FinovateSpring 2009 / WeSeed

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: WeSeed’s mission is to enable real, everyday people – the 100 million people who have never invested on their own – to learn about the stock market by starting with the things they already know and love, whether it’s their passions, their professions, their kids, or the brands and products they use every day. The goal is to let anyone, regardless of age, experience level, or cash flow, learn by doing within the power of a community that’s there for insights, support, tips, and inspiration.

What they think makes them better: There are several virtual investing sites available, though many are private or aimed only at professionals or students. WeSeed’s biggest strengths lie in the approach we take to investing and our newly launched WeSocial features. Learning about investing with WeSeed is about building on what you already know as a consumer and a smart, motivated person, not learning an entirely new language and system built around professional trading. No other virtual investing site has the social features that WeSeed has built with WeSocial, including groups or networks, teams, and the ability to further interact with other users.


Bus. Dev.: Joel Reese, Content Manager, or
Caitlin Rosberg, Community Manager,
Sales: Bridget Horgan, Corporate Advertising Manager,
Press: Jennifer Openshaw, President,, 203-542-7223

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