FinovateFall 2010 / oFlows

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Paper must be stopped.

Customers will not stand for it. Staff members hate it. It blinds you. It’s expensive. It causes delays and mistakes. It’s bad for the planet. You end up shredding it anyway.

oFlows solves the paper problem with our fully paperless originations platform for all of your products and all of your channels – online, phone and in-person.

oFlows – Paper stops here.

What they think makes them better: oFlows is a single-system solution for all products and all channels. oFlows is truly paperless for the entire process – including supporting documentation needed to complete each file.  “oFlows Connect”, our proprietary collaborative interaction technology, takes the customer experience to a whole new level.

oFlows delivers a better customer experience, higher throughput rates, lowered costs, better management tools and bulletproof compliance.


Sales: Jeff Kukesh, Business Development,, 415-894-9550
Press: Scott Pitts, CEO,, 415-480-4515

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