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The #Fintech Trends to Dominate this Spring

What’s new and what’s next in fintech? How are all of those 2019 industry predictions panning out?

One of the best ways to gauge what’s trending is to attend FinovateSpring, which will be taking place next week, May 8 through 10, in San Francisco. If you haven’t already, be sure to register today so you don’t miss out!

The word cloud above outlines trends the demoing companies will present on stage. Here’s my take:

Dominant themes

Artificial Intelligence
Is anyone surprised to see AI as the top trend at this year’s show? Fintechs and banks alike are leveraging the enabling technology to build out use cases across the sector from security, to investment, to marketing, and more. You can expect to see this theme pulse throughout the demos this year.

If AI is a jet engine, data is jet fuel. No matter how powerful the plane, it won’t move without the propellant. Financial services generate a lot of data and fintechs are ready to show you how to put it to use.

Banks know that no matter how much money you pour into a new offering, products don’t sell themselves and up-selling and cross-selling aren’t always straightforward. So whether it’s wealth management or accounting tools, checking accounts or lending products, fintechs are ready to help bring in revenue.

What’s a fintech without an API these days? Using an API or SDK helps fintechs give the keys to their technology to another business or organization. Prepare to see most companies allowing you to tap into their technologies with their own API and/or SDK.

Dwarfed topics

Algorithmic Investing
Wealthtech solutions were red hot in 2015, but while they are as relevant as ever, their popularity has been minimized by the takeover of topics such as AI, machine learning, and voice banking. And while companies have been using algorithms for years to disrupt this space, other topics are rising to the top of the popularity list.

Alt Payments
This is another trend that’s been around for awhile. In fact, it’s a topic startups have been tackling since the dawn of fintech. However, since consumers are still comfortable paying by credit card, cash, and in some cases even by check, alternative payments technology hasn’t accelerated quickly.

In the U.S., insurtech has been slow to excite both consumers and banks. There is clearly a market for insurance solutions in financial services, but it’s a small one.

What I’ll be watching

Alternative banking services, such as products for unbanked and underbanked populations are making a slow but steady rise in fintech. Big banks struggle to serve this market, which can be less than profitable, but many fintechs have found ways to deal with the risk and create a product that is relatable for the underserved audience.

There’s still time to book your ticket for FinovateSpring. And it’s worth coming a day early to attend the Summit Day on May 7. The Summit Day will feature in-depth discussions on customer experience and AI. Check out what to expect from the AI Summit and what you’ll get out of the Customer Experience Summit.