FinovateSpring 2009 / Victrio

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How they describe themselves: Victrio is bringing to market advanced anti-fraud technologies that provide fraud managers with an unprecedented level of visibility into their fraud problem. Victrio´s technology is the only technology that can tie fraud attempts back to the person committing the fraud, and then provide warning when that person enters the customer´s fulfillment or account opening process. Because of this enhanced visibility into potential fraudsters, Victrio´s technology can help fraud managers deliver unprecedented fraud savings, reduce agent phone time and turn away fewer legitimate customers.

What they think makes them better: Many apparently unrelated fraud attempts are in fact perpetrated by the same person. Victrio’s proprietary patent-pending technologies allow customers to stop thousands of fraudsters – and allows Victrio to build the world’s largest database of fraudster voiceprints. By participating in the Victrio network, customers benefit by knowing who to stop before that fraudster attacks them.


Bus. Dev., Sales and Press: Tony Rajakumar, CEO,, 650-961-5290

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