FinovateSpring 2009 / Credit Karma

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How they describe themselves: Credit Karma is a pro-consumer site that provides consumers free access to their credit scores plus a range of tools and information resources such as online credit score modeling and rate comparison tools, information resources and specific Q&A services for people to better educate themselves about the behavior of their credit score and to help them in monitoring and managing the credit aspect of their financial health.

What they think makes them better: Most of the other sites that are related to credit scores exist to sell access to credit reports. They are transactional sites, where you are charged a fee for a product. Credit Karma is much more of a consumer advocacy site. We give people free access to their credit score, plus tools, information resources and question and answer support to help them actively manage their score. And Credit Karma is a lot easier than digging though the pages and pages of credit data and analytics from the paid services.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Nichole Mustard, VP Business Development,
Press: Michelle Sabolich, Atomic Public Relations, 415-402-0230,

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