FinovateFall Sneak Peek: BlytzPay

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateFall on September 23 through 25, 2019 in New York City. Register today and save your spot.

BlytzPay is an app-less, mobile point of sale solution that allows merchants and businesses to communicate, invoice, and collect from their customers using a text message.


  • Promotes financial inclusion by allowing customers to pay bills with cash
  • Facilitates billing transparency with two-way communication
  • Offers a secure, efficient, one-click text-to pay solution

Why it’s great
BlytzPay’s cash option provides a solution that allows different socioeconomic classes an equally convenient, secure, efficient opportunity to participate in the world of digital payments.


Robyn Burkinshaw, Founder and CEO
Burkinshaw, a serial entrepreneur, is passionate about bringing technologies to market that break down barriers and enable financial inclusion for all.

Trevor Atwood, SVP of Sales
Atwood is the SVP of Business Development for BlytzPay and leads all partnerships and merchant development efforts. He was previously Sales Manager for Progressive Leasing.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Mambu and nCino Co-Create Banking Solution for B-North.
  • Kabbage Acquires Radius, Adding Insights of Millions of SMEs to its Platform.

Around the web

  • Paysend reaches one million customer mark for its card-to-card money transfer service, Global Transfers.
  • Tinkoff goes live with Pulse, a free social network for investors.

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FinovateSpring Best of Show Winners Announced

It’s been great to be back in the city by the bay!

After two days of live fintech demos, the attendees of FinovateSpring here in San Francisco have made their selections as to which fintech products, services, and solutions were interesting, impressive, and innovative enough to earn one of our coveted Best of Show awards.

From solutions to help consumers better access credit to technologies that bolster the fight against fraud to “Is this @#$% real?!” demonstrations of AI-powered agents that sound – and feel – as real as any human, this year’s Best of Show winners are truly in a class of their own.

Arkose Labs for its technology that solves multi-million dollar fraud problems for the world’s most targeted businesses with zero impact to user conversion. Video.

Blytzpay for its text-to-pay solution that makes billing and communication simple, streamlined, and secure, while providing flexibility to pay by card, check, or cash. Video.

BlueRush for Individeo, an interactive and personalized video platform for financial institutions to drive online sales success. Video.

Everplans for its solution that helps advisors create better interactions, establish new connections, strengthen relationships, and gain introductions to heirs. Video.

Glia (formerly SaleMove) for its technology that creates digital-first moments that simplify and transform communication between companies and their customers using messaging, video/voice, co-browsing, and AI. Video.

Invest Sou Sou for its smart social banking account designed to help community banks cultivate low-cost deposits and credit-ready borrowers in a secure and cost-efficient way. Video.

Neener Analytics for its regulatory compliant social media analytics platform that delivers specific individual risk outcomes for thin-file, no-file, and credit-challenged consumers. Video.

Voca AI for its smart, human, and empathetic virtual call center agent for financial institutions and service providers. Video.

A thousand thanks to all our demoing companies, our sponsors and partners, and, most importantly, our awesome attendees whose passion and enthusiasm for fintech innovation makes our events all the more engaging and entertaining. We’ll see you next year!

Notes on methodology:
1. Only audience members NOT associated with demoing companies were eligible to vote. Finovate employees did not vote.
2. Attendees were encouraged to note their favorites during each day. At the end of the last demo, they chose their three favorites.
3. The exact written instructions given to attendees: “Please rate (the companies) on the basis of demo quality and potential impact of the innovation demoed.”
4. The eight companies appearing on the highest percentage of submitted ballots were named “Best of Show.”
5. Go here for a list of previous Best of Show winners through 2014. Best of Show winners from our 2015 through 2018 conferences are below:
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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: BlytzPay

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateSpring on May 8 through 10, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Register today and save your spot.

BlytzPay provides solutions that allow customers to communicate and pay via text interaction. BlytzPay is as easy as Text. Pay. Done.


  • Text-to-pay solution that delivers a mobile point of sale accepting cards, ACH, and cash
  • Closed-loop cash network for the unbanked and underbanked
  • Powerful two-way communication for customers

Why it’s great
Interaction leads to transaction. We take the friction out of communication and collection so you can focus on growing your business.


Robyn Burkinshaw, CEO
Burkinshaw’s background in payments and merchant services has helped her identify the need for improved communication, reduced friction, and flexible payment options for each individual customer.

Josh Albrecht VP Client Services
With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Albrecht is passionate about fintech improving the overall customer experience.