FinovateSpring 2009 / Green Sherpa

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How they describe themselves: Green Sherpa is remaking the online personal financial management market with a product that is forward looking, answering in real time the questions “how am I doing and can I afford this.” In this current economic environment, where individuals and families are stressed about their financial health, Green Sherpa is the product to bring clarity and peace of mind to consumers. The initial target market is mid-income households that bank online. In the U.S., 70% of the time, women are managing the household finances. In other countries, this percentage is higher.

What they think makes them better: Green Sherpa addresses the problems that other financial management applications ignore: the consumer’s financial future. Current solutions, including Quicken, Money and Mint, focus on financial recordkeeping. They can tell you where you’ve been but they lack good tools for helping you figure out where you are going financially. Financial peace-of-mind can only come when you know that you are all set for next month or the next year. Green Sherpa has all the features to track financial history, but it is the only application that offers Personal Cash Flow Management and online collaboration with a spouse or trusted advisor.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Masen Yaffee, CEO,
Press: Erin Lozano, COO,

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