FinovateFall 2010 / SapientNitro/Geezeo

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How they describe themselves: SapientNitro/Geezeo, part of Sapient, is a global marketing and technology company. By combining multi-channel marketing, multi-channel commerce, and the technology that binds them, we influence customer behavior across the spectrum of content, communication, and commerce channels, resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships between customers and brands. For more information, visit

Geezeo offers an integrated suite of Online Financial Management (OFM) tools and services including Personal Financial Management (PFM) software for banks and credit unions. PFM empowers online customers, giving them a holistic view of their financial assets, liabilities and budgets. Geezeo’s unique platforms help financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through customer acquisition and increased wallet share. For more information visit

What they think makes them better: Geezeo enterprise marketing powered by BridgeTrack will enable small to medium sized banks to compete effectively in the multi-channel digital marketing space. It empowers marketing teams to leverage customer data enriched by PFM to launch and optimize campaigns across the full spectrum of digital channels, including email. It is equally adept at working autonomously, or with your existing technology, giving you access to real-time data and analytics and providing you with meaningful insights into consumer behavior.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Alex Sion, Vice President Digital Services,;
Bryan Clagett, Chief Marketing Officer,
Press: (SapientNitro/Geezeo);
Bryan Clagett, Chief Marketing Officer,

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