FinovateSpring 2009 / Syphr

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How they describe themselves: Engaging with a prospect early when a buy cycle commences is a strategic advantage that produces a first-mover advantage and the opportunity to influence the buy. We’re building a company that gives banks and credit unions that advantage with new loan and customer prospects.

What they think makes them better: Syphr, LLC, has developed a lead/loan generation service for credit unions and community banks that utilizes our patent-pending rate discovery technology on the sites that sell credit reports to consumers to source potential loan/new customer prospects among some 175,000 consumers that purchase a credit report each month. The program, RateMatch, links consumer with a credit union or community bank following the purchase of a credit report, and provides rate/pricing comparisons and a report that demonstrates how much they can save by refinancing.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Tim Brothers, Chief Operating Officer, 502-741-6852
Press: Chris Langley, President, 845-258-0403

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