FinovateFall 2011 / SigFig

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: As Wikinvest, we demoed the first-ever portfolio tracker that syncs directly with your brokerage accounts at Finovate Spring 2010. The product allows you to see all your investment accounts in one place, pushes price data and news from 500+ sources directly to your browser (without a page refresh), calculates your true investment performance (net of dividends, fees, interest, excluding deposits and withdrawals), and is fully customizable. A year later, we’re changing our name to SigFig, and demoing the next-generation version of our product, which analyzes your portfolio data and makes actionable recommendations for how you can invest better.

How they describe their product/innovation: Because of the wealth of data we import from users’ brokerage accounts when they sign up for our portfolio service, we are in a unique position to offer specific and actionable advice.

  • The entire product is powered by sync – you don’t have to enter data, we automatically analyze your historical behavior.
  • If you own a bad mutual fund or ETF, and there’s a better one in the same category, we’ll recommend a switch.
  • We analyze the fees your brokerages charge you — across dozens of categories — and simulate your behavior at other brokerages in our system to see how much money you could save.
  • We’ll automatically provide tax loss harvesting advice to help you optimize on taxes.
  • If you have a financial advisor, we’ll automatically detect that and compare his or her performance to all others in our system and recommend a switch if warranted.
  • We’ll analyze your behavior & style and recommend changes where warranted (such as too-frequent trading).

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