FinovateFall 2010 / Hidden Levers

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How they describe themselves: HiddenLevers offers investors a new approach to portfolio and stock analysis using economic data visualization. Our analytical tools include: an economic data center with charting functionality to compare stocks against macroeconomic indicators, a screener for discovering investing ideas based on macroeconomic trends, and scenario analysis to visualize the economic outcome of big picture events. Using these tools, as well as economic data and infographics, HiddenLevers serves a host of clientele: online brokerages, financial media sites, investment managers, institutional funds, and academic institutions.

What they think makes them better: By connecting macro-economic indicators with stocks and industries, HiddenLevers helps investors understand how different big-picture scenarios would impact their investments. HiddenLevers holds up the third pillar of investment research, focusing on economic analysis to augment fundamentals and technical research.


Bus. Dev., Sales & Press: Raj Udeshi,, 212-292-3147

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