FinovateFall 2010 / Ixaris Systems

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How they describe themselves: Ixaris specializes in developing innovative global applications based on open-loop (Visa and MasterCard) prepaid card schemes. Its specialized platform provides both consumers and businesses with convenient access to electronic payments and facilitates the global transfer of funds in real time through the Visa, MasterCard and SWIFT networks. Ixaris currently offers a range of co-branded payment applications to businesses in the healthcare, leisure, financial services, travel and performance marketing industries and currently manages financial transactions exceeding $15M per month.

What they think makes them better: When compared to other “open payment” offerings, Ixaris Opn is a truly “open” payment platform that allows developers to build payment applications over open loop networks such as Visa, MasterCard and SWIFT. Its proprietary paylet technology offers developers far greater control over the look and feel of their applications without sacrificing security and compliance, while third-party financial providers, including issuers and card processors, can participate in Opn as providers of the underlying services. Opn supports payment applications for users both within a shared community as well as private communities where the client retains exclusive access to a group of users.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Mike Anderson, Business Development Director, 206-453-0026,
Press: Matt Lloyd, Founder, M2L2 Communications, 617-834-3146,

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