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  • Check out our latest FinovateSpring Sneak Peeks featuring Tyro, FUCO & SOLUTION, Eltropy, AFS, cyberProductivity, and Tavant Technologies.
  • Mastercard’s Biometric Payment Card: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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  • Business Today India features algorithm-based, stock market research platform, MarketsMojo.
  • Tennessee-based SouthEast Bank to deploy DNA core account processing platform from Fiserv.
  • Yorkshire Building Society to leverage technology from Capriza to support transition to mobile.
  • CoverHound to offer insurance quotes for rideshare drivers.

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Finovate Alumni News


  • NatWest, RBS to Offer Clients Business Banking Solutions from FreeAgent.
  • Card-Linked Offers Consolidates: Edo Interactive Acquired by Augeo.
  • Dwolla Raises Capital, Relaunches Access API.

Around the web

  • Persia International Bank chooses core banking technology from Temenos.
  • Kensho Technologies CEO Daniel Nadler weighs in on cybersecurity in the Age of Trump.
  • Rabobank to deploy UP Immediate Payments from ACI Worldwide.
  • Asset manager Schroders picks Capriza to help drive digital transformation.
  • Stuart Frankel of Narrative Science writes about bots and advanced natural language generation technology in Harvard Business Review.
  • De Surinaamsche Bank expands relationship with Fiserv to deepen core banking

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Capriza Raises $23 Million in Series C


In a round led by Andreessen Horowitz, enterprise-mobility specialist Capriza has raised $23 million in new capital. Participating in the round, which takes the company’s total to $73 million, were existing investors Charles River Ventures, Harmony Partners, and Tenaya Capital, as well as new investors Entre Capital and Vintage Investment.

“In the last 24 months, we have made enormous strides, and this latest round of funding is a testament to our momentum and our world-class customer list,” Capriza CEO Yuval Scarlat said. “The world is shifting from mobile-first to mobile-only, and we believe organizations who make mobile applications a priority today are the ones that will win.”


Left to right: Stephen Insdorf, senior solution engineer, and Ivan Prafder, VP, regional business development demonstrated the Capriza platform at FinovateFall 2015 in New York.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Capriza demonstrated its technology at FinovateFall 2015. The company specializes in turning business workflows into mobile applications without requiring coding, APIs, upgrades, or integrations. The technology enables legacy applications to be used on multiple channels including tablet, smartphone, and desktop. Capriza’s solutions are compatible with widely used applications like Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP, and can also be custom-configured. For more, check out our Finovate Debuts profile of Capriza from earlier this year.

Recent headlines for Capriza include earning a finalist spot in the City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge sponsored by Amazon web services in June, and news of the company’s new CMO, Lance Walter, hired in May. The City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge is an initiative to help local governments become more efficient through innovative technologies in areas ranging from city planning to healthcare. Capriza made it to the finals with its enterprise-mobility platform, which helped the City of Los Angeles build a suite of mini-mobile apps called Zapps for its 48,000 employees and city officials

Finovate Alumni News


  • MaxMyInterest Unveils Laser App Integration to Speed Onboarding
  • Finovate Debuts: Civic’s Identity Verification App Launches Public Beta
  • BlueVine Increases Maximum Credit Line, Appoints New Chief Revenue Officer
  • Capriza Raises $23 Million in Series C

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  • Mashable features P2Binvestor CEO Krista Morgan for something outrageous she said at FinovateSpring 2013.
  • Institutional Investor features entrepreneurs from 4 Finovate alums in the 2016 Tech-50 list of fintech technologists.
  • More Than 25 Financial Institutions Select Malauzai’s SmartwebApps for Desktop
  • Cortera appoints Bob Maguire as chief revenue officer.
  • Zopa names Ronen Benchetrit as CTO.

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Finovate Alumni News


  • “TIO Networks Rebrands Consumer-Facing Billpay Site to”
  • Check out today’s FinDEVr APIntelligence.
  • “Hip Money Launches Kickstarter Campaign”
  • “Finovate Debuts: Scalable Capital Brings Advanced Risk Management to Robo-Advisory.

Around the web

  • PYMNTS breaks down its discussion with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman.
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit partners with PayNearMe to reduce cash handling by transit operators.
  • CSI globalVCard partners with MacNair Travel Management to bring virtual card payment solution to travel managers and procurement professionals.
  • Bangkok Bank’s mobile P2P service is powered by Mobiliti Edge from Fiserv.
  • FIS earns top honors at 2016 PYMNTS Innovator Awards and 2016 Pay Awards.
  • Credit Karma to deploy Anodot’s automated analytics and anomaly-detection technology.
  • Capriza names Lance Walter as its new chief marketing officer.
  • Payments Journal features Jorgen Nordin, CIO of Fastacash.
  • The Maven’s SME column interviews Ben Geoghegan, Currency Fair co-founder.

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Finovate Debuts: Capriza Makes Enterprise Apps Uber-Easy


Nobody needs a manual to use FaceBook, or a handbook to guide them through an Uber app. Why should enterprise software be any different?

Capriza turns complicated business processes into efficient, secure, mobile apps designed around the user’s workflow, not the other way around. The “mobilization” process, as the company calls it, can be finished “in a matter of days” and does not rely on coding, APIs, or integration to turn both packaged and custom solutions into technologies accessible via mobile device as readily as the desktop.


Capriza VP of Regional Business Development Ivan Prafder demonstrated Capriza at FinovateFall 2015.

“We think of this efficiency that users have come to expect as the ‘one-minute experience,’ Ivan Prafder, Capriza VP of regional business development, said. “By this we mean those who can deliver necessary information in one minute are the winners in today’s technology economy.”

“Examples of this at the retail level abound,” he continued. “But no company today really focuses on enterprise software with this perspective in mind: an SaaS platform that enables businesses to deliver these one-minute experiences,” Prafder said. Until now.

Company facts:

  • Founded in July 2011
  • Headquartered in Palo Alto, California
  • Raised more than $53 million in funding
  • Maintains offices in North America and Europe
  • Yuval Scarlatt is CEO and co-founder

How it works

Capriza_art_1Capriza considers simplicity, personalization, and intelligence to be key factors in building the enterprise software of the future. Pointing out that training on enterprise software often takes a month or more, Capriza rejects the idea of having to “train” users to operate the software.

The technology also should be personal. “No more one-size-fits-all,” says Prafder. “SAP has 15,000 different business processes. Salesforce has 2,000,” he explained. “But in terms of the actual workflows people use, there are probably only fifteen or twenty different processes.” For Capriza, personalization is about “extracting and delivering” the workflows that are relevant to end-users.

“We all use the same app. But we use it differently and rely on different metrics,” Prafder explained. “We allow end-users to determine the metrics that matter to them.”

And finally, Prafder says, the technology has to be smart. “Legacy applications are like having to press refresh over and over just to see if you’ve got new email.”


During their Finovate demo, Capriza Senior Solutions Engineer Stephen Insdorf showed how a CEO or manager of a business could use a Capriza-powered app to perform executive functions like requisition approval by mobile device. But the majority of the company’s presentation was dedicated to proving how easy and quick it was to build, test, and deploy a “mobilized app” with Capriza.

Insdorf showed how, with a simple combination of pull-down menus and drag-and-drop options, a designer creates features like login and approval pages. Capriza’s real-time access allows designers to work on both sides of the screen for speed and accuracy. Designers can select and automate processes on a single page as well as across pages, and individual records can be used to quickly build a template or to set fields for the entire dataset.


“Having the functionality is great,” Insdorf said. “But delivering a crisp experience for the user is essential.” To that end, Insdorf showed how the platform’s style-tools enabled him to reconfigure data and tables in order to create different user experiences. “However you want to curate this ability for the user, you are absolutely within your capability to do this quickly and easily with our platform,” Insdorf said. Designers test their completed apps on the platform for quality assurance before using the platform to distribute it to users.

The future

Capriza has enjoyed “enormous traction” in financial services, banking, and insurance. They credit this mostly to the strict regulatory environment and the shift away from both cash and brick-and-mortar. In the first case, Capriza helps financial service professionals operate more efficiently by reducing complexity. In the second case, Capriza helps FIs and other businesses take advantage of the growth of the mobile channel and the willingness of consumers to deal more directly with technology. “In the last five to seven years, users have become true information consumers who want to interact directly with the software—without a middleman,” Prafder said.

Over the last quarter, Capriza has signed 12 customers in the financial services industry. One company in Europe has a “$3 billion transformation agenda” for which Capriza is a “key piece.” A variety of other industries have also shown interest in the technology, including government and technology, media, entertainment, and hospitality.


Prafder said the company’s vision for the future remains centered around “delivering user-centric apps for the enterprise” without making dramatic asks on enterprise IT structure. “It’s a huge win for them,” he said. “The pain of migration isn’t there. No rip and replace.” According to Prafder, Capriza sits on top of the enterprise-application stack, focused on the 5% of critical workflows that can drive 80% to 85% of missed productivity gains. He added that Capriza is helping enterprises “leverage the richness they have already built.”

Check out Capriza’s demo video from FinovateFall 2015

Finovate Alumni News


  • Rage Frameworks Launches LiveWealth Intelligent Agent Platform”

Around the web

  • Top Image Systems secures $100,000 contract with major Israeli B2B e-commerce provider.
  • Kasasa by BancVue forms strategic investment partnership with The Riverside Company; rebrands as Kasasa.
  • EconoTimes Business highlights Betterment in a look at the way the low fees of robo-advisers benefit retirees.

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Capriza Helps Businesses Go Mobile without Coding, Integrations, or APIs

CaprizaThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateFall 2015.

Making their way to the stage next is the team from Capriza.

Capriza’s end-to-end simplification platform enables IT and lines of business to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days without any coding, APIs, or integration. The solution is applicable for packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, as well as custom-built solutions. Capriza disrupts the speed and economics of the journey by extending the capability of legacy applications, in a simple and useable way, onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Presenters: Ivan Prafder, VP, regional business development, and Stephen Insdorf, senior solutions engineer, seated


Metrics: Capriza is venture-backed funded by Andreesson Horowitz, Charles River Ventures, and Tenaya Capital with a total raise to date of $53 million. Capriza has offices in North America and Europe, with 51-100 employees in each who are fluent in English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)

HQ: Palo Alto, California
Founded: July 2011
Twitter: @Capriza

FinovateFall Sneak Peek: Capriza


The Sneak Peek series looks at the innovators demoing live on stage at FinovateFall 2015. Be sure to pick up your tickets to our annual autumn conference. We’ll see you in New York!

Capriza_logo_FF2015Capriza modernizes your business by simplifying and mobilizing critical workflows. Capriza’s platform enables IT to mobilize any legacy application with no coding, APIs, upgrades, or integrations.


  • Most secure way to go mobile—no data stored on device; ISO 27001 compliant
  • Modernizes legacy applications; inherits business logic
  • No business disruption; immediate deployment

Why it’s great
Capriza provides the fastest, most cost-effective approach to mobilizing enterprise applications. The solution applies to packaged applications—SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.—and to custom applications.


Capriza_IPrafder_croppedIvan Prafder, Vice President Regional Business Development
Prafder is a highly enthusiastic technology leader, motivated by helping organizations bring their business processes into the 21st century. He is an agent for change and has a passion for harnessing innovation.


Capriza_SInsdorf_croppedStephen Insdorf, Senior Solutions Engineer
Insdorf is a 20-year veteran of the technology sector with enterprise-level, customer-facing technical roles at SAIC, Fujitsu, Symantec, and Salesforce.





Finovate Alumni News


  • “Finovate Debuts: Slice Introduces Intelligent Shopping API”
  • “Arxan Technologies Drafts Joe Sander as CEO”

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  • Kasasa reaches milestone: 300+ community FIs now offer Kasasa to members, a total of 823,000 accounts.
  • NY Times lists Betterment, Coinbase, Wealthfront, ZenPayroll as companies that may be the next startup unicorns.
  • Crowdfund Insider: Zopa tops £1 million in loans, a U.K. first for peer-to-peer lending.
  • Global News interviews Karl Martin, Nymi CEO and founder.
  • Trustly bolsters team with appointments from H&M and Klarna.
  • FIS launches financial inclusion lab in India.
  • SME Insider interviews‘s CEO Daniel Abrahams.
  • Silanis to deploy eSignLive technology with TransGuard and Occidental Fire & Casualty.
  • Puerto Rico-based Evertec to enable mobile e-commerce courtesy of Acculynk’s PaySecure.
  • Payoneer wins contract with Dailymotion.
  • NPR interviews Pindrop Security‘s CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan.
  • Selling Power ranks OnDeck 17 out of 50 on its list of 2015 Best Companies to Sell For.
  • Nostrum Group receives FCA authorization for debt administration to cover its involvement in customer loan accounts and debt collection.

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Capriza Chosen by Flextronics, Marvell, NTT, Symantec to Boost Workflow Efficiency


A quartet of tech veterans have selected Capriza to help simplify essential workflows in SAP, Oracle, and Sharepoint, as well as in their custom-built systems. Semiconductor-producer Marvell and security specialist Symantec will use the Capriza platform to streamline and manage Oracle processes. Supply-chain provider Flextronics, and Japanese telecom-subsidiary NTT, will use the platform to improve SAP processes. Workflows for timesheet entries and approvals are among the main areas of focus.

Myckel Haghnazari, an IT director at Flextronics called Capriza “one of the most innovative products” he’d seen in 15 years of working in technology. Haghnazari sees the platform as critical to helping “transform some of our core front-office applications into personal, responsive mobile apps.”

As Mayank Mehta, Capriza VP for product, explained in an article earlier this month in IT Business Edge, solutions are available to help enterprises develop mobile apps from their existing application code. The problem, according to Mehta and Capriza, is that many of these solutions fail to “capture and extend” the workflow the legacy application is in. Capriza’s solution is that rather than have developers write new code or build APIs, instead use a virtual browser tool in the cloud that captures the application’s business logic and workflow automatically and that generates a smaller, micro mobile application to suit the specific need.

Capriza calls its approach “zero coding, zero APIs, zero upgrades.”

One of Gartner’s Cool Vendors for 2014, Capriza was named one of 1o mobile startups to watch at the beginning of the year by Network World. Its technology has been deployed by T-Mobile, Brocade, VMWare, TiVo and more.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Capriza will make its Finovate debut at FinovateFall 2015 in New York in September. The company has raised more than $50 million in funding, and includes among its investors Andreessen Horowitz, Harmony Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. Yuval Scarlet is CEO.

To see Capriza live at our upcoming fall event, click here to register today. Early bird savings are still available.

Finovate Alumni News


  • “Five Alums Earn Finalist Spots in Global Banking Innovation Awards 2015″
  • “Capriza Chosen by Flextronics, Marvell, NTT, Symantec to Boost Workflow Efficiency”

Around the web

  • FusionInvest from Misys wins “Best buy-side pricing and market display” at Systems in the City Awards.
  • Avalara and ePages partner to provide cross-border transaction tax-compliance solution. See Avalara at FinDEVr 2015 in October.
  • Der Finanzprodukt Blog profiles social payments innovator, Fastacash.
  • Dublin Globe asks if Fenergo is the “best kept secret in Irish tech.”
  • Bitcoin Magazine takes a look at how Blockstack uses the blockchain to provide clearing and settlement services for banks. Join Blockstack at FinovateFall 2015 in New York City in September.
  • Taulia and Tradeshift earn spots on CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers for 2015.

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