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From Product to Solution: The Evolving Role of the Customer in Technology

The Customer Experience Summit, taking place on Tuesday, May 7th – the day before FinovateSpring officially begins – will feature deep dives into the challenge of customer engagement.

This special summit day will be filled with analyses, debates, and case studies on how companies are taking advantage of new technologies like AI and advanced machine learning to reach new customers and better serve their current clients.

As Steven Ramirez, founder and CEO of Beyond the Arc, and Chair of our Customer Experience Summit explained:

Customer experience as a discipline keeps advancing. That means organizations have gotten more sophisticated about monitoring the experience, understanding customer needs, and designing ways to delight. In other words, what was innovative two years ago is now table stakes.

For the leaders, there is an opportunity to leverage fintech to break new ground. They can find new paths toward the goal of a seamless financial services experience. But even for the followers, fintech offers huge opportunity. They can cherry-pick the best solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Fintech can help them to close the customer experience gap. 

Steven Ramirez, founder and CEO, Beyond the Arc

Focusing on the different advantages and challenges for both fintechs and financial institutions, Trulioo VP for Growth Anatoly Kvitnisky sees opportunity in collaboration.

“Fintechs are driven by growth and their natural strength is optimizing their platform for conversion. When it comes to CX, fintechs prioritize customer acquisition, convenience, and scalability.  Financial institutions, on the other hand, are driven by risk-aversion, which create barriers that make their CX cumbersome, often unnecessarily, to keep potential risk as low as possible.

But in this equation, financial institutions have the most experience meeting both legal and regulatory requirements. Combining the strengths and approaches of fintechs and financial institutions often lead to an ideal outcome: a frictionless CX that lets the highest number of customers through while meeting the legal requirements during the process.”

Anatoly Kvitnitsky, VP of Growth, Trulioo

Here’s a look at what we’ve got in store for you at our Customer Experience Summit this year at FinovateSpring. Tickets are available now and we look forward to seeing you next month in San Francisco!

  • The Evolution of Innovation: Build, Buy, or Partner. A keynote address from Rilla Delorier – EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Umpqua Bank.
  • Return on CX – 80% of the Potential ROI is Typically Left Untapped. An analyst insight with Paul Berg – Senior Managing Consultant, Gallup.
  • How Can Financial Institutions Transform Customer Experience through Deep Customer Insights? Why Powerful Data Analytics will be Critical for Success. A strategy roundtable featuring:
    • Carl Fudge – Portfolio Director, IDEO
    • Emil Mataskh – former Chief Analytics Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Kim Prado – Global Head of Client Insight, Banking and Digital Channels Technology, RBC Capital Markets
    • Rachel Kobetz – Head of Experience Design, Bank of America
    • Larry Lubin – Chairman & President, BlueRush
    • Talie Baker – Senior Analyst, Retail Banking and Payments Practice, Aite Group
  • How to Innovate on Behalf of the Customer and Build around their Needs to Drive Loyalty and Sustained Growth. A fireside chat with Robyn Burkinshaw, CEO and founder of BlytzPay, and Philippa Ushio, Senior Vice President, Prosek Partners.
  • Bridging the Gap between the Customer Experience Promise and the Customer Experience Reality to Deliver Outstanding CX at Scale. A keynote address from Naveen Agarwal – Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • How to Align Your Whole Organization to a Common Customer Purpose and to Harness Future Tech to Redraw the Customer Experience Landscape. A leaders debate featuring:
    • Vivek Bedi – Vice President of Digital Product, Northwestern Mutual
    • Terri Kallsen – Executive Vice President, Investor Services, Charles Schwab
    • Andrew Stevens – Global Banking Specialist, Quadient
    • Oliver Guilaumond – Global Head of Fintechs, ING
    • Steven Ramirez – CEO, Beyond the Arc
  • Creating a Seamless Digital Customer Experience. A fireside chat featuring Michael Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Global Consumer Technology, Citi; and Sam Kilmer, Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors
  • How We are Creating a Seamless Customer Experience. A panel discussion featuring:
    • Jason Osterhage – Senior Vice President, Lending, Alliant Credit Union
    • Jeff Berezny – Head of Global Product and Marketing, Trov
    • Danny Morrow – Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Extend
    • Tim Hong – Chief Product Officer, MoneyLion
    • Mary Hooper – Director of Digital and Innovation Strategies, Synovus
    • Steven Ramirez – CEO, Beyond the Arc
  • Harnessing Disruptive Technologies to Maximize Customer Experience and Loyalty. A case study with Hossein Rahnama – Founder and CEO of Flybits, Inc.
  • Delivering Outstanding Customer Experience by Harnessing Open APIs. A case study with Jeremy Berger – COO and Co-founder of Arival Bank.
  • Analyst Insight: Transforming the B2B Customer Experience
  • Fintechs and Financial Institutions on the Journey towards a Productive Partnership in CX. A closing debate featuring:
    • Sam Kilmer – Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors
    • Susan French – Head of Product, BBVA Open Platform
    • Mike Sigal – Partner, 500 Startups
    • Lara Druyan – Managing Director, Head of Innovation, RBC
    • Anatoly Kvitnitsky – VP of Growth, Trulioo