FinovateSpring 2009 / iThryv

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How they describe themselves: iThryv, LLC is a socially conscious technology company founded to provide a unique solution to help people gain financial literacy. iThryv was developed as an extension of the current online banking system and is aimed at offering people a new tool to manage money and simultaneously increase their financial awareness. The iThryv platform was constructed with many patented capabilities that extend what financial institutions now deliver through online banking. Instead of just delivering transactional capabilities, we have built in intelligent content delivery, a frequent flyer mile like incentive system, a savings score, a Widget based model or feature delivery, and many other unique capabilities. Our technology also allows us to create flavors that are specifically targeted to constituent groups. For instance, our first three flavors are for young people – ages 5 to 11, 12 to 17 and 18 to 24.

What they think makes them better: Providing a single Web service that can aggregate content and services from all over the financial space, onto one platform supplied through online banking.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Donielle Nyland, Partner, 214.557.2571,
Press: Scott Klososky, 405.226.9897,

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