FinovateFall 2010 / Segmint

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Segmint, a financial services technology company, is focused on helping clients build personal digital relationships with their customers. Segmint’s innovations in targeted content placement allow personalized messages on a wide variety of online, mobile and social mediums. Segmint is re-defining “marketing” to be a “segment of one”.

What they think makes them better: Segmint increases the relevance of targeted online advertising. Our clients unlock valuable customer insights utilizing Segmint’s unique (patent-pending) technology to bring together a powerful micro-targeting analytics engine with precise message targeting and delivery capabilities to place the most effective message in front of their customers at exactly the correct time. Segmint allows Financial Institutions (FIs) and third party providers to build digital relationships in a relevant and timely way with FI customers, delivering the answer to the strategic challenges faced by FIs:

  • Fee Income Goals: Generating a very substantial new fee income stream for FIs – with zero cost to customers
  • Cross-Sell Goals: Delivering the right offer at the right time with unmatched precision
  • Retention Goals: Offering reward offers, increasing client engagement
  • Acquisition Goals: Finding new customers online based on knowledge about your current customers
  • Marketing Budget Goals: Reduce online marketing expenses while increasing ad spend ROI


Bus. Dev. & Sales: John Relyea, VP, Banking & Strategic Partnerships,, (888) SEGMINT x 204
Press: Kim Pupillo, Senior Account Supervisor, Marcus Thomas, LLC,, 216-292-4700 x 3041

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