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How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Fintech

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Fintech

Talking with MX Research for an article recently published in the Credit Union Times, Ron Shevlin, Head of Research for Cornerstone Advisors, opined on the importance of AI and the banking industry.

Shevlin, who will serve as the chair for the Artificial Intelligence Summit at FinovateSpring in San Francisco next month, said that “banks are at serious risk if they are not investing in the data capabilities and assets that are going to drive AI technologies in the future.”

He added that banks need to focus on the ongoing financial health of their consumers and that capability will only come about as a result of embracing technologies like AI and its data needs. As far as Shevlin is concerned, banks are better off trying to emulate Fitbit than Amazon.

Sound interesting? Then join Ron Shevlin and a few hundred of your fellow fintech fans on Tuesday, May 7th – the day before FinovateSpring begins – for an all-day exploration into the role artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing in the development of fintech.

Here’s a look at the keynotes, debates, case studies, and panel discussions we have scheduled for the day. Tickets are available now, so visit our registration page and save your spot today.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Financial Services Industry. A keynote address from Dave Birch – Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion.
  • Transforming Legacy Businesses with AI – Machine Learning is King Now, But Image, Voice & Natural Language Processing Are Coming Up Fast. What are the Internal Challenges? The Ethnical Challenges? And the Business Opportunities? A strategy roundtable featuring:
    • Mary Jane Ajodah – VP, Chief Digital Office, Strategy and Delivery, BNY Melon
    • Tom Tiefenworth – Assistant Vice President, Chief Technologist Compliance Analytics, Legg Mason
    • Anindya Sengupta – Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Prudential Financial Inc.
    • Sanjeev Khati – Head of Business Development, Banking and Financial Services, USA, Tata Consultancy Services
    • Conan French – Senior Advisor for Innovation and Fintech, Institute of International Finance (IIF).
  • The Rise of Natural Language Processing & How it is Reshaping Financial Services. A keynote address from Franziska Bell – Director, Data Science Platform, Uber
  • AI for Fraud Detection and Risk Management. A fireside chat with Kedar Samant – Senior Director, Simility Risk Platform – and Elizabeth Vogelsang – Director of Risk Management, Chime
  • Let’s Chat About Chatbots. A strategy roundtable featuring
    • Sandi Boga – Director, Customer Experience (CIAM), ATB Financial
    • Jerry Gupta – SVP Group Strategu, Swiss Re Management (U.S.) Corporation
    • Sumit Sarkar – Head, Customer Experience & Strategy, Personal Banking, BMO
    • Katia Lang – Co-founder and CEO, The Fintech Times
  • An AI Powered Future for Marketing. An innovator insight from Barry Kirk – VP, Loyalty Solution Leader, Maritz Motivation Solutions.
  • Data – Oxygen for AI. How Data Management & Data Governance Can Make or Break Your AI Journey. A debate featuring:
    • Eric Byunn – Founder and Partner, Centana Growth Partners
    • Hari Ramamurthy – CTO and Technical Architect, Kuflink
    • Joost van der Burgt – Senior Policy Advisor on Fintech, De Nederlandsche Bank
    • Mike Brusov – Founder and CEO, Cindicator
    • Daniel Drummer – Global Lead Data Analytics, J.P. Morgan
  • Using AI to Transform Customer Experience. A case study.
  • Harnessing AI to Revolutionize the Insurance Industry. A case study featuring Sean Harper – Co-founder and CEO, Kin Insurance.
  • AI to Streamline Operational Processes. A case study featuring Yun Zheng – VP II, Global Risk Analytics, HSBC USA.
  • Fintechs and Financial Institutions On the Journey Towards a Productive Partnership in AI. A closing debate featuring:
    • Tim Prier – CEO, Wicket
    • Brian Ascher – Partner, Venrock
    • Manuel Roggero – Director, Design and Partnership Innovation, Solution Acceleration and Innovation, RBC
    • Ron Shevlin – Head of Research, Cornerstone Advisors