FinovateSpring 2009 / The Receivables Exchange

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How they describe themselves: The Receivables Exchange connects Buyers and Sellers in a real-time auction marketplace to buy and sell accounts receivable. We were founded on the belief that, with 60% of working capital tied up in outstanding invoices, businesses should have greater access to capital. Small and mid-sized companies (Sellers) can easily monetize their receivables by posting them to be bid on in real-time by a network of accredited capital providers (Buyers). By selling their receivables in an open and competitive marketplace, Sellers can drive down cash conversion cycles, reduce their cost of capital and increase their working capital and liquidity.

What they think makes them better: The Receivables Exchange is the world’s first centralized electronic marketplace for the buying and selling of accounts receivables. There is no other electronic exchange.


Bus. Dev.: Barbara Brandfass, 504-708-4171,
Sales: Dana Stetson, 504-708-4156,
Press: Laurie Azzano, 415-786-3317,

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