FinovateFall 2011 / Transecq & ENTERSECT

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How they describe themselves: The Transecq solution, powered by ENTERSECT ITA, has revolutionized two-factor authentications by utilizing the power of the end-user’s mobile device, fully encrypting the device and creating a multi-factor authentication tool. Strong, two-factor authentication delivered ubiquitously across the globe puts the power of approval in the appropriate hands, providing protection and security way beyond passwords and account challenges. Transecq is the industry leading innovator and developer of mobile security solutions for the financial services market. All the services leverage the security of Digital Fingerprint technology, which uniquely ties a user and his/her mobile phone to an encryption key.

How they describe their product/innovation: ENTERSECT’s Interactive Transaction Authentication (ITA) module provides additional-factor, out of band, interactive authentication for any form of digital action taking place. This module employs all of the security features of the eCertificate system and allows for unique user identification through bilateral, signed certificates. This product completely replaces the need for any other two-factor authentication product and is significantly more secure and fundamentally more user friendly. Responses are relayed back to the server over an electronic and encrypted communication channel – not via a manual OTP re-entry (which can be intercepted) as is the case with other legacy solutions.


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