledgeable, financially confident customers.  We have created a new, exciting business channel to interact with the next generation consumer in a familiar format that they enjoy.

What they think makes them better: : Mo’doh Island is a cutting edge customer acquisition platform with real business applications. Not just financial education, but interactive tools that differentiate you from the competition.

  • While competitors struggle to get 5 seconds of a young adult person’s attention, youth interact repeatedly and with prolonged exposure with your brand through our exciting, 3D platform
  • Incentive-based learning keeps it exciting and creates interaction points with customers
  • Customized solutions to build trust in your brand
  • Real business applications – capabilities include account opening, loan applications, etc.
  • Risk mitigation and the ability to develop knowledgeable, financially confident customers
  • With over 100 million active virtual world users and tremendous growth, this is a critical business channel.


Bus. Dev., Sales & Press: Scott Moriarty, CEO, (t): 804-366-7665, (e):

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