FinovateSpring 2009 / AlphaClone

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How they describe themselves: AlphaClone is a web-delivered stock research service that lets any investor replicate the performance of the world’s top fund managers. AlphaClone’s technology platform combines public disclosures and private data with proprietary algorithms to instantly create and backtest thousands of “smart money” portfolios. For example, a replicated portfolio of Warren Buffet’s top 10 holdings has outperformed the market by over 8% annually since 2000. AlphaClone’s backtests give investors the confidence to apply the stock ideas they discover because each backtest assumes investment at the time ideas are made public – a process called “cloning”. Our mission is to give investors smarter tools.

What they think makes them better: Intelligent, easy-access, cost effective tools to discover and replicate top investor performance are largely unavailable. AlphaClone is the only service that offers:

  • Professional-grade backtests that avoid performance bias
  • Automated algorithms that instantly derive and backtest replicated portfolios
  • On-demand customization that allows users to instantly create private portfolios
  • Painless discovery and tracking of top performing portfolios.
  • Proprietary dataset that is expansive, quality tested and hard to replicate.


Bus. Dev., Sales, & Press: Maz Jadallah, Founder & CEO, 415-568-0370,

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