FinovateFall 2011 / Authentify

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Authentify provides global online authentication services based on using an end user’s telephone as an authentication tool. An automated phone call, when synchronized with an online event, enables the end user’s telephone to become an effective proxy for a security credential. Authentify offers authentication schemas to suit many application requirements including user authentication and real time transaction approval or cancellation. Authentify offers a strong security process that is difficult to spoof. Voice channel and SMS options are available. The process thwarts today’s biggest threats to online commerce including keystroke loggers and other advanced persistent threats such as Zeus/Zbot, Carberp and others.

How they describe their product/innovation: Authentify 2CHK™ is a small app that establishes a separate, 2-way window into a user’s bank account from their mobile device or desktop. 2CHK permits a user to double check account transactions and approve or cancel them using controls provided by the app. Developed to combat MITM/MITB/Zeus SpyEye malware variants, the heart of 2CHK is its encrypted second communication channel established only when the user completes an out-of-band authentication with the application’s backend. Once established, the encrypted channel can be used to verify multiple transactions extending a financial institution’s ability to apply interactive OOB transaction verification against virtually all transactions types.


Bus. Dev.: John Zurawski, VP Authentify,, 773-243-0328
Press: Rachael Means, Marketing Manager,, 773-243-0343
Sales: Paul Witt, VP North American Sales Organization,, 773-243-0361

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