FinovateSpring 2009 / IOUSOS

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How they describe themselves: Partnerships are in deployment with the launch of our patient discount platform, Our healthcare solutions enhance caregiver’s abilities to drive revenues from patient self-pay accounts. We are processing more than $20MM in patient account receivable volume currently. With more healthcare partnerships closing within 60 days, we anticipate patient account receivable volume exceeding $35MM this quarter. The patient self-pay market exceeds $200B annually in the US (US healthcare is a $2.2 trillion annual market), and with our existing pipeline of clients, we forecast approximately 75 healthcare partnership clients by the end of 2009, with annual patient payment volume approaching $75MM.

What they think makes them better: addresses the crisis confronting consumers and healthcare providers today. 21% of Americans today report problems with medical bills according to Gallup. 20,000 people in the US die each year due to inadequate health coverage. 700,000 Americans enter bankruptcy each year due to unpaid medical bills, with more financial problems for consumers anticipated due to rising unemployment, underinsured consumers and escalating healthcare costs. Our unique financial solutions focus on helping tens of millions of Americans increase the affordability of their healthcare costs which are spiraling out of control today, posing a major social and economic crisis in this country today.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Chris Utz, VP/Director of Bus. Dev.,, 312-810-0620
Press: Brian Mullally, CEO and Co-Founder,, 269-488-1565

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