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How they describe themselves: Imagine a world where integrations don’t exist, data is instantly accessible, and data privacy and governance are automatic. That’s Cinchy. We’re the first Data Collaboration Platform built for the enterprise. Global financial institutions, regional banks, and asset managers use Cinchy as the radical new alternative to the 40-year-old paradigm of buying and building separate applications for individual use cases.

From your very first project, Cinchy starts to reduce the complexity debt that has grown from decades of “an app for everything” approach. Cinchy let’s your data the work the way it really should, and the results are enterprise-grade solutions with unprecedented levels of data privacy, delivered in half the time.

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How they describe their product/innovation: Cinchy offers a unique, network-based architecture that enables employees, customers, SaaS tools, legacy systems, and even AI sources to connect and collaborate on your data in real-time.

In the world of enterprise data management, this is no less revolutionary than the jump from local file servers to the internet. Enterprise customers use their Data Collaboration Network to deliver super-secure solutions in days, not months. And because they benefit from network-effects, Data Collaboration projects actually get delivered faster over time. This is the exact opposite of crushing complexity caused by today’s “an app for everything” approach.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms


Bus. Dev.: Sam Sawchuk, Head of Bus. Dev.,, 844-424-6249 x706
Press: Chris McLellan, Head of Marketing,, 647-473-8777

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