FinovateSpring 2019: “You have to be at Finovate if you want to be an innovator”

1100+ attendees. 60+ demoers. 120+ speakers. Only at Finovate.

Across 3 main days and one specialist summit day during FinovateSpring 2019, we were joined by hundreds of senior financial and banking executives, venture capitalists, press, industry analysts, bloggers, regulators and entrepreneurs from the Bay Area and beyond to explore fintech’s real-world solutions and share cutting edge insight.

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Fintech Illustrated

If you had to draw fintech, what would it look like? For our audience at FinovateSpring last week, it might look similar to the illustrations below.

Check out sketches that cover the highlights from 10 sessions at last week’s show (there’s a lot to unpack, so click on the image to open it in a new tab).

A huge thanks to Giselle Chow Consulting ( for the composition and use of the images!

FinovateSpring Best of Show Winners Announced

It’s been great to be back in the city by the bay!

After two days of live fintech demos, the attendees of FinovateSpring here in San Francisco have made their selections as to which fintech products, services, and solutions were interesting, impressive, and innovative enough to earn one of our coveted Best of Show awards.

From solutions to help consumers better access credit to technologies that bolster the fight against fraud to “Is this @#$% real?!” demonstrations of AI-powered agents that sound – and feel – as real as any human, this year’s Best of Show winners are truly in a class of their own.

Arkose Labs for its technology that solves multi-million dollar fraud problems for the world’s most targeted businesses with zero impact to user conversion.

Blytzpay for its text-to-pay solution that makes billing and communication simple, streamlined, and secure, while providing flexibility to pay by card, check, or cash.

BlueRush for Individeo, an interactive and personalized video platform for financial institutions to drive online sales success.

Everplans for its solution that helps advisors create better interactions, establish new connections, strengthen relationships, and gain introductions to heirs.

Glia (formerly SaleMove) for its technology that creates digital-first moments that simplify and transform communication between companies and their customers using messaging, video/voice, co-browsing, and AI.

Invest Sou Sou for its smart social banking account designed to help community banks cultivate low-cost deposits and credit-ready borrowers in a secure and cost-efficient way.

Neener Analytics for its regulatory compliant social media analytics platform that delivers specific individual risk outcomes for thin-file, no-file, and credit-challenged consumers.

Voca AI for its smart, human, and empathetic virtual call center agent for financial institutions and service providers.

A thousand thanks to all our demoing companies, our sponsors and partners, and, most importantly, our awesome attendees whose passion and enthusiasm for fintech innovation makes our events all the more engaging and entertaining. We’ll see you next year!

Notes on methodology:
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”
4. The eight companies appearing on the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named “Best of Show.”
5. Go here for a list of previous Best of Show winners through 2014. Best of Show winners from our 2015 through 2018 conferences are below:
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Welcome to FinovateSpring’s Conference Day

The final day of FinovateSpring’s four-day fintech fest has arrived. After a Summit Day focused on the customer experience and artificial intelligence, and two days of live fintech demos, Friday is a day of deep dives and insightful discussions into the present and future of fintech innovation.

We’ve provided an overview of what we’ve got in store for you below. Remember that registration opens at 8am on Friday. So be sure to arrive early, grab a little breakfast, and visit with our sponsors and partners in the networking area before we begin.

8:30am Opening Remarks from the Chair

8:35am Expert Insight: Review of the FinovateSpring Demos – What Do They Tell Us About Fintech’s Cutting Edge

8:50am Keynote Address: The Rise of the Machines – The Artificial Intelligence and the Road to Superintelligence. What Will AI Mean for the Future of Financial Services – And the Future of Work?

9:30am Power Panel: Which Artificial Intelligence Technologies Will Really Change Financial Services?

10:00am Morning Coffee & Networking

10:30am Fireside Chat: Improving the Financial Health of America’s 100 Million Credit Underserved Consumers

10:45am C-Suite Digital Change Leaders Debate: How Can Financial Institutions Capture the Fintech Opportunity & Collaborate with New Players to Transform Customer Experience

11:20am Special Address: Simplifying & Securing Digital Commerce through Tokenization

11:35am Fireside Chat: How Are Regulators Approaching Cryptocurrencies?

11:50am Strategy Roundtable: The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity – Are Banks Treating Technology Risks as Extensions of Their Businesses?

12:20pm Lunch & Networking Break – featuring Special Interest Discussion Tables

1:20pm to 2:40pm: Afternoon Tracks on Digital Banking, Digital Payments, Community Banking, and Digital Lending

  • Digital Banking
    • Opening Remarks from the Chair
    • Analyst Insight: Next Generation Banking – What is the Next Phase of the Digital Banking Revolution
    • Fireside Chat: Open Banking is Coming! How Will it Change Banking Forever?
    • Leaders Debate: How New Players, New Platforms, and New Technologies Will Transform Digital Banking. Is There a Role for the Branch in the Digital World?
  • Digital Payments
    • Opening Remarks from the Chair
    • Fireside Chat: How Changing Consumer Behavior is Transforming the Payments Industry
    • Fireside Chat: Payments Innovation – Why Experience is the New Reward
    • Leaders Debate: How New Technologies & New Competitors Will Solve Payments Pain Points Both Online and at the Point of Sale
  • Community Banking
    • Opening Remarks from the Chair
    • Keynote Address: How Can Community Banks Collaborate to Find a Path to Change to Compete in a Digital World?
    • Fireside Chat: Community Bank + Core Vendor + Fintech: What It Takes to Make the Partnership Work
    • Leaders Debate: How Community Banks Can Take a Strategic Approach to Fintech. What Bumps in the Road Have We Encountered?
  • Digital Lending
    • Opening Remarks from the Chair
    • Keynote Address: How Digital Players Can Transform Small & Medium-sized Enterprise Lending
    • Fireside Chat: Alt Credit Scores – Enhancing Underwriting Using Big Data & AI
    • Leaders Debate: How New Players Are Harnessing New Technologies to Disrupt Retail, Small Business & Commercial Digital Lending

2:40pm Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break

3:10pm Investors Debate: Where is the Smart VC Money Investing in Fintech?

3:40pm Finovate Finale! The Accelerators Showcase

4:10pm Closing Remarks from the Chair

Welcome to Day 2 of FinovateSpring

After yesterday’s demos we’re ready for four more today. The day begins with one of our favorite sessions, Analyst All Stars, and concludes with a crowd-favorite, the crowning of the Best of Show winners.

Registration opens at 8 a.m. and the first session begins at 9 a.m. Come early for some pre-show networking or catch up on email with a hot cup of coffee before the show.

Here’s an overview of what the agenda looks like today:

9:00 am to 9:30 am Analyst All Stars

9:30 am to 10:25 am Demo session 1

10:25 am to 11:10 am Intermission, refreshments, and networking

11:10 am to 11:25 am Keynote Address: Breaking down Barriers to Capital Access

11:25 am to 12:30 pm Demo session 2

12:30 pm to 1:40 pm Lunch and networking

1:40 pm to 2:35 pm Demo session 3

2:35 pm to 3:20 pm Intermission, refreshments, and networking

3:20 pm to 4:25 pm Demo session 4

4:25 pm to 6:25 pm Best of Show awards and networking reception

The first session begins at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Registration opens at 8 a.m. and free coat check will be available.

Welcome to FinovateSpring 2019

While some of the audience got a head start yesterday with the Summit Day discussions, today is the start of our mainstage event.

As a reminder, we’ve moved the event to the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. And tickets are available at the registration desk so there’s still time to take part in the action.

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Be sure to come early to grab your badge and enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast while you network. The demos will start at 9:30 a.m., so give yourself enough time to find a good seat in the auditorium.

Here’s an outline of the rest of today’s schedule:

9:30 to 10:25 Demo session 1

10:25 to 11:10 Intermission, refreshments, and networking

11:10 to 11:25 Innovation and Consumer Protection

11:25 to 12:30 Demo session 2

12:30 to 1:40 Lunch and networking

1:40 to 1:55 Devil In The Details

1:55 to 2:50 Demo session 3

2:50 to 3:35 Intermission, refreshments, and networking

3:35 to 4:40 Demo session 4

4:40 to 6:40 Reception and networking

We’ll see you for another demo day tomorrow at 9 a.m. Our first session is one you won’t want to miss; it’s our Analyst All Stars!

From AI to CX: Welcome to FinovateSpring’s Summit Day

Two of the hottest trends in fintech – AI technology and the prioritization of the customer experience – will be the focus of our special, pre-FinovateSpring Summit Day, that begins Monday morning here at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square on O’Farrell Street in San Francisco, California.

Our Summit Day will feature two parallel tracks – one focused on AI and the other dedicated to the customer experience – that will include keynote addresses, case studies, panel discussions, and debates all designed to help conference attendees better understand how these trends are shaping technology in general and fintech in specific.

Here’s a look at what we’ve got in store for you today. For more about our Summit Day speakers and topics, check out our previews for both the AI and CX summits.

Artificial Intelligence Summit

8:15am – 9am – Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

9am – 9:05am – Opening Remarks from the Chair

9:05am – 9:30am – Keynote Address: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Financial Services Industry

9:30am – 9:50am – Special Address from an AI Pioneer: Making AI Walk the Talk

9:50am – 10:30am – Strategy Roundtable: Transforming Legacy
Businesses with AI – Machine Learning is King Now But Image, Voice, and Natural Language Processing Are Coming Up Fast. What are the Internal Challenges? The Ethical Challenges? And the Business Opportunities?

10:30am – 11:00am – Intermission, Refreshments, & Networking

11:00am – 11:25am – Keynote Address: Natural Language Use Cases at Uber

11:25am – 11:45am – Fireside Chat: AI for Fraud Detection and Risk Management

11:45am – 12:25pm – Strategy Roundtable: Let’s Chat About Chatbots

12:25pm – 1:25pm – Lunch and Networking Break

1:25pm – 1:45pm – Innovator Insight: An AI Powered Future for Marketing

1:45pm – 2:05pm – Keynote Address: Harnessing AI to Centralize Data and Exceed Your Business Goals

2:05pm – 2:45pm – Debate: Data – Oxygen for AI. How Data Management & Data Governance Can Make or Break Your AI Journey

2:45pm – 3:00pm – Case Study: Using AI to Transform Customer Experience

3:00pm – 3:15pm – Case Study: Harnessing AI to Revolutionize the Insurance Industry

3:15pm – 3:30pm – Case Study: Using AI to Make Better Credit Decisions

3:30pm – 4:10pm – Closing Strategy Roundtable: The Journey Towards Productive Partnerships in AI

4:10pm – 4:15pm – Closing Remarks from the Chair

Customer Experience Summit

8:15am – 9am – Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

9:00am – 9:05am – Opening Remarks from the Chair

9:05am – 9:30am – Keynote Address: The Evolution of Innovation: Build, Buy, Or Partner?

9:30am – 9:50am – Analyst Insight: Return on CX – 80% of the Potential ROI is Left Untapped

9:50am – 10:30am – Strategy Roundtable: How Can Financial Institutions Transform Customer Experience through Deep Customer Insights? Why Powerful Data Analytics Will Be Critical for Success?

10:30am – 11:00am – Intermission, Refreshments, & Networking

11:00am – 11:25am – Fireside Chat with a Fintech Founder: How to Innovate on Behalf of the Customer & to Build a Business Around their Needs to Drive Loyalty and Sustained Growth

11:25am – 11:45am – Presentation: Customer Experience Promise vs. Reality: Getting to Measurable Impact

11:45am – 12:25pm – Leaders Debate: How to Align Your Whole Organization to a Common Customer Purpose & to Harness Future Tech to Redraw the Customer Experience Landscape

12:25pm – 1:25pm – Lunch & Networking Break

1:25pm – 1:45pm – Fireside Chat: Creating a Seamless Digital Customer Experience

1:45pm – 2:30pm – Insights from Innovators: How We Are Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

2:30pm – 2:45pm – Case Study: Harnessing Disruptive Technologies to Maximize Customer Experience and Loyalty

2:45pm – 3:05pm – Case Study: How Data Driven Personalized Video Experiences Creates Customer Engagement and Motivates Action

3:05pm – 3:25pm – Case Study : Delivering Outstanding Customer Experience to the Financially Underserved

3:25pm – 4:10pm – Closing Debate: Fintechs and Financial Institutions on the Journey Towards a Productive Partnership in CX

4:10pm – 4:15pm – Closing Remarks from the Chair

FinovateSpring in Full Force

We’re on site at San Francisco’s Hilton Union Square, placing the final touches on what’s set to be the biggest fintech event this spring. Tickets are still available; don’t miss out!

It’s rehearsal day, so while companies are practicing their demos on stage in the auditorium, sponsors are setting up their booths in the networking hall. And you can prepare too– check out our Sneak Peek blog series to get an advance look at what each of the companies will unveil on stage and take a look at some of the themes that will pulse throughout the show.

AI and CX Summit

The precursor to the event begins today. Don’t miss our exclusive Summit Day that covers all you need to know about the latest in AI and Customer Experience as it relates to fintech and banking. Registration opens at 8:15 a.m. and the first session begins at 9 a.m.

Demo days

FinovateSpring begins tomorrow on Wednesday, May 8. Registration opens at 8:30 and the show kicks off at 9:30. Our 60 demo companies will take the stage on the first two days. Demos will be intermixed with keynote speakers, the Analyst All Star session, and networking. The demos wrap up on May 9 and the Best of Show winners will be announced that afternoon during happy hour.

Context day

Once the Best of Show winners have been crowned, it’s time to put it all into context. Registration for the final day of FinovateSpring begins at 8 a.m. and opening remarks start at 8:30. Prepare to hear plenty of insightful keynote addresses, panels, and discussions around community banking, digital banking, digital lending, and digital payments.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’ll see you in San Francisco!

Fintech by the Bay: FinovateSpring Returns to San Francisco

FinovateSpring is right around the corner! Our week of live fintech demos, insightful discussions, and passionate debates is one of the best – and most entertaining – ways to get up to speed on everything you need to know about the state of fintech today.

With a special, pre-show Summit Day on Tuesday, May 7, FinovateSpring begins on May 8 and runs through Friday the 10th. Our annual spring conference will be held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, where we’re looking forward to a fun and informative four days focused exclusively on fintech innovation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your trip to the Bay Area.

Get Your Tickets Here!

Save your spot at FinovateSpring by visiting our registration page and picking up your ticket today.

Registration for both the main, three-day conference, as well as for our special Summit Day on Tuesday, May 7, is quick and easy. Discounts are available for groups, representatives of governmental/regulatory agencies, startups, and attendees registering for both the main conference and the Summit Day. Check out our registration page for more details.

Back at the Bay

FinovateSpring returns to San Francisco for the first time since 2013. This year our spring conference will be held in the heart of the city at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square on O’Farrell Street. The venue is less than an hour away from the main Bay Area airports, as well as shops, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment venues.

Live Demos and Deep Dives

FinovateSpring begins Wednesday morning, May 10, and continues through Friday afternoon. The first two days of the conference will feature our presenting companies as they demonstrate their latest technologies live on our stage.

On Friday, we will invite the fintech experts to take over and have them put into context the innovations that have been on display over the past few days. We’ve prepared a full day of keynote addresses, debates, fireside chats, and panel discussions on a wide range of critical trends and themes in fintech.

Check out a preview of our Friday morning main stage agenda, as well as our afternoon breakout streams on Community Banking, Digital Payments, Digital Banking, and Digital Lending.

This year we will also feature a special, pre-FinovateSpring Summit Day on Tuesday. This Summit Day consists of two tracks: one focusing on the evolving role of the customer experience in fintech and the other examining the rise of artificial intelligence as an enabling technology in the industry. We’re looking forward to the conversations with and insights from our speakers in both of these tracks.

With all we’ve got planned for FinovateSpring next week, we are thrilled to be back in San Francisco for this year’s conference. If you’ve got any questions about the event, check out the FAQ section on our FinovateSpring page or contact us directly.

The #Fintech Trends to Dominate this Spring

What’s new and what’s next in fintech? How are all of those 2019 industry predictions panning out?

One of the best ways to gauge what’s trending is to attend FinovateSpring, which will be taking place next week, May 8 through 10, in San Francisco. If you haven’t already, be sure to register today so you don’t miss out!

The word cloud above outlines trends the demoing companies will present on stage. Here’s my take:

Dominant themes

Artificial Intelligence
Is anyone surprised to see AI as the top trend at this year’s show? Fintechs and banks alike are leveraging the enabling technology to build out use cases across the sector from security, to investment, to marketing, and more. You can expect to see this theme pulse throughout the demos this year.

If AI is a jet engine, data is jet fuel. No matter how powerful the plane, it won’t move without the propellant. Financial services generate a lot of data and fintechs are ready to show you how to put it to use.

Banks know that no matter how much money you pour into a new offering, products don’t sell themselves and up-selling and cross-selling aren’t always straightforward. So whether it’s wealth management or accounting tools, checking accounts or lending products, fintechs are ready to help bring in revenue.

What’s a fintech without an API these days? Using an API or SDK helps fintechs give the keys to their technology to another business or organization. Prepare to see most companies allowing you to tap into their technologies with their own API and/or SDK.

Dwarfed topics

Algorithmic Investing
Wealthtech solutions were red hot in 2015, but while they are as relevant as ever, their popularity has been minimized by the takeover of topics such as AI, machine learning, and voice banking. And while companies have been using algorithms for years to disrupt this space, other topics are rising to the top of the popularity list.

Alt Payments
This is another trend that’s been around for awhile. In fact, it’s a topic startups have been tackling since the dawn of fintech. However, since consumers are still comfortable paying by credit card, cash, and in some cases even by check, alternative payments technology hasn’t accelerated quickly.

In the U.S., insurtech has been slow to excite both consumers and banks. There is clearly a market for insurance solutions in financial services, but it’s a small one.

What I’ll be watching

Alternative banking services, such as products for unbanked and underbanked populations are making a slow but steady rise in fintech. Big banks struggle to serve this market, which can be less than profitable, but many fintechs have found ways to deal with the risk and create a product that is relatable for the underserved audience.

There’s still time to book your ticket for FinovateSpring. And it’s worth coming a day early to attend the Summit Day on May 7. The Summit Day will feature in-depth discussions on customer experience and AI. Check out what to expect from the AI Summit and what you’ll get out of the Customer Experience Summit.