FinovateFall 2018 / Round Pegs

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How they describe themselves: Round Pegs early-stage validation of digital opportunities unlocks corporate innovation in a result-driven approach, connecting corporate assets with the startup way.

Our solution accelerates digital transformation in companies of all industries worldwide and it has been used for digital products, processes, and business.

During 2017 digital innovations valued at over $30M were created using our solution.

From increasing your digital channels engagement to creating your own fintech, we enable companies to reach consensus and avoid larger investments.

  • Validating the opportunity *as a startup would* (Startup Your Idea)
  • Co-creating your product with beta users (Squad on Demand)

How they describe their product/innovation: As consumers, we are constantly exposed to new digital solutions that could have a great impact on our company channels and processes or even give birth to new businesses.

However, it is challenging to reach company consensus about a new digital initiative. Round Pegs “Startup Your Idea” validates a digital opportunity through a set of online services connecting you to the right talent under our proven methodology.

Committing 2 hours per week for 8 weeks, you will explore and validate your business opportunity. In the end, you will have an Innovation Plan to discuss with your peers reaching consensus.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B)


Bus. Dev. & Press: Pedro Donati, CEO,, 408-844-4218

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