FinovateFall 2010 / Emue Technologies

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How they describe themselves: Emue has developed a revolutionary authentication software platform, which protects both consumers and financial institutions across multiple remote channels including internet banking and shopping.

Emue’s flagship device is a payment card (credit or debit card) with an embedded 12-button numeric keypad, 8-digit alphanumeric E-ink display, microprocessor and battery with a 3 year life.

The architecture behind the Emue solution has two key components:

  1. Authentication Server – installed and managed by the entity that is providing remote access to services, such as a bank.
  2. Authentication Device – something a customer uses to identify the legitimacy of the service they are dealing with, generate a unique, one-time code (by entering their PIN) to identify themselves to the service provider, sign a CNP transaction or verify the source of an SMS or email.

What they think makes them better: The Emue solution has three key attributes that set it apart from competitors:

  1. It is the only multi-channel authentication solution embedded in a device a customer carries (e.g. phone or credit card)
  2. It is the only solution that can provide mutual authentication of both parties in a CNP environment across all remote channels
  3. It is the only solution that enables users to authenticate to multiple parties using the one device.


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