FinovateSpring 2009 / Silver Tail Systems

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How they describe themselves: Silver Tail Systems provides next generation fraud prevention to protect against business logic abuse – a rising threat on application logic and identity theft costing financial institutions millions of dollars and significant loss of trust. Silver Tail Forensics uses real-time behavior analysis to detect and alert on known threats and new behaviors like Man-in-the-Browser and session hijacking. Silver Tail Mitigation enables the business to disrupt these attacks in real-time, without involving engineering resources. Founded by fraud prevention experts from eBay and PayPal, Silver Tail significantly reduces online fraud losses, protects your brand and increases customer trust.

What they think makes them better: Silver Tail is the first technology to use real-time behavior analysis to detect and disrupt business logic abuse on financial institutions’ websites. Only Silver Tail analyzes session behavior to identify anomalies – not only known threats, but new attack vectors like Man-in-the-Browser. And only Silver Tail provides real-time disruption of attacks without engineering resources. Because Silver Tail’s team of fraud prevention experts fought fraud for the largest, most targeted online brands, they built Silver Tail to be the most advanced fraud protection solution available, scalable to 100K clicks-per-second on minimal hardware.


Bus. Dev., Sales & Press: Sherrick Murdoff,

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