FinovateSpring 2009 / CreditArray

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How they describe themselves: CreditArray empowers the consumer to make educated choices about their credit. Three major components encompass the initial launch: CardMatch, a revolutionary new system that assesses the user’s credit profile and then allows the user to build the credit card that is right for them by selecting the interest rate, annual fee, and rewards before comparing their matches side-by-side, The CreditWiki, a collaborative educational project endeavoring to organize and educate users about detailed credit and financial topics while dispelling the associated myths, and The-Steps-to-Debt-Freedom which helps users choose their ideal debt-reduction plan and follows through to keep them on track.

What they think makes them better: CreditArray’s mission is to be the unbiased source that addresses the many different needs of credit consumers by fusing several different innovative tools into one main destination. With the understanding that credit is complex, CreditArray aims to be the unbiased resource for users to research credit cards, learn about the complexities of credit, and ensure that they can live a debt free life. Unlike other sites, CreditArray understands that everyone has different credit needs and different knowledge levels and thereby provides recommendations that are right for users regardless of any partnerships.


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