FinovateFall 2019 / Trulioo

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Trulioo helps organizations instantly verify five billon people and 250 million businesses online through a single API. Hundreds of businesses around the world use Trulioo to digitally verify customers, increase trust and safety, meet AML/KYC compliance requirements, and mitigate fraud risks. To participate in today’s digital, borderless economy, identity verification is mission-critical. Not only is it necessary to establish trust and safety online, it’s particularly pertinent for people without access to traditional identity documentation.

How they describe their product/innovation: To demonstrate how businesses can leverage our API to help increase trust and safety online, we will be presenting a fast, simple way for startups and developers to verify marketplace buyers and sellers during account creation. By leveraging a front-end tool that provides instant access to GlobalGateway, Trulioo’s global identity verification API, we will showcase how easy it is to verify users with only a few lines of code – increasing customer acquisition, reducing costs, and mitigating risk. Trulioo’s API enables developers to verify anyone, anywhere.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through other fintech companies and platforms, licensed


Bus. Dev. & Press: Kim Hong, VP of Marketing,

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