FinovateFall 2018 / Biometric Signature ID

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Biometric Signature ID has created the world’s only biometric password for identity authentication. BioSig-ID re-invents your password by blending amazing biometric technology with the password format users understand. No special hardware/downloads are required. BioSig-ID uses just a finger or mouse to DRAW a unique four-character password. This award winning, patented, MFA software solution can be used on any device with finger, stylus or mouse. Over 12M+ uses to protect identities worldwide. The simple change from a typed password to a password you draw creates a secure authenticator that eliminates imposter login and prevents theft. Deep forensics detail access irregularities.

How they describe their product/innovation: Award winning BioSig-ID gesture biometric software is a cloud based, patented, MFA solution for any device without hardware or downloads. Users draw (vs. typing) a unique 4-character biometric password that imposters cannot borrow or steal. Passwords can no longer be shared or stolen, and identity integrity is preserved. Users draw a unique four-character password of their choice, using just a finger or mouse. Biometric gestures of direction, length, height, etc. are captured and compared with patented technology to ensure controlled access. BioSig-ID can be used to lockdown browsers, accounts, devices, secure financial transactions, onboarding and continuous authentications.

Product distribution strategy: B2B, through FIs, through other fintech cos. & platforms, licensed


Bus. Dev.: Jeff Maynard, CEO & President, 877-700-1611
Press: Ellen Ruark, Director of Marketing, 877-700-1611

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