FinovateFall 2010 / TouMetis

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How they describe themselves: TouMetis innovation enables leaders in the financial services industry to fully realize the potential of the mobile channel to engage consumers, increase efficiency, and reduce service delivery costs.

TouMetis offers a complete client-server solution. Tailored applications are fast, feature-rich, and work on any mobile device. The server has the capacity to audit and record every mobile interaction — essential for compliance and risk mitigation. Together they provide business with a powerful mobile solution that is secure, extensible, and easy to manage that can be hosted either onsite or in the cloud.

What they think makes them better: Applications from TouMetis are built in the mobile browser and then wrapped in native code. To the user they look and function much like a native application. However, for the developer this unique approach results in richer applications that support location-based services, video, vector graphics, and much more. In addition, the company’s innovative development platform renders 85% of the application code compatible with Android, Symbian, iOS4, or Blackberry operating systems. So clients get richer applications that work across a broader selection of mobile devices, in less time.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Dan Faricy, VP Sales, office: 208.514.0446, mobile: 208.890.7991
Press: Marshall Brezonick, VP Marketing, office: 208.541.0453, mobile: 208.861.1645

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