FinovateSpring 2009 / Portfolio Monkey

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Portfolio Monkey develops investment tools to help investors optimize portfolios, assess risk, and develop investment/trading ideas. We help answer not just, “What is a good investment idea?,” but also, “What is a good investment idea for my portfolio?” Portfolio Monkey provides simple-to-use tools that do the heavy lifting to analyze correlation, evaluate risk, and produce recommendations.

Portfolio Monkey empowers (without overwhelming) average investors and traders with tools traditionally only accessible by professional investors. Portfolio Monkey also offers a suite of customizable tools that financial service providers can make available directly to their users.

What they think makes them better:
Portfolio Monkey provides the first consumer-focused tool for portfolio optimization. Portfolio Monkey’s proprietary models are based in part on modern portfolio theory and can be customized for individual preferences and market conditions. Portfolio Monkey’s flagship Optimization Tool is offered through a simple, web-based interface and is free for consumers.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: David Chen, Co-Founder,
Press: Jay Liao, Founder,

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