FinovateSpring 2009 / ZimpleMoney

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How they describe themselves: ZimpleMoney is a “software as a service” that enables individuals, businesses, financial institutions, non-profits, and charitable foundations to administer financial agreements in a hosted, secure and private environment. Agreements include: loans, leases, rents, billing, investments, contract collections, tithing and dedicated deposits plans. Current product offerings include a Free Loan Tracker, Family & Friend Loan Manager, and ZimpleBilling system. ZimpleMoney sends bills; receives and distributes payments; posts payments to ledgers; sends late notices and alerts; documents gifted principal and interest; and provides tax records. ZimpleMoney also provides digital document management and in-network messaging and communication.

What they think makes them better: ZimpleMoney is the only web-based financial services platform designed for white-labeling and re-branding. It is a highly flexible application adaptable to nearly any recurring billing function that requires tracking, documentation, and communication. ZimpleMoney’s database manages financial transactions, certifies payments, and facilitates liquidity. All relationships are managed in a secure, safe, and private network of known participants. Licensees and 3rd party users control rules and authorities to manage their organizations, member, and group portfolios. Consumer members have access to all financial agreement products. As we continue our product releases ZimpleMoney will offer dedicated deposits products.


Bus. Dev., Sales and Press: Steve Rabago, Z.E.O.,, mobile: 949-375-1320, office: 949-209-9844 x510

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